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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 14


The 5 star 18 floor hotel shines down on Jiyoung. She swallowed hard in amazed. In all her 20 years of life, this is the first time she is face to face with such a luxury building. Lifting up the small piece of paper that she was holding, she double check the name of the hotel before stepping in.

As she took steps in, everyone in there are highly dress, making her feeling awkward to be in there as well. But no one seem to be interested in her, they just doing their own things. She walked up to the service desk and a young lady smiled at her as she approach.

"Hello ma'am. What can I help you with today?" Her gentle voice calm Jiyoung's nervousness down a bit.

"Err… I'm here to see Mr. Luhan?" Not quite sure if the young lady will understand her or not.

"Oh, you're here to see Mr. Luhan." She said and Jiyoung nodded quickly. "Then you may take any elevator at the right and go up 'til you reach level 16."

"Ah… thank you." Jiyoung smiled at her once more before walking over to where the elevators are located.

Her hands trembled onto each other nervously as she waited for the elevator. Once she got in, her heart starting to beat faster and faster. Hopefully she would just walk in, check to see if he's okay, then come back out and nothing else happen in between. But who knows? He kiss her on the cheek last time and the other day he kiss her on the lips… and now what will he do next? What if he do something more? What will she do?

And… her imagination takes over…

Luhan grabbed her face carelessly and kiss her cheek, then her lips. And then grabbed her shoulder and stared intently into her wide eyes.

"I'm not going to hide my feeling anymore! You are going to be mine ONLY!"
He grabbed onto her wrist and dragged her toward his bedroom.
"No! Luhan you can't!!" She screamed, trying her best to get out of his hold. "Luhan!!!"
Pulling her into his bedroom, he shut the door and laugh pleasingly.

"NOO!!!" Her yelling interrupt her imagination. "I won't let that happen! Never!" She pressed the first level button continually. "Get me out of here!"

The elevator door opened and her head were dangling to her chest.

"I guess… I just can't leave after all."

She dragged herself out of the elevator, half alive and half dead.

Ding… Dong… Ding… Dong…

The ringing of his door bell echoes through his ear. Luhan groaned and using all the strength he could find, he sat up from his bed. His face were pale and his lips were dry. His hair were messy, not neatly done like he always has it, but who care… cause today… he is just a simple sick boy.

A message pops up on his cell phone screen. He grabbed his cell phone and it read:


Luhan Hyung! We're coming in for a visit!

Ding… Dong… the ringing of the door bell haven't stop 'til now. Groaning in pain and also annoyingly, he tossed his cell phone to his side, didn't care where ever it landed at, and get out of his bed.

He dragged his feet out to the living room and walked pass the door monitor, when two huge blinking eyes, showing on the monitor screen, stopped him. Looking at it closely, he gave the two blinking eyes a glare.

"What the heck is that?" He shook his head and turned away. "Maybe it's Chanyeol."

He found his way to the door and opened it but instead of his noisy friends, the two huge eyes belong to Jiyoung. She grinned widely at the sight of him.

"Hi!" She added a small, but fast wave to that.

"What are you doing here?" He asked. He was not feeling too well to be shock or surprise at the moment.

Her smiled quickly died and she looked around.

"Well… if I'm not here to see you then why am I here?" She asked back at him. "I mean… you're the only person I know that live here."

The awkward silence once again flew by…

"May I.. come in?" She asked. Kind of having this weird feeling of standing out in the hall alone.
He was staring at her for a bit, still debating if he should let her in or not. But eventually, he gave in. Since he know that she'll argue her way in anyway. He responded to her question with a nod and stepped aside, opening the door wider for her.

"Thank you." She stepped in and walked pass him to the open area of the living room.

She was amazed of how neat his place is. Everything in his house is very simple, a couch, a T.V., white curtains and… that's almost it… in his living room she mean.

"When you're done looking around and starting to get bore, then you may leave as you wish." He said behind her.

Somehow, those words that came out of his mouth annoy her. She came here because she was worrying about him and he act as if she's here just to play around. She turned back to him with a flaming fire eyes. And as soon as he caught those flaming eyes, he lower his eyes away from her. Knowing that what he had said must unpleased her.

Hump! The other day he kiss her as if he's giving her all his love and today he's acting all cool like he didn't care about her anymore. Is he playing a push and pull game on her or what?
Glancing back her at again, since she were still glaring at him nonstops, he quietly took steps toward his bed. But then all of a sudden a pain struck inside of his stomach and he grunted in pain. Luckily he stay close to the wall so that he can lean onto.

"Luhan!" Rushing over to his side, she grabbed hold of his arm. "Are you okay?" She asked worriedly, but he didn't uttered a word and just grunting his teeth painfully. "Let me help you to your bed." She said while sliding herself underneath his arm, trying to help support him.

But he strongly refused and slightly pushed her away from him.

"Stop… don't come near me." But she didn't listen to his words and grabbed his arm again. He had no choice but to pushed her again also. "I don't want you to get sick." He said, breathing harder now. And she is now glaring back at him again.

"If you push me again one more time, I swear I'm going to hit you!" Her voice got higher. "And I will not care if you're a sick person!" Her voice made him went silence. "Why are you pushing me away when I am willing to help you? I know that you don’t want me to get sick but if I'm afraid of getting sick, then what am I doing here?" Tears form in her eyes.

She know that she's been pushing him away many times, but now since he's the one pushing her away, it just torn her heart apart.

"If you want to ignore me then fine. But if you want me to just watch you in pain then you might want to reconsider knowing me in the first place." And when his sorry eyes met hers, she was trying her hardest to hold onto her tears and not let it out in front of him.

