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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 12

Luhan parked his car in front of Jiyoung's house and she pushed the gate opened. "Sorry, today my parent wants Chris at their house." He said.

"It's okay. Get out, I'll drive." She opened the car door for him and he looked at her confusedly.

"You'll drive?"

"Yes." She said, but he crinkled his eyebrow still not trusting her. And she laughed, "Don't you worry, I got a score of 100 out of 100 on my driving test."

He chuckled and got out from the driver seat. She got in and he got in from the passenger side. As soon as he put his seatbelt on, she tossed something over to him.

"What's this?" He asked.

"Put it on."

He grabbed it and realized that it was a eye mask.

"You want me to put this on?" He asked.

"Yep. Because where I'm taking you is a secret." She gave him a mystery smiled.

"You’re not going to kidnap me are you?" He asked inquisitively.

"If I do, then I'll kidnap you already."

He sniggered and put on the eye mask like she ordered.

He had no idea where she's taking him. But he could feel that the way there is very
zigzagging. And he's already feeling dizzy from that.

"We are here!!" She shouted as she parked the car.

He took off the eye mask and his heart had already sank. She got out of the car, jumping around at the beautiful sight. But for him, he had to forced his leg out and just seeing what's in front of him, had already giving him nightmare.

Now it's not Luhan, but Jiyoung who is holding his hand and dragging him along with her. They entered into the Lotte World and she was amazed at how creative this place is. It's been years since she's been here and the sight of the rollercoaster also gave her the chill.

Ever since they have entered in, Luhan haven't say a single word. But it's doesn’t surprise her a tiny bit because that's the reason why she took him here.

"Luhan, here. Take a picture of me!" She handed him the camera and rushed in front of the castle. He position himself to take her picture.

"Ready. 1…" Click.

"Luhan I wasn't ready!" She yelled at him and he click again. "Counted before you click!" Click. "Luhan!"

He laughed, "Okay, okay. Ready." She quickly post. "1…2…3!" He finally took a good picture of her.

"Do you want me to take a picture of you two?" A man asked while he walked by.

"Yes. Thank you." Luhan gave him Jiyoung's camera and also handed the man his cell phone.

Luhan rushed over to Jiyoung and stood by her side awkwardly.

"Okay… please get closer!" The man said and they both glanced at each other. Then Luhan took a stepped closer to Jiyoung. "There you go. Ready... 1… 2… 3." Click. "Perfect. One more."

He switched to Luhan's cell phone. "1…2…" Luhan quickly wrapped his hand around Jiyoung's waist and pulled her into him. "3!" Click. "Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!"

Jiyoung glared up at Luhan.

"You two are such a cute couple." The man walked up to them and gave them back their camera and phone.


"Thank you."

"You two have a great date today." The man walked off.

And as soon as the man turned away, she elbowed his ribcage and he grunted in surprised. Letting go of her as well.

"Now it's time for us to have fun!" She said teasingly and walked off with her arms behind her back while Luhan is still rubbing his ribcage in pain.

Their first stop is in front of the rollercoaster *Atlantis Adventure*.

"Wooooowww!! I'm so excited!!!" She turned to Luhan in joy. But Luhan's face turned pale and was drain out of blood. He doesn't like the sight at all.

"Hurry, let's go get in line!" She grabbed onto his hand and yanked his jelly body with her.

After a couple of minutes waiting in line, it's finally their turn. She jumped into a seat and turned to Luhan, who was frozen where he was.

"Come on Luhan!" She waved her hand for him to hurry up.

"Let me think about it." His voice was kind of soft and faded a little.

"Hurry they're waiting!"

With a very, very deep breath, he took all the courage he got and stepped into the seat next to Jiyoung. He closed his eyes as tight as possible and hold onto the rail of his seat as tight as he can. Jiyoung looked at him and grabbed hold of his hand.

"You'll be fine. Don't worry." Her words echoes into his ear but as the ride started growling, he's starting to doubt her words.

"Ye-HOOO!!" She screamed and raise both her arms up high.

He grabbed her hand back down to him and held it tight.

"Don't let go of my hand." He said while closing his eyes back.

