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Mischief Mayhem

Revenge Is Sweet

It wasn't that Jongdae didn't mean to be a troll to his hyungs or dongsaengs.

Nah, he totally meant it. What was funner than pulling pranks on his band members until they begged for mercy?Something Xiumin was more than likely going to experience.

It'd been three months since Xiumin's series of pranks on Chen, and the younger still had problems getting over it.
He couldn't look at his favorite dishes without cringing, the thought of the spicy cookies still clear in his mind.
He couldn't take a shower without worrying that there was a plastic bag over the shower head, with only a tiny hole poked into it to tease him.

He had trust issues, dammit.

No, Minseok was gonna pay for everything he'd done to Chen that day. He'd spent the last three months planning this revenge; none of the other boys even knew of it.

Should he prank them too?
Nah. The thought was ignored almost as soon as it materialized in Chen's brain, and he smirked.
Xiumin thought he was classy when he pranked Chen with the simplest, oldest jokes in the book?
Just wait until he wakes up.

Normally, any other person would be sleeping at six in the morning.
Especially when eleven other men were in the dorm, and three of them could easily kick his ass at one little sound.
And yes, he was referring to Baekhyun, Tao, and Kyungsoo.
Pushing his hair out of his face, Chen smirked as he passed Xiumin's room, the loud, tell-tale snores easily heard.

First, he went into the bathroom. Grabbing Xiumin's baby powder, he pulled a large grocery sack out from under the sink carefully, as to not make any noise, and pulled out the itch powder.

"Sorry, not sorry, hyung," he sang-songed to himself quietly, dumping the baby powder into the trash, making sure not to make a mess and making a mental note to empty it before his hyung woke up.
Refraining himself from laughing evilly, Chen carefully tapped the itch powder into the baby powder container, biting his bottom lip harshly.

Poor Baozi.

Two donuts sat on the plate before Chen, and he tentatively poked one.
It was squishy - it had the delicious filling in it.
Smirking, he grabbed the plain one and grasped his home-made donut-filler gently. Poking a hole into the side of the donut, he slowly filled it with mayo, making sure that it wasn't too painfully obvious.
Just to make sure karma didn't bite him in the ass, he took a bite of the Philadelphia cream donut, savoring its flavor.

Poor Minseok. He wouldn't even get to taste it.

Quietly, Chen snuck into Xiumin's room. The man slept like a log - no matter what, he was the hardest to wake up.
Smirking, he clutched the eye-liner he'd stolen from Baekhyun. "Sorry, hyung-ah," he murmured quietly as he began drawing. Quiet snores continued to escape Xiumin's lips, the older hardly fazed.

Smirking, Jongdae put the supplies back and made his way into the kitchen grasping Xiumin's favorite coffee mug. His hyung would be up soon; might as well get some coffee going, right?
At the very bottom of the cup, Chen smirked as he placed the toy mouse he knew would stay, due to it's density, and wouldn't melt, due to it being metal with fake fur plastered all over it.

Oh, the fun of messing with his hyung.

Chuckling, he set the coffee ready to start boiling, leaning against the counter. He left momentarily to grab the garbage from the bathroom, smirking as he threw his evidence away before he made his way back to the kitchen.

Moments later, Chanyeol walked into the room slowly, stopping when he noticed Chen. "What did you do this time, Jongdae?"
Chen feigned hurt, covering his heart. "Nothing! Why would you assume that?"
Chanyeol rose his eyebrow. "It's hardly seven in the morning, and you're up, with a shit-eating grin on your face. Spill the beans."
Chen laughed, shaking his head. "Xiumin hyung's gonna wish he never pulled so many pranks on me that day," he mumbled mischieviously, his smile widenening at the small ding the coffee pot made.

Pouring a cup for his hyung and grabbing the donuts, he made his way to Xiumin's room. Pushing the door open gently, he managed not to jump and scald his hand with the coffee when the alarm clock went off, and Xiumin's hand lazily left his blankets.

