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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 13

Lying on her bed and staring up at the white ceiling, it's already 2 in the morning and Jiyoung still couldn't sleep. The scene of Luhan's kissing her keep repeating in her head and ever since the time that Luhan sent her home 'til now, she is still blank at what had happen that evening. It sounded like a dream or an illusion but it felt so real. She could still felt his warm lips pressing on hers and the way he hold her tight into his embrace still lingers around her body. She doesn't know how to react to this at all. They are not in any relationship other than knowing each other, she don't recalled them as being friend either. So what is this all about? Is it just the right moment that he wanted to kiss someone? Or is he trying to confess his feeling to her? Huk! The more she think about it the more her head hurt!

She patted her both her cheek to check is this is reality or not, but it is reality no matter how much she wishes it was not. The thought of facing Luhan again make her more nervous. How will she ever survive teaching if the one that kiss her was sitting right there right in front of her!? Both of them were still being awkward toward each other and now he's making it more awkward! What will she do? What will be the outcome of them both?

"AHHH!!!" She screams as she sit up, holding her head. "This won't do!" Grabbing her cell phone in a hurry, she called her number 1 list. She waited impatiently, until the line got pick up.

"What is wrong with you?" The sleepy Nicole answered. "Someone is sleeping here."

"NICOLE!!!" Jiyoung screamed out her name. "I-need-your-help-like-right-now! I-don't-know-what-to-do! Please-hurry-up-and-come-over! Please! Please! Please!!!!!
Her fast speed talking made Nicole arrived at her doorstep in just minutes.

"Serious, what is so urgent that you have to interrupt my beauty sleep!?" Nicole complained as she stepped into Jiyoung's house, still in her pajamas. "I was having a good dream too. You know how many people dies to have that these days?" She shivered a bit from the cold air that she had just went through and seated down on the sofa next to Jiyoung.

"I'm very sorry. But it's very very VERY urgent!!" Jiyoung said grabbing Nicole's hand.

Nicole made a small sighed, "I'm all ears girl."

"Okay…" She started out slow then suddenly jumped into action. "I didn't plan for this to happen, it just did! I took Luhan out for a date like I promise him and we went to Lotte World because I know that he is afraid of height! And I'm trying to used his weakness against him so that he won't bother me anymore! But I didn't know that this would happen! All of this wouldn't happen if I didn't take him there!"

Nicole narrowed her eyes at her friend explanation, "I don't get any of it. Jump to the conclusion."

"He kiss me!" Jiyoung finally confessed it out and Nicole jaw dropped without realizing. "He kiss me on the cheek last week and today he kiss me again!" Her nervously voices shivered throughout her explanation.

"Okay, calm down and speak slowly." Nicole said, trying to help her calm herself down. "Where did he kiss you this time?"

"I wanted to jump down the bungee jumping so that's why we stopped there before coming home. And I wanted to jump alone, but then he said that he wanted to jump with me also. So I thought that maybe he just wanted to overcome his phobia, but all of a sudden he kiss me on the lips before we both jumped down!"

Nicole was listening carefully to Jiyoung, who is again started to be panic.

"I was too shock to react to anything, I mean, why does he have to kiss me? He always been playing with my heart ever since the day that I met him. He made my heart flustered every time he came near me and he made me think of all his words that he have said every night! How do I suppose to understands him when I don’t even understand my own self!? I don't know what to do anymore! I think I—I think I'm going crazy because of him! He's making me crazy!!"

"Calm down Jiyoung!" Nicole grabbed hold of Jiyoung's trembling hands that was making a lot of gestured trying to explain everything to her. "Calm down, okay! Calm down!" Jiyoung's finally was calming down a bit, but her shivering breathing can still be heard. "Slowly breathe… in… out… in… out…"

She listen to Nicole's words and breathe in slowly… her heart beats slowly going back to normal again until—

"AHHH!!!!" Nicole burst out screaming in excitement, making Jiyoung's surprised and panicking again. "OMG! He kiss you! On the LIPS!!!!! Called yourself L.U.C.K.Y! You got present before Christmas girl! No girls in this world are as lucky as you are!! I should've been there! I could've got that beautiful moment on tape! Gosh I'm so happy for you!!!" She hugged Jiyoung. "He's making you crazy, but you're also making him fallen in love! You two are so lovey-dovey! AHH!!!"