"Alright, I won't let GOOO!!!!!"

The rollercoaster shoot out. She sweared she was screaming her lung out and also heard Luhan's screaming as well. Of course, who wouldn't scream at such thrilling ride. She held his hand and didn't let go like he have requested until the very end of the ride.

"That was awesome!!!" She jumped out of the seat and reached out her hand toward Luhan. But his lifeless body sat silently still where he was. "Luhan!"

He startled back to life at her calling and hold her hand to support him getting up. But as he stepped out of the ride, his shivering leg gave in and he almost fell. She quickly supported him by hugging onto his body. His face fell between her neck and shoulder and she smiled with satisfaction, patting his back to loosen his fear.

"See. Everything is fine. You're still alive in one piece."

For her.. yeah, but for him it's like a child lost without their parent. How will he ever survive today?

He frozen in ice as his eyes followed up the 70 meter Gyro Drop rollercoaster. His heart beat rapidly just staring at the people going up, up, and up, until only their dangling legs are shown. His shaky eyes gazed at them until they finally DROP!

He stopped breathing and was screaming inside along with the people who dropped down. The drop is only like 5 second, but for him, it's longest and the sight of hell. When they finally reached the bottom, his shoulder sank and he breathe in relief.

During the whole time, Jiyoung was eyeing at him and chuckling deep inside. This ride will be the end of him.

"Let's ride this!" She grabbed his wrist and pulled him, but he was still frozen at the spot and not moving an inch. "Luhan!!" She tried to pulled him again and again, until he finally came back to life. Shaking his head as he turned to her, he pulled his wrist that she was holding.

"I'm not going on this one! Never!"

"You are!" They are pulling each other like a seesaw, until he finally yanked his wrist out of her hold and before she could grabbed onto him, he dashed away fleeing as far as he can for his life.

"Luhan!!!" She yelled out his name, causing the resident around to glanced at her and wondering what's going on.

She dashed after him, "I know you can do this! Come on, come face this like a man!"
After hours of chasing him down, she decided to let the Gyro Drop roller coaster behind. They entered inside the Lotte World building and it was breath taking. This place is to die for.

They shopped around the stores, trying on different headband, glasses, and everything else that they can land their hands on. Both of them finally enjoying the date together. "Let's go skating!!" She beamed while running toward his side.

"No, I've never… I've never skate before." He said.

"Well, this is your lucky day then." She handed him his skating shoe that she just rented. "Eh, don't you worry a bit. The expert here—" She pointed at herself. "—will show how's it done!"

She held both of his hand and slowly leading him along the edge of the ice rink. He was slipping here and there, not stable at all. But she leaded him perfectly and soon he quickly caught up. They skate hand in hand around the ice rink, having more precious moments into their memories.

Even when he tried to refused, she still dragged him with her to all kinds of ride inside. The Viking ride, Flume Ride, Sinbad Adventure, and mores.

Luhan leaned against his car, feeling not so good at the moment from all those rides. It's finally the end of the day at Lotte World.

"Today is such a fun day! Don't you think so, Luhan?" She asked him as they entered the car. She's driving again.

He quickly gave her a nod. Yep, it's been a very fun but tiring day for him also.

"There is one last place that I wants to stop at." She grinned turning to him and he also turned to her, hoping that it's not anything to deal with height again.

His hope washes away when he was staring at the red steel built, bungee jumping, right in front of him.

"I've been wanting to come here for so long!" She jumped happily. Since she didn't get to ride the Gyro Drop, she wanting to tried this instead. She grabbed onto his arm and he flinched, knowing that she'll definitely dragged him along with her on this one as well.

"Eh, if you're afraid then you can wait here for me. I'll go, jump down, and come back. It won't take long." She giggled and he was shocked at what she have said. "See you in a bit." She waved and run off with baby steps.

He felt awkward that she didn't dragged him with her this time. Standing at the sidewalk alone makes him feel… empty somehow. With a lots of things going around his head, he had finally made up his mind.

The elevator opens for her and she skips inside.

"Wait up Jiyoung!"

She turned around and Luhan was running toward her.

