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The Perfect Bride


What if you woke up one day in an unfamiliar house...or should I say mansion?
What if you were showered by expensive gifts, clothes, shoes, etc.?
What if you were forced to marry the Lu Han?

"I’m falling for her. Jung Yoomi. Just your name makes my heart flutter. I can’t do this. I can’t fall for her, I’m betraying my heart."

"I'm nothing but an item that can be bought and thrown away. How much time will pass until they throw me out?"




Ages: 20-24 They are all CEO's of their own companies. Some which are larger than others. They are kind, caring, and supportive of each other. They all live together in the Lu Mansion, but Xiumin. Xiumin has already started his own family. All of them are either orphaned or abandoned on the streets, so Luhan's Grandmother took them in and cared for them.

Jung Yoomi

Jung Yoomi

Age: 18 Yoomi is a nice and kind girl. She is the definition of the perfect bride. She has hatred towards her parents, but deep down she truly loves them.

Lu Han

Lu Han

Age: 24 Luhan is the CEO of Lu Enterprises. He owns hotels, five-star restaraunts, and malls. He is the richest bachelor in South Korea. He is loved by many, but he can't seem to find the right girl.


  1. Prolouge

  2. Trying to Escape

    Chapter One

  3. Is She the One?

    Chapter Two

  4. The Right Path

    Chapter Three

  5. Can I?

    Chapter Four

  6. Far Far Away

    Chapter Five

  7. Fluttering Heart

    Chapter Six

  8. Bad Liar

    Chapter Seven

  9. Item

    Chapter Eight

  10. Strange Dilemma

    Chapter Nine

  11. Seoul University

    Chapter Ten

  12. Kim Jinah

    Chapter Eleven


when are you going to update again

btsforlife btsforlife

Did you change to story ? When I read this the first time on aff I think it was different from now.is it just me

author-nim author-nim

First bias- Kris from EXO, he soon left tho... :L it makes me heartbroken

TuanTuan TuanTuan


Yes, I am. Thank you :)

Oh, I love this story so much!! (I've already read the whole thing from when it was finished) Are you starting it again?
Fighting, eonnie!! <3