And both of them talks though out the night sky…

*Ema Elementray School*

The weekend went by too fast, she doesn’t know if she can face Luhan face to face yet. She rubbed her trembling hands together and took small baby steps so it would take longer to reach her class. But in a blink of eyes, she was standing right in front of her classroom door.
The kids were loud and they could be heard from where she was standing at. She took a long, deep breath. Even if she lingers around and not wanting to go in, any how she's still going to have to face him anyway. Might as well face him with confidence instead of making him feel like she's trying to avoid him.

She opened the door and stepped in. Everyone greeted her and she greeted them back without turning to them. She headed straight for her desk and with another long, deep breath, she finally turned to face the kids with a big smile.

"Alright everyone, how's your week…end?" Her question faded out when her eyes caught the one seating in Luhan's desk isn't Luhan. But a young lady around her age.

Her smiled dies and she looked around the room to see if Luhan might be seating somewhere else just to trick her today, but nope. He is not in the room at all, not even in the corners. Her eyes wandered back to the young lady in Luhan's desk.

During P.E. hour, Jiyoung's sits where she always sit on the stairs and watched the kids play. Without Luhan around to bother and tease her, the hours seem very long and the day feel like forever. She wanted to ask the young lady about Luhan but she also doesn't want others to think that she's had any crush on him or what so ever. Rumors can spread very fast like a disease if she didn't take caution. Especially since the young lady came in as a replacement for Luhan, then that must mean that she knows Luhan somehow.

"Hello Miss Kang."

The soft voice interrupted her thoughts and she turned to her side. The young lady was sitting there, with a big smile on her face.

"H..i." Jiyoung cleared her clogged throat. "Sorry that I'm being impolite and haven't ask for your name yet."

The young lady chuckled, "It's okay. I don't mind. You can call me Sulli. Choi Sulli."

"Nice to meet you Sulli." Jiyoung reached out her hand toward Sulli. And Sulli shook it in returned. "So… I see you and Mr. Luhan got different last name. Do you two know each other?" Jiyoung asked curiously.

"Yes we do know each other. We might be couple of ages difference but he is a very close oppa that I know."

"Ah…" That is all that Jiyoung could think of at the moment. Sulli chuckled after seeing Jiyoung's response.

"You probably must be wondering why Luhan oppa isn't here today, right?" Her question struck Jiyoung's, leaving Jiyoung in a daze.

"Why… why did you think that?" Jiyoung asked, trying to sound not interested.

"I didn't think of it. Luhan oppa did."

Jiyoung gave her an odd look.

"He told me that if you didn't ask about him at all, then you must probably be thinking of him." She said with a wide smile through out. Jiyoung cleared her clogged throat again and sit up straighter.

"Weird." Jiyoung said underneath her breath. "Well, since you have already asked… I might as will hear the answer then."

There's a pause… then Sulli slowly took a deep breath before saying, "He's… not feeling quite well."

Turning to her in shock, Jiyoung's widen her eyes. "He's sick?"

"Well… yesterday he was throwing up all day long and today he's probably still in bed, trying to recover."

Hearing this, torn Jiyoung's heart apart. Maybe because she's been forcing him on rides that he had never been on in his life and that's the cause of him being sick.

"He did tried to come in today but his body couldn't make it, so he called me this morning if I'll volunteer to be Chris's guidance for the day. Probably for tomorrow too… and maybe the next day after tomorrow also."

Jiyoung's tried to get her mind back straight but her heart doesn't feel at ease at all. She attempt to hide her worry feeling with her smile, however it can still be shown through her eyes.
Sitting at her favorite bakery café, she was holding her cell phone thinking whether she should call Luhan or not. Her fingers tapped nervously on the round table and biting her bottom lip in concentration. Maybe she should just text him instead. That will be less nerve racking. Yep, that's what she should do.

