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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 11

"Why don't you just tell her everything?" Xiumin said as he throw the football into the air.

"I want to but…" I caught the football. "There's also a part of me saying that I shouldn't." I throw the football back to him.

"That part of you, probably just afraid that if she knows the truth, then she might refuse to see or talk to you again."

"Probably so." I caught the football that he throw over.

"So does she show any affection toward you at all?" He asked.

I hesitated for a moment. "I don't know." I throw the football back to him. "Her personality always going up and down. Like she'll be happy for a moment then all of a sudden she'll become angry. She's so confusing."

He took steps toward me with the football in his hand.

"Is she the type that push you away, or is she the type that let you hang around?" He asked as we strolled side by side through the field.

"To be honest… I think she's both." I said. "Sometimes she'll tell me to get lost, but then she never actually push me away when I'm around her as well." I sighed. "I told you she's confusing."

He snapped her finger. "That's it! That's the sign of her liking you!"

I gawked, "Really? I mean she just gave me a great punch this afternoon and it still hurt like hell."

"Oohh… She's a tough one." He grinned. "I didn't know that you like tough girl."

I chuckled, "They're not that bad. But I'm guessing my jaw will be dislocate if I get another punch."

We laughed and walked over to where our car is at.

"Next time we should call the others and play basketball together." I said.

"We definitely should. And next time I'll beat you for sure." He squinted his eyes at me.

"And I won't allow that to happen."


The dolphin squealed voice got out attention and Xiumin turned around as I looked over his shoulder. And running toward us with her arms opened wide and a glamorous grinned, it was Ahn Sohee, Xiumin's girlfriend.

Xiumin smiled, "How did you get here babe?" He opened his arms as well, expecting her to come to his embrace. But instead, she ran passed him as if he's invisible and shoved herself into me. Leaving Xiumin frozen where he was.

"Luhan oppa!! I haven't seen you for ages!" She squeezed my waist, causing me to grunted in surprised.

Xiumin turned back to us with a flaming face. He grabbed onto his girlfriend and tried to pulled her away from me. But she kept insisting and not planning on letting go.

"Sohee, let go of Luhan!" He strongly yanked her off me and she growled in anger. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm the one who suppose to ask you that!" She yelled causing the resident around to turn and glance at us. "You called off our date and ditch me to be here with Luhan oppa! Now what does that make me?"

Now that's just weird. The resident around started to whispers and giving me and Xiumin weird looks as if we are a couple. A gay couple. I smiled awkwardly and doesn't know what to do with this quarreling couple.

"Here you go again, making me the one to be blame at. I told you already that I'll be meeting up with an old friend of mine." Xiumin said.

"Luhan oppa is both of our friend! Not only yours!" She yelled at his face.

He opened his mouth to argued back, but then he noticed that I was staring at them uncomfortably. He then suddenly smile.

"Sorry Luhan. But I'll be taking her with me and heading home now. Drive safe."

"Don't worry about me." I quickly replied. "You drive safe also."

"But I still want to talk to Luhan oppa some more!" She insisted, stomping her feet along with it.

"No more talking to Luhan oppa." He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her with him. She turned her head back to me and suddenly grinned happily.

"Bye bye Luhan oppa! I'll see you later!" She waved and I waved back.


"Did you drive your own car here?" He asked her and she turned back to him with a grumpy face.

"No I did not! I rode a taxi!"

"And how many times did I told you not to hug Luhan like that!? Do you see that people are staring at us? And don't you ever say out loud that I ditch you to meet up with Luhan. You’re making people think that I was dating Luhan behind your back. And that's causing me and Luhan to be awkward with each other." He scolded her.

"Who cares what other people will think about you two!? You should be thankful that Luhan oppa introduced me to you!" She argued back. "But for a second thought, I do heard rumors about you and Luhan being so touchy with each other too."

"Did Chen told that? Or is it Chanyeol?" Xiumin asked and she just turned her head away with her chin up high. "It is Chen! Don't you believe a single word he said! That boy need to have a lesson…"

Even when they're getting farther and farther away, I could still hear the couple arguing. This happens every time we meet up and they'll always ended up fighting because of me.
It's true that I introduced Sohee to Xiumin. I get to know her while studying in America and thought that she's a cute girl for Xiumin, since he kept begging me to find him a blind date. Even though they always argued, I could see that they care for each other a lot. I mean, there isn't a couple in this world that weren't argue.

"Mr. Luhan?" A female voice called my name out behind me.

I turned around and was surprised to see Nicole. She was in her running clothes which make her look totally different from her as being a teacher.

