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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 4

Class has ended in a quick glanced. But since Nicole has to stay after class, I walked out of the school alone. Thinking about to much things that my head starting to hurt.
"Miss Kang!!"

The cute voice made me turned around and I feel brighter again just to see Chris running toward me. I bended down to make eye level with him and wrapped my arms around this tiny body. Luhan was behind him, walking over to me as well.

"Why are you still here Chris? Aren't you suppose to be heading home already?" I asked.

"Yes but I already read the book and told you everything about it today. You say you're going to buy me a cup cake."

My eyes widen in surprised. I totally forgot about it.

"You pinky promise." His face pouted.

"I'm very sorry." I apologized and cupped his chubby cheeks. "How about we go to the bakery together and I'll buy you one? Hmm?"

Chris turned his face up to Luhan and my eyes suddenly looks up at him as well. He was staring at us innocently, then smiled and nodded.

"Yeah!!!" Chris shouts out happily and I chuckled at his cuteness.

Walking down the sidewalk to the bakery, Chris was holding my hands and walking at my right side; while Luhan was walking side by side with me at my left side.

"How can an adult like you forgets such an important promise?" Luhan was half talking and half mumbling at the same time. Probably doesn’t wants Chris to hear the conversation.

"Well, I'm a human too. Not a robot. But to be honest, I will never broken any promises that I have made, if there's isn't too much things going on in my mind at the moment." Not wanting to looked at him.

"Is it… because… you're thinking about me too much?"

I could feel his breathe against my ear. I turned to him and about to hit him with my left fist. He flinched back but quickly pointed to Chris. Giving me signs that there's a child around, so no violence prohibited. I glanced at Chris and glared back at Luhan. Then lower my fist.

"If you come close to me one more time, then I'm going to push you into the street." I threaten him.

But even when I threaten him, he still leaned forward closer to face me and grinned teasingly.

"Will you have the heart to do that?"

Argg!!! I was shouting inside myself so loudly that I could have burst in any seconds. I was giving him the death glare, but he was sending me the you-can-never-do-that gaze that I'll just have to forfeit to him for now.

I switches side with Chris and holds Chris's hand with my left hand now. I glanced at Luhan, when I heard him sniggering at my action and holding onto Chris's other hand.

If I was the viewer, I would have definitely thought, "What a lovely family they are."

We entered into one of my favorite bakery café. Chris was so excited that he ran over and pressed his face against the glass counter of all the delicious desserts.

"Hey Jiyoung!" D.O, the owner of the bakery, greeted me as I walked over. "What bring you here today? Ohh… I see you brought a man. Whose the lucky guy huh?" Eyeing at me and Luhan.

Luhan sniggered and I just pretends that I didn't hear that.

"I'm here to buy a cup cake for Chris, one of my students."

"Omhm.." D.O leaned against the counter and looked down at Chris. "So what kind of cup cake do you want, Chris?"

"This one, this one." Chris was pressing his finger against the glass.

D.O bended down and opened the glass window. "This one it is." He take out the cup cake. "Do you want it now or do you want me to pack it for you?"

"Can you pack it for him please?" Luhan asked while Chris was still thinking. "I don't want him to get messy in the car."

"Sure. It'll take me only two second." D.O replied.

I opened my purse and dig for my wallet. Just then Luhan's hand reached out in front of me, like he wanted something.

"What?" I looked confusedly at him.

"I want a cup cake too." He replied.

"And why would I buy you a cup cake?"

"Because I was the one who read the book to Chris last night. Aren't I suppose to get an award also?" His deer eyes are begging me to buy one for him.

I probably would buy him one, if D.O isn't someone I knew. Because at the corner of my eyes, I could sense D.O's round eyes making secret glances at us. If I buy him one too, then after this D.O will ask tons of question about Luhan. And I do NOT want that to happen.

"I only promised Chris, not you. If you really want one, then buy it yourself." I scolded softly at Luhan. I turned to D.O, who was smiling and had already finished packing the cup cake. "How much is the cup cake D.O?" I asked.

D.O shook his head. "It's okay. I'll let you go this time."

"Stop joking around." I said seriously.

"Do I look like I'm joking?" He responded. "Here you go." He handed the cup cake box over to Chris. And Chris grabbed it.