She type…

How are you, Luhan?

No… that's not quite it. Erasing it, she type something else.

Hi Luhan!—


Are you feeling better?—

This is me… Jiyoung.—

"Aurrg!" She dropped her head flat onto the table. "This is harder than I thought I would be." Talking from her throat.

"Thank you, have a nice day." D.O walked his customer out and glanced over at the girl whose getting so frustrated at just a simple text. He decided to walked over.
He sat down across from her and she was now staring blankly at her cell phone screen.

"What's with the long face?" He asked her.

"Why does human has to have feeling anyways? Can't we just be like robot and not care?" Her soul is long gone from her body already.

"So that everyone can understand each other." He response to her question. "Feeling is the power in all human being. Either they want to control it or let it controls them, is their choice. That is why human's fight, argue, not willing to understand or… be friend, be understandable, and be love."

Her eye lid lit up by the word 'love'. This feeling inside of her right now wouldn't be love is it? It couldn't be. D.O stared intently at her for she had gone quiet for a while.

"It's because of Mr. Luhan right?"

His question made her look at him with a wide eyes.

"How.. did you know?" She asked inquisitively and he burst out a chuckle at her question.

"Come on Jiyoung, just face it. Everyone around you already knows that you had feeling for Mr. Luhan. It's because of your stubborn heart that you just couldn't accept the fact that you like him."

She sighed, defeated by him. "I will admit that I like him and I have feeling for him, but I'm still far away from loving him."

"Good job. You're one step closer." He clapped and smiled. "Now, why don't you say that directly to him."

She gawked in shock, "No, no, no, no! Never! I can never say what I just say in front of him!"

"Why not? He probably wanted to hear it too."

"But.. but I'll just froze and my mind will just become blank if I stand in front of him."

"Okay, okay. I don't want to force you either. When ever you feel like telling him your feeling then you should alright. Do not hesitate." He command. She stared at him with her puppy eyes for a while then slowly nod. He let out a sigh. "I heard from Nicole that he is sick today."

"He is…" Her heart becomes worry again after D.O reminding her about Luhan.

"After being forced in all of those rides, who wouldn't be sick?" D.O complained. "But he is very strong trying to hold it in though. I remember my first ride I came back down throwing up like shit."

She looked down, knowing that it's her fault. "I didn't mean too." She quietly said.

"Why don’t you pay him a visit? He probably will be very happy to see you."

"But… but I don't know where he live." She replied.

"You got his number, just call him and say you're coming in for a visit." He said so easily.

"Then you call him for me! I'm too nervous to call him myself." She bit her bottom lip again.

He gazed at her for a moment, then finally gave in. "Alright. Give it to me, I'll call him for you." He grabbed her cell phone and was surprise by what he had just read from the screen. "The Annoying One?" He looked at her again.

"Quiet! Just dial… hurry!"

Following her order, he dial Luhan's number without anymore question. The line ring… ring… and ring… until it go straight to a voice mail. He let out a sighed and ended the call. Jiyoung looked at him intently, wanting to know what happen.

"He didn't answer?" She asked.

He shook his head, "Nope. Maybe he's dead."

"You stop it!" She angrily snatched her cell phone away. "It's okay. I'll just ask Sulli tomorrow." She was quite disappointed, just the thought that she'll have to wait the whole night and tomorrow also before she could visit Luhan.

"Call this your lucky day." He said. "You know Suho right? My buddy that always come and help me out once and a while." She nodded quickly in understanding. "I just found out recently that he's a close friend of Luhan too."

Her eyes brighten in happiness, "Really? But does he know Luhan's address though?"

"Of course he does. He told me that he and their other friends hangs out at Luhan's house all the time. I'll give him a call for you."

She smiled in gratefulness. "Thank you, D.O. I promise I'll treat you out for a meal."

"No worries. This is what friends are for isn't it? We always got each other back." He smiled back at her.

She couldn't thanks D.O and Nicole enough for their gratefulness. They have always been helping her through out and she is very thankful that heaven has given her the most wonderful friends in the world.


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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

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