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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 15

"After high school, you just vanished into thin air." Kai said. He and Jiyoung left the boys and came out for a walk at the park across from the hotel. "I asked your aunt but she didn’t gave out much information about you. All she says was that you moved out of town."

"I'm sorry for leaving without telling you." She said.

"Nah, it's okay. At least we met each other again, right?"

"Definitely." She said and they both laughed.

"So… where did you go? Out of town for real?" He asked.

She scoffed, "Like I have the money too."

Kai chuckled.

"Actually I moved back and live at my parent's house. And still am, right now. My relatives told me to sale it so I can have enough money for college, but I just couldn't let that house go. It's the only thing that my parent had left for me and the only thing that I have left of them. But luckily I found a full time job and could save enough money before college started."

"Seems like you have been through a lot." Kai said.

She chuckled, "Seems like it, but it's the past now. So it's alright."

"Heard that you're a teacher now, is that correct?" Kai asked.

"Uh-hm. I'm actually Luhan's nephew teacher and that's how me and Luhan came to know each other. How about you? What are you been up to?" Jiyoung asked him.

"Well…" He let out a sighed. "Am actually the same as you."

"Me? You mean, you’re a teacher too?" She asked, narrowing her eyebrow at him.

"Not quite just a teacher, a dance teacher." He said.
Jiyoung gasped in shock. "No way."


"Stop lying."

"I'm only telling you the truth."

She couldn't believe her ear. The boy that she knew, had finally reached his dream.

"Ah!!!" She beamed in happiness, holding onto both his hands. "I'm so proud of you!"

"You should be!" Kai said teasingly. "To be honest, I almost gave up. But I remember one time you had told me that, 'Your dream is within your soul, it just depend on how you wanted to bring it out.' And that is why I'm here!"

She couldn't say anything more but stared at him proudly. He quickly looked away from her gazed, not wanting to let any past feeling to come back out.

"So.. do you want me to show you a dance?" He asked.

"Of course. I would love too." She already started seal-clapping at him.

"Okay." He stood in front of her. "I'm going to show you only one time, so watch carefully."
She quickly gave him a nod. He started out with a quick warm up then play a song from his cell phone. He listened to the music and slowly move according to the beats.
His dancing was smooth to start out with but because her staring was making him nervous, his feet got twisted with each other and he tripped forward, right into her arms.

"Oh.oh." Jiyoung caught him and laughed. "I guess I'm not the only person who is clumsy around here."

"Sorry." He got back to his feet, feeling embarrassed. "Dancing in front of someone is not quite my thing."

"I don’t blame you. I'm a teacher and I'm still get nervous when talking in front of a group meeting." She said, trying to make him feel better and not to be embarrassed.

"I'll show you a better performance next time." Kai said.
Jiyoung gave him a nodded, "You better!" They laughed and continued their walk. "So… how did you came to know Luhan?" She asked curiously.

"Uhm… it's not hard getting to know him." He said. "We got the same classes during our college days and just starts talking about how suck life is and so on… he's a pretty cool guy when you got to know him. I see you and him get along pretty well."

"Huh?" She blinked her eyes in surprised. "You think so?"

"I know so. Because he usually don't let any lady into his house, even if they're our girlfriends. So count your blessing girl, cause you're the first one I've seen so far."

Hearing what Kai have said actually surprised her. So does this mean Luhan had never had any girlfriend before?

Seeing her looking so serious when they talks about Luhan, make Kai feels depressed somehow. He knows that it's been long since they had drifted apart, but there's something that she doesn't know about him. And that is the feeling toward her that he's been hiding all through until now.

Since Luhan is sick, Jiyoung had came to visited Sehun at the Seoul Hospital. She brought along some healthy fruits and some of her favorite movies so when Sehun gets bore, he could watch it. But the look on his face when she entered into his room, doesn't seem too pleased to see her.

"What are you doing here?" Sehun's cold voice asked. "I haven't invite you."

"Of course you did!" Her cheerful voice answered. "You told me if I ever come to visit you again, you're going to make me spend the night here with you. So here I am. Ta-dah!" She strolled over to the table and put all the baggies on it.

"What's up with all those fruits? Are you trying to do a cook show?"

"All of these are for you!" She said.

"Why waste money on something that'll get rotten by the time I get to it?" He asked with the same cold face expression on.

Jiyoung took a deep breath to calm her temper down. Trying to get to know him is like trying to get to know Luhan all over again. Both brothers had so many questions to ask.

"Well then… you'll just have to eat one fruit with each meal you eat. Did that answer your question for you, Sehun?"

He groaned and looked away, "You're so annoying, how could Luhan hyung deal with you anyways?" He mumbled underneath his breath, but also making sure that Jiyoung will hear it too.

"You'll just have to deal with it too. Cause you might going to be seeing me for the rest of your life, Sehunnie." She proudly said it out loud and his glaring were fix on her again.

"SE. HUN." He corrected her. "Better say my name correctly or I'll call them over to force you out."

Jiyoung smiled and walked over to him.

"I'll like to see you do it. Se.. hun… nie." She stared at him to see how will he react but after giving her the deadly glared, he just looked away and pretended that he didn't hear anything.

