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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 5

* Flash Back *

"Promise me that you'll come no matter what happen." The little boy's voice echoes through the phone.

"Yes. I promise." The little girl's voice answered.

The next day, the little boy in his suit waits for her with a little yellow gift box in his hand. He waited and waited under the maple tree, but she never show up.

His father walks up to him.

"Son, we have to go."

"Just a little bit more. She'll come, she promise." He begged his father but his father just shook his head.

"We can't wait any more longer or else we'll be late for our flight." His father said.
Sad and heart broken, the little boy placed the yellow gift box beside the maple tree. Hoping that she'll come by and finds it.

He took a long look at the maple tree that was shedding it's yellow and red leaves.

"Good bye… Jiyoung." His eyes form in tears. "I'll miss you."

He turned his back to the maple tree and dragged his heavy feet down the hill with his father.

*Flash Back End*

Luhan was lying on his bed with his pajamas on, getting ready to go to bed. He was twirling a small silver heart locket necklace in between his fingers.

It's been 15 years already since the day he had left Korea. And now he's back, as a grown man with the promise that he still kept for all these years. Only if the girl that he's waiting for remember him like he remember her, then everything wouldn't be so difficult.

*Jiyoung's POV*

"5…4…3…2…1!!!!!!!" I exclaimed in happiness.

The microwave beeps.

"YES!!!!" I pressed opened the microwave door and took out my well done ramen. "I've been waiting 3 whole minutes for this!" I beamed excitedly.

I tossed away the paper lid and grabbed the chopsticks that I had already lay it out nicely on the table. I walked pass the yellow gift box that was the only thing on my glass shelf and headed for the living room.

I sat down on my couch and continued watching the drama on the T.V. I was inhaling the ramen into my mouth, making me looking like a hamster. My stomach was growling so loud because I haven't eaten anything since lunch at the school.

My cell phone buzzed and I shut my eyes, not wanting to answered it because I like to eat my ramen without any disruption. I was going to ignore it but my eyes take a quick glance over and caught the caller ID *Nikori*.

I reached my hand out to grabbed it.

"Yes sister?" I placed my cell phone in between my neck and shoulder. I blow the ramen and continued eating.

"Have you think of what you're going to do yet?" She asked.

"Do what?" My mind isn't thinking about anything else other than my ramen.

"About the fake legal documents that you needed to show Luhan." She said.

My mouth opened and the ramen inside of it dropped back into it's home.

"Don't tell me you totally forgot all about it?" She sounded irritated.

I placed the ramen cup onto the coffee table and smacked my head with my hand.

"That man! Argg! He's driving me insane!" I leaned back against the couch.

"So what are you going to do?" She asked again.

"I don't know! I don't know!" I wriggled my arms and legs like a whining kid. "Let me take a quick nap to regain my ideas then I'll call you back." We ended the call and I grabbed my head, messing up my hair along with it.

I have no ideas on what I'm going to do. But just then, the TV caught my attention and a brilliant idea just run through my head.

The next morning…

*Luhan's POV*

I stood there, staring blankly at the maple tree. I couldn't believe that she would actually did this. She craved her name on the maple tree's body and nailed a picture of her on it as well.
I'm loss at words and just burst out a chuckle at her silliness.

*Jiyoung's POV*

"Oh no you didn't." Nicole looked at me with her widen eyes.

"Oh yes I did." I sneered. "This morning I went there before the sun has even awaken and craved my name on it! 'KANG JIYOUNG!' I was hiding and waiting for him to see how his expression will be like, but I was too sleepy that I went back home to sleep."

"I bet his expression will be like, 'What in the world is that girl's thinking!?" Nicole said.

We both laughed down the hall, until I see Luhan standing outside the classroom. He seems to be talking to someone on his cell phone.

Nicole silently waved good bye and parted her way to her classroom. I walked up to Luhan and stood behind him quietly.

I didn't mean to listen to his conversation but since I was already standing there, his words just sneaked through my ears without I wanting it.

"Okay, I'll be there as soon as Chris's class end… Hmm, bye." He ended his called.

I cleared my throat for him to notice me and he did. He turned around and greeted me politely.

"Good morning, Miss Kang."

"Good morning." I greeted back. "Do you know the school policy, Mr. Luhan?"

He blinked his big eyes at me confusedly.

"In the school policy, if the parent or guidance is late even one minute, then he or she will receive a penalty from the teacher." I checked my watch. "And you're one minute and thirty-five seconds late."

"I apologize." He said. "I have an emergency call."

"No excuse." I said to him directly. "I'll see you after class."

He was about to say something but I just turned away and entered the classroom. He followed after silently and walked over to his seat next to Chris.

"Do you all know what today is?" I asked the kids.

"Singing day!!!" They all answered.

"That's right. Today is singing day. So after lunch, meet me at the music room, okay?" I said.

"Yes, Miss Kang."

While I was teaching the class, I keep making small glances over at Luhan. His anxiousness can be seen through his expression.

The bell ring for break time. All the kids and their parents/guidance rushed out of the classroom except for Chris and Luhan. Chris looked up to Luhan and I could hear them whispering.

"Go ahead and go play. I'll follow you out in a bit. I need to talk to Miss Kang." Luhan said.

Chris nodded and jumped happily out of the classroom. Leaving just the two of us, which is totally not comfortable. As soon as Luhan turned his attention toward me, I quickly turned around and started erasing the chalk board. Pretending to not care about what he's going to say.

My heart beats faster and faster every step he takes coming closer to me. I shut my eyes tight to calm my stupid heart—that doesn't listen to me at all—down.

"Miss Kang."

"Hah!" I was shock and startled while turning to him.

He noticed my action and flinched back a little.

"I'm sorry to frighten you." He said.

"It's okay." I quickly change my focus back to the chalk board. "What do you want?"

"I apologize that I haven’t read the school policy, but can you please let me go just once? I'll do whatever you want tomorrow, just not today… please." He begged.

I stops erasing the already erase chalk board and turns my focus back to him.

"Anything I want?" I asked him again. Just to make sure.

He gave me a secure nod, but I still doubt him.

"Are you trustable?" I asked curiously.

"Do I not look like someone you can trust?" He asks me back.

Of course you don't. Someone who like to tease me the most is the least person that I like to trust. But since this pretty boy already come begging, then I might as well let him go this time.

"Cool." I said.

And after I said that, I could tell that his face gotten brighter. I squinted my eyes and pointed my finger at him.

"But you'll have to stay double tomorrow and do whatever I ask you to do." I say to him directly.

His gentle smile reappeared and he wrapped his hand around my index finger that was pointing at him.

"Yes… Miss Kang."

I flustered at his action and my heart beats rapidly again. I strongly pulled my finger out of his hold.

"Hurry and go, before I change my mind." I said, trying to sound irritated.

He replied back with a small, but flirty nod and walked out. As soon as he's out of my sight, I swatted down heavily and placed my hands on my chest, where my beating heart is.

"Why are you flustering at him for?!" I scolded myself. "Get a grip of yourself, KANG JIYOUNG!!!" Hitting my chest with my fist.

I wonder if it's someone else and not Luhan, will my heart beats like this too?


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