Seeing her getting torn apart because of his selfish way, he wanted to pull her into his embrace and never let her go. But because of his sickness, his body wouldn’t budge at his order.

After sucking all her tears back in, she gently grabbed his arm again and this time he let her. She wrapped his arm around her shoulder and her other hand went around his back and hold onto his waist for better support.

His eyes followed her face movements throughout. This is actually his first time seeing her being so serious around him. This side of her is more mature and more motherly-like that make him even more attracted to her.

"Jiyoung ah.." His soft voice made her looked up at him. Since she is now next to his side, their face were just inches apart. "I'm sorry."

Her heart flustered at his apologies. Although he's always saying sorry, this one sounded different. She could feel his sincere heart that he is truly sorry.

"It's okay." She responded.

She helped him over to his bed and gently sit him down. And then helped him tuck in.

"You rest here okay, I'll go make you some porridge." She said as his eyes followed her out of his room.

Placing the hot steaming porridge on his mini table by his bed, Jiyoung helped him sit back up. Placing a pillow behind his back for better support. She grabbed the porridge.

"It's hot so be careful okay." She said while handing the porridge toward him. His shoulder sank and he leaned back against the wall.

"I don't have any strength to eat by myself." His deer eyes blinked at her. Jiyoung growled and squinted her eyes at him. Knowing that he is just pretending so she'll have feed him.

She nodded. "Okay. I'll feed you then. Scoot over."

Luhan smiled and scoot a little so that she could sit at the edge of the bed. As she sat down and starts to stir the porridge, he stared at how her cheek form a bubble every time she blow into the porridge. That make him smile inside.

Jiyoung fed him one spoon after another, playing with him also. She lifted the spoon full of porridge toward his mouth, but as soon as he opened his mouth, she pulled the spoon back a little. He closed his mouth with a smile.

"If you keep on doing this then it'll be night time before I finish that bowl." He said.

"Alright, alright…"

After finishing the bowl, she sat by his side until he had fallen asleep. His sleeping face with his long eyelashes, his perfect nose bridge, to his heart shape lip, reminded her of the first day she had opened her eyes and saw him under the maple tree. Sometimes she even wonder if he's an fallen angel that accidently came into her life. If that is… then she hope that he'll stay with her forever.

Since he's asleep already, it's the time for her to explore his man house. There's not much in his room, it’s as simple as the living room. She walked over to a book shelf that is full of books and starts searching through them.

The books doesn't seem interesting at all, most of them are about business and management. Until a very odd book that doesn't seem to fix in the area caught her eyes. The title on the book edge caught her attention the most.

*Miss Kang Jiyoung's Class Photos*

She pulled it out and it is the class photo book at the beginning of the year that they have taken. But it belong to Chris, so why is it here? She noticed that there's a bookmark on a certain area of the book. Opening, according to where the bookmark is, it was the page where her picture was printed. And beside her picture, lies a photo of her when she was still little.

She chuckled at her childhood photo, reminding her of how embarrassing she were when the principle announced that all teachers should bring a picture of them when they were little and post it next to the picture that have taken then. But then the thought of why he had this class photo book in his bookshelf is still a question she needs to find out. And why is there a bookmark right on the page of her picture?

Letting that thought go for later, she strolled farther down his room. And stopped when she notices a frame picture of his family. There was his dad, his mom… they're still so young… his older sister, which is Chris's mom… then she laughed at the next kid… that must be Sehun… he is as cute as always… but then the next little boy next to Sehun must be… Luhan. She takes a closer look at the little Luhan, she swear she had seen someone like him before. Maybe…

Ding… Dong…

Jiyoung startled at the door bell and quickly glanced over to check if the sounds have interrupt Luhan's sleep. But luckily it haven't. Tiptoeing out of his room and out to the living, she check the door monitor and only seeing a bunch of hands moving.

"Hm? Who could it be?" As soon as she finished that question, the door starting banging and knocking. And loud noises can be heard even from the inside.
She quicken her steps over to the door and opened it. But before she even blink an eye, a huge mobbed of noisy guys pushes each other into the house. They were hugging each other and tackling each other until they noticed her standing there. They all froze at the sight of her.

"Um… Hi." She greeted them. "Nice to meet you… all…"

After her greeting, they quickly let go of each other and bow.




She heard all kinds of greeting at once and couldn't listen to any of them properly. Then one of the tall, ears popping out guy reached out his hand to her.

"I'm Chanyeol." His smile is so cheerful that she smile back at him without realizing and shook his hand in returned.

"Me, Baekhyun!" A shorter one shouted out. "And you must be…"

"I'm.. Jiyoung. Kang Jiyoung." She said.

"Ah! I know you! You're Luhan's girlfriend!" Xiumin shouted out and making her turning to him in shock. The house becomes chaos again and every one of them starting talking all at once.


"I never know that Luhan got a girl."

"Ah… so that's the reason why he's been missing out."

Suho approached her, "Where is Luhan, Miss Kang?"

"He's in the bedroom." She replied. And that one word made them all dashed over to Luhan's room. Her eyes widen in shock. "Wait! He is still… sleeping…" She was too late.

They jumped onto the bed, crashing onto the sick Luhan and causing him to groaned loudly as he woke up. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Guys… do they ever know how to be gentle?"

Sighing… she turned around and was planning to walked back out of the room, when someone approached her and she met him face to face. She was shock, but so is he. And there's only one word that came out of her mouth…



Okay.. so how's this chapter? Hehe... i know that Luhan's is acting a little weird, but i do notice sometimes whenever i got sick... i get very sensitive and sometimes i'm not myself. sooo... no misunderstanding here okay. i'll update soon... Thanks you for the vote!!


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!

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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

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