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Mischief Mayhem

Karma's A Bitch

"Fifty thousand won, please."

Xiumin flushed slightly as he pulled Suho's black card from his jacket pocket, passing it to the woman behind the counter.
She'd certainly looked at him oddly when he bought two dozen eggs, duct tape, clear wrap, several packs of Jello, tin foil, and an air horn.
But then again, who wouldn't?

"Here's your card back," the woman mumbled, automatically placing his items in bags.
Xiumin nodded in thanks and took the two bags from her, rushing back out of the store.

Maybe, just maybe, he could get back to the dorm before Chen, and maybe, just maybe, he could pull the prank off before Chen got there.

Chen smiled widely as he poured water on his hyung, watching in amusement as Luhan's face went from surprised, to mock anger.
"I'm your hyung!"
A smirk made its way onto Xiumin's lips as he placed egg after egg on plastic under Jongdae's pillows and sheets, imagining the younger as he tried to lay down on the bed.

"Let's hug!" Chen's expression seemed to say as he ran at Chanyeol, ducking at the last moment. His laugh was heard even over the music playing at the concert, and Chanyeol gave him the evil eye.
"I'll get you back, hyung."
Duct tape on the air horn, stuck behind the door as a door catch.
A classic.

Poor Kris. Silent laughter left Chen's lips as he hit his hyung where the sun don't shine, ultimately causing the older to lose the silent 007 bang game.
A prop for Chen's favorite stuffed animal, stuck in light green Jello.

Fan; Jongdae oppa! Just reply with a dot before leaving! Just a dot will do~
Jongdae: I am Chen the dancing machine!!
His chair wrapped completely in tin foil, his shoes stuffed of the silvery content. Several hats wrapped in it, just for good measure.

Watching from the sidelines as Chen gave the Weekly Idol MC a heart attack as his band mate pretended to smack him with the hammer before announcing he was apart of Exo-M.

Bye bye pepero sticks hiding under his stuffed animals.

The time when Xiumin left his iPod on his bedside table, and Chen turned the volume up all the way, then proceeded to allow the oldest to nearly go deaf as he unknowingly plugged in his headphones and pressed the 'Play' button.

The duct tape...where to put it. Xiumin finally settled for grabbing the plastic bag his supplies came in and went the the bathroom. Pulling the shower curtain aside, he made a mental note to warn the other boys as he taped the bag around the shower head tightly, knowing Jongdae would want to take one after he found the eggs. Then, taking a sharp pencil, he carefully poked a single hole in the middle of the bag, so little water would get through.

"Wanna watch a movie, hyung?"
Suho looked at Jongdae suspiciously. "Can we watch something that's not sad?" he mumbled as he sat down on the couch.
Chen smiled mischieviously, turning to hide it. "Of course," he replies, placing the horror movie into the DVD player.

Quiet laughs leave Xiumin's lips as he tapes clear wrap to the wall from inside Jongdae's room, ducking to go under it. Unless Jongdae suspects anything and is looking for the prank, he won't notice a thing until he tries to step through his bedroom door.

How much more time do I have? - Xiumin
Nearly an hour - Jongdae insisted we visit the beach. Bake some cookies and put something spicy in it. Really give him a run for it - Luhan
Xiumin laughed at Luhan's suggestion. Of course, he could 'accidently' put some horseradish in the chocolate chip cookies, and give the plate to Jongdae as apology.
Or maybe wasabi would be better.
Smirking, Xiumin got to work on the cookies, looking out the window. "Sorry, not sorry, Jongdae-ssi," he mumbled quietly, getting the igredients together for the 'sweet' treat.

Xiumin shifts nervously as he stares at the cookies. They're still gooey and hardly look done.
Still, he he takes them out to let them cool; at worse, they'll either turn up super soft and chewey (which was preferred, for self-satisfaction), or rock hard, though he knows Jongdae would eat them either way, just to please his hyung and for the sugar.

Five minutes later, as Xiumin's placing the cookies on a plate, he hears the sound of a car door slamming shut. Excitement fills him when he looks outside and sees his target playfully pushing Kyungsoo, causing the latter to pull him into a headlock and rub his knuckles along his skull playfully.
Laughing quietly at the kids, Xiumin hurries to get the cookies hidden and starts cleaning the supplies he used. He knows Jongdae would rather go watch TV than help, whether or not he smelt the treats.

Just as he predicted, the moment the door opened, Jongdae's loud voice yelled, "I smell cookies!"
Xiumin turned his head in time to see the younger bounce off towards the common room, shaking his head. Yes, you smell cookies, but you don't bother to come into the room the smell is originating from? he thought, chuckling.
An arm wound around his waist, and he turned his head. "How much do you have done of the pranks?"
Xiumin smiled at Suho, sticking his hand into his pocket and pulling out the leader's card. "All of it. Oh, and could you text the others and tell them to steer clear of the shower?"
Suho bit his lip and glanced back at the younger, obliviously joking around with his hyungs and dongsaengs. "Did you go too hard on him?"
Xiumin smirked. "Not at all."
Suho squinted at his hyung. "The way you say that makes me thing you did something bad to Jongdae."
Xiumin shrugged and continued to wash the dishes. "Just wait until he goes into his room. Did you know he had about five packets of pepero hiding under his stuffed animals?"
Suho rose an eyebrow. "Did you save any?"
Xiumin shrugged apolegetically. "I had to do all the dirty work!"
Suho chuckles and pats his hyung's back. "Shall we send him into his room now, or wait until later?"
Xiumin smirks. "Wait until I'm done with these, then ask if he can put his teddy bear back - which I may or may not have taken out of his room for this purpose."
Suho laughed and headed towards the other room, unceremoniously leaving his hyung with the dishes.