"Well, what movie do you want to start first?" She asked, while going back to the table and pulling out movies from a bag.

While the movie is playing, Jiyoung went outside and talked to the nurse lady.

"How is his condition?" Jiyoung asked.

"His condition is doing very, very well these days. More than what we expected."

"That's good to hear." Jiyoung smiled in relief.

"Since the day that Mr. Luhan introduce you to him, he's been eating well, exercising when he's suppose too, and don't complain that much anymore. All thanks to you my dear." She said happily.

"And why is that?" Jiyoung asked.

"Because Sehun wishes nothing more in his life than for his brother Luhan to have someone who'll love and take care of him as much as he does." She went quiet for a moment. "Just in case…" She didn't finished her words, but Jiyoung know what she's meant. And Jiyoung pray that, that'll never happen ever.

Jiyoung's been wondering what's the reason behind the fake girlfriend that Luhan had made her be, but now she understand. For someone as caring and loving as Luhan, even if she's wasn't meant for him, she'll also wishes that he'll find someone who'll love and take care of him as well.

After the movie, Jiyoung came out to walked with Sehun for his night exercise.

"I heard that you are doing very well these days." Jiyoung said.

"My condition is none of your business." Sehun responded.

"Of course I know that it's not my business but I do know that Luhan will be very happy to hear it."

He went quiet for a while, then let out a sighed.

"So… how long have you and Luhan hyung been dating?" He asked curiously, but acting like he's not interested.

"We?... hum… let's see…" She pretended to count the months with her fingers. "Almost about 2 year now." She scoffed in her mind. More like two months.

"Do you think… you and Luhan hyung will last? Like forever?" He asked seriously. And now she was thinking very hard to give him a decent answered.

"Well… your brother Luhan is a very sweet guy. Even if we don't last, I know that he'll definitely find someone who'll love him more than I do." She said and he scoffed.

"Yeah, I wish for that too." He mumbled.
Jiyoung scratched the back of her neck. Maybe that's not the answered he wanted to hear.

"How did you two met?" Sehun asked.

"It's… quite a long story." Jiyoung chuckled. "But I can tell you that both of us started on the wrong foot."

"So… who confessed first? You?"

"Actually… neither of us confessed to each other yet. But by the way he's been treating me and been with me through all my hardship, even if he doesn't confess his feeling, I can tell already that he like me." Jiyoung said.

"Really?.. But… do you like him?" He asked.

Jiyoung smiled shyly at Sehun's question.

"It's a secret but…" She nodded. "I do."

After hearing that, his lips curved into a small smile. And that surprised her. A lot. She thought that this cold boy would never smile to anyone ever in his life, but all he needed was a little sprinkles of happiness and he'll smile. Even if it's just a tiny one.

"Knock, knock." Nicole knock on the hospital room and waited to see if anyone will welcome her in. But unfortunately… not. Guess she'll just have to go in herself then.

She twisted the door knob and entered in. Sticking out her head before her to check if anyone is around, but the room is empty.

"Well… maybe I'm the only one here." She nodded to herself. "I'll just put these here then." She placed the bouquet of flowers that she had bought onto the table with the baggies.
Nicole tried to called Jiyoung, but Jiyoung's cell phone is ringing, right in front of her. No luck in calling her after all. She ended up playing games in her cell phone, sitting on the couch waiting for Jiyoung and Sehun to come back but it's been taking forever. And soon she was yawning without realizing it.

"Where are they?" She groaned and yawned again. "I'll just sleep here until they come back."
She stood up and switch off the light, then dropping heavily back onto the couch. Her eyelid were closed and she's about to fly to dream land, when she heard the door squeaked open. In her mind, she was thinking it's probably just Jiyoung and Sehun coming back but then she heard tiptoeing footsteps walking in, while the room is still dark. If it was Jiyoung and Sehun, they'll turn on the light already, so it's definitely not them. Who could it be?... A killer?

The sound of the tiptoeing were coming closer and closer to her and she froze where she are. Doesn’t move a inch of muscle. Then the tiptoeing stopped but she could sense that, that person is now standing in front of her. The breathing of that person was heard through the silent room, and it's coming closer and closer to her as well.
Her heart beats rapidly. There's only one thing that she could do right now before that person does something to her first. With a strong swing, her fist smashes quite hard onto that person. Maybe it's the head.

"ArhHH!!" The person yelled out in pain and the voice belongs to a man.

Her eyes popped open and she stood up, grabbing onto anything that her hand could land on. And it seems like a stick. She begins to hit the man with all the strength she got, not letting him get a chance to breath.

"You creeper!" She yelled out. "Why are you in here!? Are you trying to rape me!!?" She hits him nonstop.

"Stop! Ah! AH!" The man eventually got hold of her, but she was struggling very hard to get out.

"Let go of me you perv'! LET GO!!!"

"I said stop it!" The man yelled out.

The light got turned on. Nicole stopped struggling inside the man's hold and froze at the sight of his face…


HELLOOO!!! Sorry for the slow updating. ^-^ This chapter doesn't have any JingHan moments but still... hope you guys enjoy it. :)


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!

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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

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