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Mended Heart

It's Him, Again...

Hey! Sorry for the wait readers, did you miss me? ;) Anyways I am here with a new chapter hope you will enjoy it!
This chapter contains bad words. If you are sensitive about them, please ignore them ;)
Listening to the music makes it more enjoyable!

GOT7- Stop Stop It: https://soundcloud.com/kasey-xiong/got7-stop-stop-it-official-audio

~ Your POV ~
You saw Justin and his gang standing aboving you, staring at you with devilsh smirks. Jackson turn around at the loud thump. He saw you on the floor, and he sprinted toward you.

Jackson: Omo, (Y/N), gwanchana? Mianhe, it's all my fault for leaving you behind.
You: Ani~ *stood up with Jackson's help*
You stood without fighting back or talking or even looking at Justin because you know that will make the situation even far worse.
Jackson (to Justin): Yah! What's up with you?
Justin: *scoffs* nothing, nothing is wrong with me.
Jackson (now rising his voice): Then why would you hit someone like that? Especially when it is a girl?!

You could feel the tension and you knew that this was dead serious.

Justin (to Jackson): Hey, listen. One, I can hit whoever I want, I don't care if it's a girl. Two, who the fuck are you to care about her?
Jackson (to Justin): How about you listen to me this time? One, what the fuck is wrong with you? You can't hit girls like that. Two, who the fuck are you to hurt her?
Justin (to Jackson):*scoff* You act like you're her boyfriend or something. Wow (Y/N), you move on fast.
You: A-Ani, He's no-
Jackson (to Justin): So what if I'm her boyfriend?!

Your eyes widen. The whole gym room went dead silent. Everyone stared at us. The other 6 boys started to make their ways toward the ruckus.
"What did he just say?" You thought to yourself.
Your heart started beating faster, you could feel your cheeks burning up.

Jackson (to Justin): *sigh* Look, I don't care who the fuck you are. But, the next time I see you lay your filthy fingers on (Y/N), you're dead!
Justin: *smirks* Ah~ I see. Well, well, well. Looks like our (Y/N) found herself a bodyguard. Or should I say a boyfriend.
He gave you another devilish smirk.

You just stared at Jackson and Justin; confused and embarassed. You were experimenting all kind of feelings. You even felt butterflies in your stomach. Suddenly, you felt a familiar feeling that you have felt 2 years ago while you were dating Justin.
"Could it be that I like Jackson?!" (thought to yourself)

Justin left with his gang. Leaving the whole gym shocked, leaving Jackson furious, and leaving you in depths of confusion.
"What the hell is going on with me?!" You thought to yourself.


Hey! Hope you liked today's chapter! Anyways, did yuo check out my Suga birthday special that I posted yesterday? If you haven't, here: http://www.kpopfanfiction.com/Story/82946/One-Shot-Sugas-Birthday-Special-23-with-Her/
Now go read it ! ^_^ Chapter 5 coming tomorrow!


Special thanks to my readers who commented on my story! Here is just a little something I made for you guys. Don't take it personally if you feel offended, it's just how I felt.

I thank you, @MarksonMandu, for being the very first to comment on my very first story. It made me glad that someone noticed me and was enjoying my story. Thank you!

I thank you, @Yerdy1999, for guessing the plot of one of my chapters right. I was so happy that you were actually reading it ad you actually tried to answer my question. Thank you!

I thank you, @gotiexo, for being there and reading my story (even though I took forever). I am happy that how we are still in contact and I feel happy that you send requests to me. I will happily write your scenario. Thank you!

I thank you, @Coconut_Mango, for being so friendly and nice to me. Your kindness made me happy. It helps me think positively and happy when I'm writing my chapters. Thank you!

I thank you, @Minghoon9397, for the encouragement you have given me. I still remember when I panicked because of the sudden drop in my ratings. I was glad that you were there to tell me everything was okay. Thank you!

I thank you, @I_Enjoy_Food, for the supportive comment you wrote. Believe me, I look at it sometimes when I doubt in my writing. It really ensures me that I am doing what I want to do and I am going to keep doing it. Thank you!

I thank you, @catdog21, for your ethusiastic personality in your comments. It made me very excited to advance in this hobby I have for writing fanfictions. Please keep continue making my day with your great words! Thank you!

In summary, I thank all of you. Please don't take the number of lines I type for you as who I favored more or less. Trust me, my gratitude can't be expressed through words on this little comment box. I hope we can continue advancing together! 사랑해❤~! - TuanTuan

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catdog21 catdog21

It is isn't it? So, book two or nah?

TuanTuan TuanTuan

It's so cute with Angie in it

catdog21 catdog21

@catdog21 @Gimminey20
I'm glad you like my book. Now that I completed it, please do check out my other works and make requests on my form that is posted in my bio!

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