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Mischief Mayhem


Chen knew the easiest way to annoy Kyungsoo was to do something to Jongin.
That was just like putting one and one together.
But what to do to Jongin, was the question.
I mean, he could just draw all over Jongin's face, as he'd done to Minseok, but that would be especially hard, considering Jongin slept in the same room as Kyungsoo, and Kyungsoo was a light sleeper.

And besides, he didn't exactly feel like getting his ass handed to him before he even had the chance to troll on his victim.

Sighing, Chen pushed a hand through his hair. He could put dye on Jongin's toothbrush, but the satisfaction would only last a couple of moments before the younger started crying for Kyungsoo. His toothbrush was red, so therefore, he would think his teeth were bleeding heavily if his toothpaste suddenly turned that very color.
So that option was obviously out.

Sighing, Chen looked around his room. He had plenty of pranking material; the air horn Minseok had used on him (though the fact that Kyungsoo shared rooms with Jongin caused him to keep the air horn tucked away for the meantime), he had donuts that were ready to be filled with mayo (something Minseok was having a hard time getting over; the sweet treat now haunted his nightmares, according to the eldest), Baekhyun's eyeliner stood proud on his desk, waiting to be used on another victim, and then he had a packet of Oreos.

A wide smile formed on Chen's lips, just as Baekhyun walked into the room half asleep.
"Where's my eyeliner, you bastard?" he mumbled.
Chen rose an eyebrow at the boy, whom he was sure to be sleepwalking and talking...again. "Go back to bed, Baekhyun."
Surprisingly, the older stumbled out of his room, the sound of his own door slamming shut.

Shaking his head, Chen grabbed the packet of Oreos. "Please forgive me, amazing goodness," he murmured, opening the packet up.

Carefully, as not to break the cookie itself, he took out all the filling and ate it. He then grabbed a tube of tooth paste from the bathroom and put it in place of the original filling, chuckling to himself.

Hell, he might as well try and get Kyungsoo in on this as well. Make the ass whooping he was sure to receive well worth it.

Smirking, he finished off the packet and snuck into Kyungsoo and Jongin's room quietly, placing them next to Jongin's bed with a note.

Hyung isn't feeling well, so you can finish off the last of these. - Jongdae

Some might say it was idiotic to put his name on, but Chen merrily continued on his business and waited for Kyungsoo to wake Jongin up.

Beep beep beep beep.

Kyungsoo groaned as the alarm went off, refraining from throwing the useless thing and settled for slapping it until it shut up.
Sighing, he sat up and looked around. Of course, Jongin was still asleep.

Smiling lightly to himself at the cute expressions his band mate was making in his sleep, he got dressed. A few extra minutes for the puppy couldn't kill, right?

Crawling onto the bed next to Jongin, he gently shook the second maknae awake, watching in amusement as the younger's face scrunched up, and he muttered a measly, "Five more minutes," before rolling over.
Kyungsoo chuckled quietly. "We'll go somewhere together later today if you get up now," he murmured, shaking the younger once more.
Jongin peeked an eye open and squinted at Kyungsoo. He loved going places with his hyung. "Promise?"
Kyungsoo almost laughed at the younger's childishness. "Yes. Come on, get up."
Jongin let out a yawn, proving he didn't sleep well the night before, and Kyungsoo almost felt bad for waking the younger up. "I wanna go to that cafe we like," he mumbled almost dreamily, sitting up. He stretched out and almost knocked over the Oreos, frowning at their existence.

Slowly, he picked up the container and read the note off of them. Smiling widely and being naive the way Jongin is, he took the bate and offered a cookie to Kyungsoo, taking a bite out of his own the same time his hyung took one from his.

Almost instantly, the bitter taste of tooth paste exploded in his mouth, and he gagged, chunks of cookie flying out of him in an un-idol like fashion.
Kyungsoo grabbed the trash next to the bed and spit his cookie out, allowed Jongin to do the same, before snatching the note from the younger's grasp. Whoever did this to them would pay.


Giving Jongin one last worried glance, Kyungsoo stalked out of the room to find the younger boy.
Unsurprisingly, Kyungsoo and Jongin were the last up. Everyone else was relaxing in the common room, relishing on one of their few days off.
Everyone except Chen.
"Where is he?"
Xiumin glanced up. "What did Jongdae do this time?" he mumbled, listening to Jongin's whines and loud grumblings.
Kyungsoo pursed his lips. "He gave Jongin and I Oreo cookies filled with tooth paste."
Baekhyun laughed, covering his mouth. "I was wondering what he was doing with those this morning!"
Kyungsoo sent him an unamused look, pursing his lips. "It could have been dangerous if Jongin had swallowed that, he could have -"
"Oh, stop spoiling the second baby. That's what we have Sehun for!"

Kyungsoo's eyes narrowed into a glare as he turned around. The very person he was looking for stood right in front of him, smiling like an idiot.

Of course, Kyungsoo wouldn't doubt that he was, but that was just Kyungsoo's opinion.

"What is this?" he snipped out, holding up a partially eaten cookie and the note Chen had left.
Chen pretended to think for a moment. "It's an Oreo filled with tooth paste and a note from your favorite dongsaeng!"
Kyungsoo huffed and rolled his eyes. Chen was certainly not his favorite - that spot was filled by Jongin already. "Right. And unicorns live in this dorm."
Behind him, Yixing sat up. "Yah! Suho hyung said there were unicorns here! I just have to look harder!"
Kyungsoo rose his eyebrow at the dearest leader, who merrily shrugged in fake apology. "Okay, fine. Whatever. But you're certainly not my favorite dongsaeng."
Chen huffed. "I suppose that spot is permanently filled with dearest Kim Jongin, isn't it?"
Kyungsoo narrowed his eyes. "Yes. Speaking of whom, is currently gagging on the treat you gave him." Kyungsoo launched his short, stocky self at the younger boy, who let out a short scream as he was tackled to the ground.

"Jebal! Jebal!"

Kyungsoo shook his head as he relentlessly tickled Jongdae, hardly fazed by the weak hands that tried to desperately push him away. "Keep trolling like this, Jongdae, and you'll wish I was just tickling you," Kyungsoo grunted, satisfaction filling him when Jongdae began gasping for air.
The younger, however, had resorted to pleading for mercy. "I promise I won't trick you or Jongin anymore hyung, just stop tickling me!"
Satisfied, Kyungsoo stood up and began making his way back to Jongin.

However, the younger ran out, tears streaking down his face as red tooth past came from his mouth. "My teeth are bleeding, hyung!"

Little to know, Jongdae smirked evilly and snuck out of the room before Kyungsoo could realize it was only food dye.


Yes, I know I already posted these (except this one...this here is it's debut lol) but I wanted to have them in one area so you guys wouldn't be completely lost while reading them, just in case you missed one :D
~Bambii xx

Ps; as stated before, requests are welcomed :D the beagle line will be doing the pranks, unless it's a revenge prank (as seen in the first chapter with Minseokie), and I will need the names of the members you wish to see pranked. If you would be dearest to, I would also love a prank idea, but that is not necessary.

So, to wrap up;
Who in the Beagle Line is doing the pranking?
Who is receiving the pranking?
Optional; what is the prank idea?

Thank you~


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