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Bad Dreams

Before we could even explain about how we knew each something cracks above us and what looked like water, was dumped on Yun Jae's head, completely soaking her. "Oh no!" Gran gasps, looking up at the hole in the ceiling. "I was told that that hole was fixed! Oh honey, I'm sorry." Yun Jae just shivers and Gran grabs my hand. "Go next door and ask her mother to bring her another set of clothes, night clothes and toiletries. I'm going to have her sleep here tonight." She pushes me out the door and I go over to the house that I'd seen Yun Jae come from. Ringing the doorbell, a middle-aged woman pulls it open, a whisk in her hand. "Deh? What can I do for you young man?" Stuttering a bit, I rub the back of my neck. "M-my grandma lives next door and it's her birthday today, so Yun Jae ssi came over with a cake. She accidentally got all wet from a hole in the roof and my grandma is insisting that Yun Jae ssi stay over. She told me to come ask you to pack a overnight bag for Yun Jae ssi." The woman smiles and nods, letting me come in. I stand at the threshold for a few minutes until the woman comes back down with a bag. "Please take good care of my daughter." She smiles and I go back to gran's, finding Yun Jae sitting on the floor, hugging her knees and shivering. "Ya! Why're you just sitting there like that! You'll catch a cold, go take a shower!" I scold her, grabbing a towel from the closet and pushing her into the bathroom, giving her the bag. I go sit in the dining room, staring at the slices of cake that were left uneaten. "What the hell!" I hear Yun Jae shout and jump, not understanding why she would talk away from people, but never with other people. I rush to the bathroom door, knocking on it as Gran comes out of her room. The door opens a crack and I see one of Yun Jae's eyes peer at me. "Um, my eomma forgot to pack me night clothes, could I borrow something?" I was about to say something, because I knew that I told her mom to pack night clothes, but she glares at me before glancing at Gran. "It's alright dear, I'll pick something out for you." Gran smiles and pulls me into my room, looking through my clothes. She grabs a couple of things and makes me go give them to Yun Jae. "Thanks," She mumbles before shutting the door. After a while, the door opens and she shuffles out, drying her hair. Glancing at her, I do a double take before looking away, gulping. Grandma had given her one of my dress shirt's and my sister's shorts. Man, for an old woman, she sure is like cupid. "Ah, mian if I caused you any trouble." Yun Jae says so quietly that I could barely hear her. Gran comes out to the living room where we were and tells us to follow her. We go into my room and I find that Gran had set out blankets on the floor and made my bed. "Yunny ah, you can sleep in the bed and Taehyung will sleep on the floor. I'm sorry, but this is really the only place that I can let you sleep." Yun Jae nods and Grandma watches her until she climbs into my bed, pulling the sheets up to her chin. "Good, I'll see you in the morning." Gran shuts the door behind her and I don't know what to do. "Uh, I'll go take a shower, if you need anything call for me." I quickly grab my clothes and my towel, going into the bathroom. When I'm done, I go back into my room quietly, making sure not to be too loud if Yun Jae was asleep. Getting comfortable in my blankets, I instantly fall asleep.

~Yun Jae~
I woke up from the sound of thunder, rain pounding hard on the roof. I could feel Junho shaking my shoulders and I slowly open my eyes. "Mwuh, mwuh!" I mutter and stare at my stepbrother. "You are so ugly I can't even look at you!" He hisses and his hands go from my shoulders, to my throat. "Junho ah!" I rasp as he starts putting pressure on me. "Why do I have to have such an ugly sister? Couldn't I have a had a pretty one?" Junho keeps on muttering and I could smell alcohol coming from his breath. Where did he get the alcohol? He's only fifteen, the same age I am! I stare up at him as I start to black out from the lack of oxygen. "Don't stare at me like an abandoned puppy!" He hisses and presses down harder. It hurt, it hurt so much.
I bolt upright, clutching my throat and breathing hard. It had been a while since I'd had this dream. It always terrified me, because I knew something was going to happen after it, either something bad, or good, I could never tell. A loud thunderclap suddenly sounds and I jump, hugging myself as I look out the window at the rain. Why did it have to rain tonight?
I woke up to the sound of rain, and just laid there, staring up at the dark ceiling that would illuminate every few minutes with lightning. Turning onto my side, I stare at the sleeping form of Yun Jae on my bed, I hope she's having a good dream. I see her sit up really fast and watch as she clutches at her throat, as if she couldn't breath. She suddenly starts shaking and I realize what's going on. It must have been a nightmare to make her like that. We both jump at a loud thunderclap and she hugs herself, rocking back and forth as she stares out the window. Getting up, I sit at the foot of the bed, startling her. "Gwenchana?" She stares at me, her eyes shone with fear. A tear drips down her cheek and I quickly wipe it away. "Hm, gwenchana?" I ask again and she starts crying. Frozen, I didn't know what to do, so I just pull her in and hug her, trying to calm her down. I wonder what kind of nightmare it was. After a while, she goes limp in my arms and I see that she's fallen asleep. Sighing, I try to get up, but something yanks me back down. Looking at the front of my shirt, I see that both of Yun Jae's hands were clenching the fabric as if her life depended on it. Sitting down, I slowly drift asleep, leaning back against the window with her hands holding onto me.


I hope it was good, I needed to pause for like two hours to go biking, but I tried making it a little more romantic...Well, comment, subscribe and vote!



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I can't wait to read the next chapter. ^_^

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