"What!?" She yelled and sticking her arm out to the elevator door, to prevented it from closing.

He caught up and got in with her. "I'll go up there with you." He said with his words like of stuttering.

"Okay. It's up to you."

Standing behind Jiyoung, rubbing his hand together while the staff reads the contract that she got to sign before jumping to her. He turned his head and sees the sight of the bungee jumping area outside. He stared as the person stood at the edge ready to jump down. The counting of the staff's mouth moves and in just seconds, the person jumps down and his heart sank with them.

"Is he going with you too?" The staff words crossed his head and he turned back to them.

"No. He's not—"

"Yes, I'm going too." He cut her off, making her turning to him in surprised.

"You want to go too?" She asked and he nodded. "I mean, you don't have too. I know that you're scare of height."

"I am… but I'll be fine, just like you say I will be. Because I'll be going with you."

His words made her heart flustered and she cleared her throat, "Okay… if you says so." She knows that she's been forcing him onto rides that'll made nightmare for him, but she's also feeling sorry that he have to go through all of this just because he's with her.
After putting on their safety gears, they stepped out. She was holding his hand tight to gave him courage to stepped out with her, and that does gave him the courage to do so.

"Hello. Are you two jumping together today?" The staff asked.

"Yes we are." She said.

At first she wants to jump alone, but then she knows that he'll never jump if she's not with him. So after thinking for a while, jumping with him wouldn't be so bad.

"Oohh… we got a couple today again." The staff teased and they just gave out a laugh. "So, how do you guys want to jump? Like, holding hands or hugging each other… what ever you guys wants?"

She turned to Luhan with a question mark on her face, asking him to choose which ever way is best for him. But she guessed he didn't get her sign.

"Which ever way you want." He said, just staring at her and no where else.

"Uhm… then we'll go with—" She stopped midway and rethink. She's about to say they'll jump holding hands, but since she could feel his hand holding her hand tightly, to make him more secure, she'll go with, "We'll go with the hug." She said and that make him feel a little brighter.

"That's perfectly fine with me. Come on down." He motioned his hand for them to walked down the steel aisle after him. And this time, Luhan's other hand grabbed hold onto her arm that her hand was holding his hand.

They slowly took baby steps, until they reached the end. The staff buckled up everything for them.

"Okay. Ready when you two are." The staff said.

Jiyoung turned to Luhan and he also turned to her.

"Are you ready?" She asked him, because she is ready anytime. Not looking at anywhere else other than her, he slowly gave her a nod. She replied him with one too and walked into his arms.
He hugged onto her as tightly as he could and she feel kind of suffocating but as long as he feel secure, she's fine with it.

"Alright. On the count of 3, you guys can jump. 1…2…3!"
She tried to leaded the jump but he insisted strongly and his head fell between her neck and shoulder. His shivering breath tickles down her spine and she patted his back gently.

"You don't have to jump, Luhan." She whispered in his ear, reminding him that this is her decision, not his.

He stood still where he was for a moment, then slowly lifted his head to face her face to face. He was breathing calmer than before and stared straight into her eyes. She was looking up at him also and then gave him a smile.

"Let's tried it again, okay. You can say anything you want to each other before jumping also. Alright… 1…2…" The staff counted.

This time she'll waits and not lead him into jumping until he had made up his mind first.
With the staff's final counts, digging up every courage he got, he leaned forward and pressed his lips onto her lips. Her eyes widen in surprised and one of his hand moved from her back to the back of her head. Pushing her deeper into the kiss. And now this time, he is the one leading her. And before she could reacted to anything, he pulled her along with him and they jump down the edge. He held her tight and close and telling her all his feeling through his kiss, as they dropped slowly down to the sparkling lake underneath them.


Sorry for the slow update!! I got the aspiration to write this chapter because of Exo Showtime. hehe. After reading through everything around Lotte World, i just want to fly over to Korea right now!! (Snif) Why does Korea have to be so far away?
If anyone have an instagram, please follow me: exo_imagine92 -- I post imagine and oneshot so if anyone is interested feel free to follow! ^^


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!

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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

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