"Remember to thank him." Luhan reminded Chris.

Chris grinned at D.O, "Thank you."

D.O chuckles at his cuteness. "You're very welcome. Come visit me too alright." Chris gave him a nod. "But next time you come, I'm expecting some $green paper$."

He made us laughed and Chris just scratched his head in confusion.

We made our way back to the elementary school and coincidently met Nicole on her way out as well.

"Wow, you guys seem to be having some fun." She was eyeing at me and Luhan suspiciously.

I made eye contact with her and sending her sign to stops. But she looked pass my signal and reached out her hand toward Luhan.

"Hi, I'm Nicole, Jiyoung's friend. And you must be…?

"Luhan." He shook her hand politely. "Chris's uncle."

"Ah… yes, yes. I have heard a lot about you."

My eyes got wider by what Nicole have said.

"You did?" Luhan asked surprisingly.

"Of course. Jiyoung have told me about how you two met and how coincidently you're Chris's uncle…"

I shut my eyes and just wanted to evaporated right now as Nicole continued on. I'll have to talk to her after this.

"She must be surprise then." Luhan said.

"She is more than surprise." Nicole said.

Both of them continued on their conversation as if I wasn't even there to hear them. I was too busy giving them the evil eyes that I didn't even make a sound. Until Luhan startled me with something he said.

"She probably be thinking that I'm a stalker or a creeper." They laughed.

I laughed lifelessly along with them to interrupted their conversation. Both of them finally has their attention on me now.

"You two can continue on with your lovely conversation, I'm going home now. Bye!"

I said quickly as I walked pass them, hoping that I could escaped this situation and just head on home. But I got stopped by Luhan, when his hand reached out and grabbed my wrist. I was again startled by his action.

I turned to him and met him in the eyes.

"Yesterday you wouldn't let me take you home, but today you'll have to let me take you home." He said directly.

Feeling awkward with his hand still holding my wrist, I pulled my wrist out of his hold.

"I don't want to bother—"

"Just let him take you home, Jiyoung." Nicole cut me off. "Even if you don't go with him today, tomorrow he'll still ask you again."

She is saying as if, if I let Luhan take me home today then he'll stop asking me later on.

"What will you say?" Luhan said.

I moved my eyes back to him and he responded back with his gentle smile that again, fluttered my heart.

*Luhan's POV*

As I drove her home, we didn't talk at all. All her attention goes to Chris. I parked the car in front of her house and quickly steps out to opened the passenger door for her. She gave me a weird look but didn't say anything.

She say her good bye to Chris, then stepped out of the car. I closed the door after her and followed her back to the driver side. I was planning to watch her enter into her house before I leave, but she turned back to me.

"Thank you… for driving me home." She said as her eyes wandered around.

"You're welcome." I was actually surprise to hear her said that. It's been quite a while that I haven't heard her said 'Thank you.'

We just awkwardly stood there for about two second before she cleared her throat as if she was hesitating on what she's going to say.

"Give… give me your hand." She said quickly.


Why does she wants my hand all of a sudden? I was totally confused but then still reached my hand out to her. She grabbed my hand and placed something onto my palm. And then she quickly let go of my hand.

I take a look of what she had place on my palm. And it was two of the one dollar coins. I looked back at her and was about to ask her why. But she quickly answered my question.

"It's your tip for driving me home. Go buy yourself a cup cake!" She said as she turned and walked toward the gate of her house.

My mouth form a smile, "Thank you, Jiyoung."

She turned back to me and waved her hand, telling me to get the hell out of here. I chuckled at her action and ignored her command. I stood there and watch her until she opened the door and stepped inside her house.

I glanced at the two coins again that was still on my palm and sniggered, shaking my head along with it.

She is still the same, haven't change a bit. Her words are cruel, but her heart is very beautiful. Always beautiful. There's many things that I wanted to tell and ask her about but since we started out on the wrong foot, I guess I'll just have to wait for the right time to come.

But there's one thing that she said that is still wandering in my head though. She have said that she will never broken any promises that she have made, but she have broken an important promised long, long ago. Will she remember that promised? Or am I the only one who still remember it?


Hey guys!! I want to thanks everyone so much for reading this fanfiction. Thanks for the comments and subscribers!


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!

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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

please update :))

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Please update!!! I miss reading this story T_T

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