"Jongdae-yah! Why is your teddy bear in the kitchen?"
Chen frowned at his hyung's voice. "It's not!" he shouted back, going back to tickling Sehun.
Sehun pushed his hyung off of him, laughing when he hit the ground with a thump. "Go see what Xiumin wants, Chen-ssi!" he defended himself, covering his ticklish spots.
Chen squinted at him, rubbing his now sore arm. "I'll get you back, maknae," he mumbled, walking towards the oldest boy in the dorm.

Xiumin stood in the kitchen, holding his dear teddy bear by the paw. "It's not in the kitchen?"
Chen narrowed his eyes and stalked towards his hyung, snatching the bear from him. "Don't you dare hurt Meshie!" he grumbled, hugging the bear to his chest.
Xiumin rose an eyebrow. "Meshie? Forget it. Go put it back in your room," he grumbled, pushing past him gently.
Chen stuck his tongue out at his hyung. "And then I can have some cookies after that?"
Xiumin fought the urge to laugh as he looked over his shoulder at Jongdae's hopeful expression. "Maybe," he called, falling onto the couch next to Luhan.

Chen huffed. "Maybe. I'll give him maybe, Meshie," he mumbled, not paying attention as he walked into his room.

Or more specifically, tried to walk into his room.

Instead, the jokester bounced off the clear wrap, landing flat on his bottom with a thump.

Disoriented, he stood up and snatched the clear wrap from the doorway. Grunting, he stalked back to the common room. "Jinjja?!" he shouted, throwing it to the ground.

The boys burst out in laughter, Xiumin and Luhan hugging each other for support while Kai and Chanyeol frantically slapped each other's arms.

Giving each boy a pointed glare, he turned back to his room. "We're gonna get them back, Meshie," he mumbled, formulating plans in his head already. Pushing the door open more so he could get into his room, he jumped with a loud sound came from behind it, pulling the door from the wall.

More laughter, more hysterical than before, could be heard.

Grumbling to Meshie, Chen carefully pulled the air horn from the wall, knowing there was only one other person who could have done all this.

Kim Minseok.

"Oh, Meshie, he is definately gonna get it, whether he's the oldest or not."

Tossing the air horn to the ground, he moved to his bed and fell back on it, holding Meshie above his head.

Crack seemed to be the main sound, rather then the sound of the soft sheets moving, and Chen groaned as egg yolk soaked his bedding and clothes. "Kim Minseok!" he shouted, covering his face.

Xiumin smirked as he made his way into the younger's room, the scene before him amazingly satisfying. "Having troubles in paradise, Jongdae?"
Chen lifted his head to glare at him. "Can you at least help me up so I can shower?" he grumbled.
Xiumin laughed and moved forward to help the younger, patting his head. "After your shower, you can have some cookies, yeah?"
Chen nodded enthusiastically, a large smile on his face. "They're not burned, are they?"
Xiumin shook his head. No, but they have a bit of a kick to them. "Sorry about all this. Really."
Chen squinted at his hyung suspiciously. "Really really sorry?"
Xiumin nodded and bowed slightly, hiding his grin.
Chen, unsuspectant, smiled widely and gave his hyung a hug, wiping egg yolk all over him. "Apology accepted, hyung-ah!" he murmured, turning away to grab a new set of clothes and bounded off to the bathroom.

Xiumin, on the other hand, covered his mouth with his hand to muffle his laughter and walked back into the common room. Sitting back down next to Luhan, he held up his fingers as the sound of a shower started.

"Xiumin hyung!"

Once again, laughter filled the room as the sound of a plastic bag tearing was heard, as well as the grunts of annoyance leaving Jongdae's lips.

Thirty minutes later, and Jongdae was walking back into the common room, holding up the Jello-encased accessory for Meshie, a pair of shoes and a hat, and several empty packets of Pepero. "Hyung-ah..." he mumbled, annoyance clear in his voice.
Xiumin smiled angelically, crossing his arms. "You don't suppose I did all that, do you?"
Chen squinted at him. "You eat a cookie, and then I'll eat one."
Xiumin laughed. He knew this would happen - so therefore, he'd set a cookie right on top of the plate for himself, the rest of them spicy.

However, things didn't go to plan as Chen snatched the first cookie he saw off the plate - Xiumin's cookie.

Determined not to let that bother him, he grabbed a spicy one and took a bite, fighting to keep his eyes normal as the spice hit him. "Delicious."
Hesitatingly, Chen took a bite of his cookie, his eyes lighting up. "D.O, you should let hyung make the treats from now on!"
Xiumin fought the urge to cough and laughed instead, feeling as if his mouth was numb.

After what seemed like forever, Jongdae finally took another cookie, snatching the plate from Xiumin. He offered the cookies to Baekhyun, who shook his head and claimed to be full from lunch (though he knew the truth, throwing a brief look of pity towards Xiumin).
Chen shrugged and took a bite of his second cookie, pausing. "This one tastes different.." he mumbled, taking another bite.

It wasn't until he got the whole cookie down when the spice hit him, and he flinched. "What the fuck," he mumbled, putting the cookies down quickly.
Xiumin threw the remains of his cookie at Chen, standing up and rushing to the kitchen, downing a glass of milk. "You dumb ass!" he shouted, agony clear in his voice. "You took my cookie!"
Chen huffed as he grabbed a glass and began pouring his own milk, gulping it down quickly. "Are all of them spicy?" he whimpered, fanning his mouth frantically.
Xiumin nodded, tears from the spice forming in his mouth. "Dammit, Jongdae!"
Chen managed a laugh. "And you - you pushed through the spice to get me to eat one! Karma's a bitch, huh, Xiumin?"
Xiumin only whined as the spice seemed to make his mouth go numb, gulping down another glass of milk.



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