"Hyung-ah," Chen sang softly, watching as Xiumin grunted and rolled over. "I brought donuts and coffee."
Xiumin's head poked out from under the sheets as the word coffee left Chen's lips, and he squinted. "Coffee?"
Chen nodded. "Your favorite kind, hyung." He sat down next to Xiumin and handed him the donut and mug, taking a bite out of his own donut. "Philadelphia cream donuts, too!"
Xiumin chuckled at Chen's childishness, setting his donut aside for later. He quietly sipped the coffee, humming in approval. "Must I ask why you're up so early?"
Chen shrugged. "I was hyper."

Xiumin shook his head, hardly suspicious. As apart of the beagle line, Jongdae being hyper wasn't anything to be too shocked about. He was almost always hyper, along with Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
Nowadays, Sehun would fit right in with them.

Chuckling at the thought, he finished off the coffee, choking when something hard hit his lip.

"What the fuck!"

Chen jumped at Xiumin's scream, watching as the older threw his mug at the wall in front of the bed, gagging beside him.
Xiumin managed to calm his gagging down enough to explain the mouse to Chen, far too absorbed in trying not to puke to notice Chen's amused eyes.
"Eat the donut - you'll feel better."

Any other time, Xiumin would have picked up on the suspiciousness of the situation. But now, however, when the thought of a mouse in his mug was still clear as day in his mind, he snatched the donut up and took a large bite out of it.

The donut left his mouth almost as soon as it went in.
"You --"
Chen jumped out of the bed, managing to look confused. "Xiumin, what are you talking about?"
Xiumin's nostrils flared, and he threw the donut at Chen, the mayonnaise-filled treat narrowly missing him and hitting the wall instead. "Don't act dumb, Kim Jongdae!"
By now, Luhan was stumbling into the room. He took one sleepy look at the mayonnaise covered all, and then Xiumin and Chen, shook his head, and mumbled, "I'm too old for this shit."

Xiumin glared at Chen, pointing to his wall. "This better be cleaned up before I'm back from the shower," he grumbled, grabbing a set of clothes and walking out. "Oh, and make sure to clean up my mug mess. I'm sure you had something to do with the mouse."
Chen laughed, shouting a Why are you like this to me after his hyung.

Xiumin glared at his reflection in the mirror before furiously scrubbing at the eyeliner. By the time his face was completely red, he was sure Chen had used water-proof.
Grumbling, he dried himself off and got dressed, stalking to Baekhyun's room. Flicking on the light carelessly, he shook the younger awake. "Yah!"
Baekhyun jumped and scrambled away from Xiumin, a high, girlish scream leaving his lips. "I didn't do it! Chanyeol and Chen made me promise not to tell that they ate the last of the pepero, I swear, I had nothing to do with it!" he screeched, falling off the bed.
Xiumin frowned. "They ate the pepero? I'll get them back later. First, where's your makeup remover?"
Baekhyun peeked above his bedline, catching sight of the doodles all over Xiumin's face. "Jongdae?"
Xiumin threw him a bitter look. "Yes. I hardly finished my bathroom routine before I noticed it!" The whine left his lips. and Baekhyun laughed.
"Top drawer of my cupboard."

Xiumin sighed as he wiped the remaining makeup from his face and undressed. Grabbing his baby powder, he finished his day-to-day routine as if nothing had happened.

Or at least, that was the plan.

Instead, his entire body began to itch, and Xiumin frowned. What the actual fuck. If Jongdae had something to do with this, he would die painfully in the hands of Kyungsoo, by the demand of Xiumin.

Wrapping himself in a towel, he stalked out of the bathroom. "Kim fucking Jongdae!"
Sehun paused outside his door, watching with wide eyes as his hyung cursed and stalked by him. "Hyung-ah?"
Ignoring him, Xiumin found the boy he was looking for in his room, still cleaning the mayonnaise off the wall. "Itching powder? Really Jongdae?"
Chen turned to face his hyung, surprise evident on his face. "Me?"Xiumin let out a snarl and launched himself at the younger, hardly caring if his towel fell off of him. "It's too goddamn early in the morning for this, Chen!" he screeched, tackling the younger to the ground.
Chen huffed and rose the towel full of mayonnaise to Xiumin's face, in attempt to wipe the foul-tasting substance on his hyung.
Instead, Xiumin wrestled it out of his grasp and rubbed it along the youngster's face, clothes, and hair, allowing a small laugh to leave his lips. "Revenge is sweet, Jongdae!"



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