*Jiyoung's POV*

I was getting ready to go to bed when a message popped up in my cell phone. I checked the message.

Good night Jiyoung.

Hum? Who is this? I was about to clicked on the phone number, but then another message popped up.

Dream of me too okay… I'll see you tomorrow.

The only person that will says these words must be… another message popped up. But now it's not a message, it's Luhan's selca.

In shock, I throw my cell phone onto my bed and jumped backward. Hitting my makeup desk behind.

"How did he get my number!?"

"It's me. I gave your number to him." Nicole confessed through the other line of the phone.

"How could you!? I thought we were sisters!" I dropped flat onto my bed.

"Ey. It's only Luhan not any stranger on the street, so why are you so heat up? I gave it to him because I thought you two were close. Am I right?"

"Hump! We are not close. I don't even know when is his birthday." I said to proved that me and Luhan aren't closed at all.

"Really? So… do you know my birthday?" She asked.

My face becomes dull, is she's trying to trap me or what? But I'll show her that I'm not falling for it.

"I don't know… maybe it's the… October 7 1991! Don't you tried to test me!" I shouted.

"Wow! I'm surprise! But let me ask you a question. When is your birthday again?" She asked.

My face grew darker now, "Nicole…" I said her name coldly. But she just laugh it off.

"You're so fun to be tease around. No wonder Mr. Luhan like to hang around you so much."

"It's that something to be happy about?" I asked grouchily.

"And why are you so grumpy toward him all the time? Be nicer to him wouldn't hurt a fly." She said.

"He got you on his side now too huh!?"

"I'm not on anyone side. I just pity him. But if you're not being nice to him from now onward, I might change my mind and take his side. Who knows?"

I forced a "Yes" out of my mouth just to make her happy and we ended the called. I sit back up, crossing my legs and I opened Luhan's messages again. I save his number and the create a new contact list popped up. As first I type his name down but after thinking for a while, I erased his name and type "The Annoying One" on it. Now I'll definitely know who he is if he ever call me again.

I took a deep breath with a satisfied smile on. But my mind is still not at rest. I kept on hesitating and my finger are itching to pressed his picture back up. And before I knew it, I pressed opened the picture that he have sent me. Zooming closer so that I could have a perfect view of his face, I found myself grinning for some reason.

I wonder what kind of girl does he like? Does he like a girly girl? A goody girl? A quiet one? A nerd? A playgirl? Or… Just the thought of him reminded me of the kiss he had imprinted on my cheek. I touched my left cheek slightly and my grinned got wider and wider. Probably had already eaten up my face.

If I don't have teaching tomorrow, I would probably stay up all night and stared at his picture.

*Ema Elementary School*

The break time bell rung and everyone steps out of the class room, even Luhan. But then Chris walked up to me and asked me something.

"Do you like my drawing?" He was smiling so cute that I just wanted to pinch his cheek.

"I absolutely adores it!" I answered him. "Did you see that I put it up there?" I pointed up at the wall, where I have hanged all the drawing on.

He gave me a nod and I held his hand.

"Come on, let's go see it again."

We walked over to where his drawing is at and I lifted him up to sit on a desk by my side.

"So can you tell me whose on your drawing?" I asked him.

He pointed his finger at the two couple that was holding hands.

"Those two are my appa and umma. They love each other really much."

"Aw… they're so cute."

"And those two by their side are my grannies." He said, grinning bigger. I couldn't help it and chuckled along with him. "And the one on the merry-go-round is ME!"

"Oohh… You like to go to the amusement park?" I asked.

He nodded with excitement. "I love it! I like to ride horsie!

I laughed at his pronunciation and looked back up at his drawing. And beside his parents, his grandparents and him, there's another person in the drawing as well.

"Who is that one? The one in black?" I asked him curiously.

"He's uncle Luhan."

"Uncle Luhan?"

"Yesh! He promise me that he'll take me to the amusement park next time."

"Ah… so he like the amusement park too?" I asked trying to get some information about Luhan out of him.

"Uh-hm. He likes too. But he only like to stand and watch. He won't ride anything." He sounded quite disappointed.

"And why's that?"

"Uncle Luhan is afraid of heights." He admitted.

"Uncle Luhan is afraid of heights? …. Hmmm…" Thanks to the innocent Chris, an brilliant idea just rushed into my head. I chuckled evilly inside of me. Now it's my time to show him whose the boss.


hehe!!! I do hope that everyone is enjoying this story too!! Luv LUV!


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!

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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

please update :))

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Please update!!! I miss reading this story T_T

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