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Mended Heart


Song: With You (B.A.P)

~ Your POV ~
-Half a Year Later-

Today’s the big day, everyone was excited.
It was the last day of school, also known as graduation day for seniors. But for us, the sophomores, it’s just the end of a school year in high school.
This year was probably the best year I have ever had.
I’m glad that I met the 7 boys who showed me the happiness and light of life. I’m glad I met the boy who touched my hand the first time we met.
I’m glad I opened my heart once again for the boy who I love.
I’m glad that the boy whom I accepted, showed me that life is great. I’m glad how he taught me how to be fearless. The one boy who taught me so much is Jackson Wang.
Honestly, without Jackson, I don’t know how I am standing where I am today.
We decided to throw a party in celebration of end of the year. The party was at Jackson’s house this time. But Jackson had something to tell me.

~ Flashback ~ -Last day of school; 2 hours before dismissal-
I sat there staring outside of the classroom window, zoning out. People were chattering about summer, results of hellish exams. There was no teacher since it was our 10-minute break period. Suddenly, my phone buzzed. I looked and saw that it was an text from Jackson. I opened it.

{Jackson: Hey Angel, you there?}
{You: What is it, oppa?}
{Jackson: I have to talk with you tonight.}
{You: Umm ok. Sure. See you later}

I was curious, and a little nervous. I can’t predict what he’s going to say. It can’t be bad right? I shook the off my mind as the teacher entered the classroom while the period bell rang.

~ Flashback ends~
*Dismissal bell*

Everyone raced toward the door. Whooping in the hallway. I slowly evacuated the tiny classroom and into the overwhelming crowd in the hallway, trying not to be trampled over by the enormous stampede. Then I heard the familiar voice in the distance.
I turned around at the voice and saw Youngjae yelling his head off with JB laughing and screaming right with him.
Just then Jackson’s eyes ripped off of Youngjae and saw me.
BamBam: Look! It’s (Y/N)!
The boys became scrambling sheep and scrambled towards me.
BamBam enveloped me with his arms.
BamBam: *ruffles my hair* OMG, school is over! How do you feel?
You: Happy, very happy.
Suddenly, BamBam was yanked away and his arms were soon replaced by another’s, Junior’s.
BamBam: Hey!!! *pouts*
Junior smiled innocently as if he didn’t do anything, but soon enough, JB pulled him off.
JB: Watch it, or Jackson might kill you guys.
We all laughed and looked at Jackson. Jackson scowled and constricted his arm around me.
Jackson: You’re my property, and mine only. Only I can hug you and touch you
Boys: Ooo!!!
I blushed beet red and kissed him on the cheek.
Jackson grinned in satisfaction.

~ Jackson’s POV ~
-Time Skip: The Party-

The place was crowded. Laughter and screams filled the air. People were screaming their heads off. But I don’t care. I’m sitting right next to (Y/N) with my arms around her waist. What more could I ever ask for?
You: Oppa. Can you tell me now?
Jackson: What?
You: Something you texted me about.
Jackson: *Chuckles* Oh, that. You sure you ready to know?
She nodded eagerly.
Jackson: *smiles* come with me.
I took her hand and decided to take her upstairs on the balcony in my bedroom so it would be quiet and peaceful. (Author-nim: No, not that XD)

When we got to the balcony. I shut the door behind me and we gazed into the night sky.
(Y/N): It’s beautiful.
Jackson: Ne, Just like you
(Y/N): *giggles* Just tell me already.
I thought for a moment and then started speaking.

~ Your POV ~
I waited patiently for him to speak.
Jackson: (Y/N), what do you want in your future?
You: *raises an eyebrow* What do you mean?
Jackson: Have you considered about our future?
You: *blushes slightly* Yes… I have.
Jackson: You have?
I nodded shyly.
Jackson: That’s good, because I have too.
You:What are you trying to say?
Jackson: I’m saying that we should make another promise.
You: Another promise?
Jackson: Ne, a promise. A promise stating that no matter what we become in the future, either an idol or model, we will stay together and spending our lives with each other. As couples. Married couples. Together until we are buried right next to each other’s graves.
I was touched. Tears of joy formed and slipped out. I sprang into his embrace.

You: Ne, that promise shall be fulfilled.
Jackson: *kisses forehead and wipes your tears away* I love you…
You: *smiles* I love you too, oppa.
Our lips met passionately under the starry sky.


I know, I know. I'm sorry. But having posting streak today! posting multiple chapters today as an apology! Again sorry for neglecting you all! One more chapter for this story, epilogue! :D


Special thanks to my readers who commented on my story! Here is just a little something I made for you guys. Don't take it personally if you feel offended, it's just how I felt.

I thank you, @MarksonMandu, for being the very first to comment on my very first story. It made me glad that someone noticed me and was enjoying my story. Thank you!

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I thank you, @gotiexo, for being there and reading my story (even though I took forever). I am happy that how we are still in contact and I feel happy that you send requests to me. I will happily write your scenario. Thank you!

I thank you, @Coconut_Mango, for being so friendly and nice to me. Your kindness made me happy. It helps me think positively and happy when I'm writing my chapters. Thank you!

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In summary, I thank all of you. Please don't take the number of lines I type for you as who I favored more or less. Trust me, my gratitude can't be expressed through words on this little comment box. I hope we can continue advancing together! 사랑해❤~! - TuanTuan

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catdog21 catdog21

It is isn't it? So, book two or nah?

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It's so cute with Angie in it

catdog21 catdog21

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I'm glad you like my book. Now that I completed it, please do check out my other works and make requests on my form that is posted in my bio!

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