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Mended Heart

Spin the Bottle

Hey, back with another chapter! I hope you like this chapter! Good news: extra chapters will be posted today! Hope you all enjoy!
Remember to listen to the music while reading!

GOT7- Good Tonight

~ Your POV ~

Though me and Jackson were in shock, we tried to act calm and normal for the rest of the party.
I stayed with Jackson for most of the time, only leaving his side to get something or mingle with friends.
While I was mingling with friends, Jackson was on the side drinking his drink and laughing with BamBam. I soon left my friends to go find Mark. I don't know why, but I just wanted to talk to Mark since we haven't talked in such a long time.
I found Mark fiddling on his phone on the couch next to the DJ set.
"Sigh, he is so quiet and unsocial."
I sat next time to him on the couch and poked his arm. He looked up.
Mark: Oh, (Y/N).
You: *smiles* why are you just sitting here?
Mark:well, I am taking a break from all the ladies chasing me.
I just rolled my eyes and chuckled.
You: Anyways, I am bored. So let's go get a drink.
Mark nodded and got up.

When you went to the mini bar, you realize that Jackson and BamBam wasn't there anymore.
"Maybe they left to the bathroom."
You to a margarita and Mark just got a soda.
You: Yah, isn't soda a little too boring?
Mark: Well, I'm currently not in a mood for alcohol.
You: You have a certain mood for alcohol?
Mark: mhmm, I know it's weird.
You: Nah, it's cool.
Suddenly a voice spoken.
Voice: Kim _____, are you having a drink with Mark and not me?!
I turned around and saw Jackson.
You: *giggles shyly* Mian, I thought you went to the restroom.
I was actually kind of startled because Jackson never called me by my full name.
Jackson: Well, no. I went to find you, now scoot over
Mark: *chuckles* well, someone is jealous~
Jackson shot Mark a glare, but Mark didn't seem to care.
Suddenly someone shouted.
"Let's play Spin the Bottle!"

Everyone win the room gathered around and sat in a circle. I was told to sit next to Adeline and Keemia. Sandra came last and chose a seat right next to Jackson. This made me really upset, but Jackson gave me a reassuring look to tell me it's ok. I nodded and decided to let it slide. Sandra just gave me a devilish smirk.
When the bottle was spun, the air had tension. We were all kind of nervous. Then the bottle stopped and it landed on a boy. His name was Brian. He was in my 3rd period class. He was pretty kind and looked really nice. We never talked much, just smiled at each other.
The boy named Mike was in charge apparently.
Mike: Truth or dare?
Brian: Hmm, truth.
Everyone: Oh, playing safe aren't we?
Mike: Ok. Is there someone you like in this room?
Brian looked around the room at all the faces, and all of us were glancing at each other trying to see who was the lucky one.
Finally, Brian spoke.
Brain: There is.
Everyone oohed.
Mike: Oh? Who is the lucky girl?
Brian: *blushes* Well, she is this girl that I have been liking for while. I just didn't know when was the right time to tell her. But, today I am going to man up and confess to her in front of everyone.
All the girls were whispering to each other trying to figure out who was the lucky one.
Honestly, Brian was quite popular among girls. He was really nice looking and was in the middle upper class. There are groups of girls who likes Brian.
Brian: Adeline
Adeline's eyes widened and started to blush.
Adeline: N-ne?
Brian:I have been liking you since the last year of middle school. I turned down many girls for you. I have always tried my best trying to improve myself just for you, and today I finally have mustered all my courage to asks you this question.
Adeline: *blushes and smiles* Y-yes, Brian?
Brian came up to her and took a flower out from his jacket.
Brian: Will you be mine?
Everyone screamed in excitement.
Adeline covered her tomato face and nodded.
Brian place the flower in her hands and hugged her, kissing her on the forehead.
I smiled in joy.
"Congrats, Adeline!"
After the confession was over, everyone moved back to their placed and made Brian and Adeline sit next to each other. Adeline and Brian was blushing and holding each other's hands. Adeline caressed the flower like it was her baby.

After 2 spins, the bottle was spun the 3rd time and this time it landed on Jackson.
I smiled.
Mike: Aye, Jackson, my man! Truth or dare?
Jackson: Dare
Everyone: Daredevil!
Mike: Hmm. Ah! I dare you to kiss the person to your right on the cheek.
Everyone glanced toward the person next to Jackson.
It was Sandra…
Everyone oohed. Everyone but me, Jackson, Sandra, Adeline, and the 6 boys. Sandra blushed.
I just looked at the floor. Jackson saw how uncomfortable I was getting. Then he stood up.
Everyone: Myo? Where are you going?
Sandra frowned.
He started to walk around the table and stopped by my left side.
Jackson: There, I kissed the person on my right.
Everyone oohed, the boys laughed, and I blushed.
Mike: Yah, you weren't supposed to move.
Jackson sits back to his original spot.
Jackson: No one said I couldn't *smiles at (Y/N)*
I smiled back and looked toward Sandra's direction.
Sandra was furious. She took her cocktail and gulped down half of the cup, trying to calm down.

~ No One's POV ~

After half an hour, dares after dares, truth after truth. Sandra finished her drink. Then Sandra got another evil idea.

~ Your POV ~

Sandra started to act like she was dizzy due to the teensy cup of cocktail she had. She leaned on Jackson's shoulder.
Sandra: Jackson-ah, I'm feeling dizzy, can you take me home?
Jackson tensed up, started feeling awkward.
Jackson: Um, Sandra, Let's not do this right now, ok?
Mike: Since, she's not feeling well, why don't you just take her home, hyung?
Jackson bit his lip nervously and looked at me.
I just sat there, not knowing what to say nor do.


Hope you all like this chapter! I know, I know, another cliffhanger. But hey, you all are enjoying this so far, right? It's an extra long chapter, yay!

Anyways, quick story; I feel so bad. TAT I pranked one of my close friends for April Fools today and once she found out that it was a prank, oh boy was she mad. Hope she won't kill me and forgives me~

Well, hope y'all look forward toward the next chapter. Saranghae! - TuanTuan


Special thanks to my readers who commented on my story! Here is just a little something I made for you guys. Don't take it personally if you feel offended, it's just how I felt.

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