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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 10

I came out of the hospital room after feeding and talking to Sehun. I noticed that Luhan were sitting at the bench hall, he probably didn't want to interrupt our conversation. I walked silently over.

He might be thinking about something that he didn't even realized that I was there, until I seated down next to him. He turned to me with a smile.

"Did he finish eating?" He asked.

I nodded. "He said that if next time I come to visit him again, he'll make me stay the whole night with him here." I chuckled and so did Luhan.

Then after that, the silent air takes over us again and I was trying to think of something to say to get rid of this awkwardness but nothing seem to popped up.

"I'm—" Both of us said at the same times. And that made us laughed again.

"Sorry." He said.

"No, I'm sorry. You go ahead." I quickly responded.

He hesitated, then said, "I'm sorry to put you into this."

"Oh, no, no, no! You don't have to be sorry at all. I would probably do the same thing if I were you." I said. "You got a very cute and sweet younger brother. I wish I had a younger sibling like him also."

"He… probably already told you… right?" He asked. And I know exactly what he's talking about.

"He did… I felt sorry for him and you too." I said. "The world can be so cruel sometimes."

"I just want him to be happy. And I'm willing to do anything, just to make him live as long as possible."

He is trying very hard to hold his emotion in, but somehow I can felt his pain by just looking at him.

"He will live until he reaches 100 years old. He will!" I said and he stared at me. "Because he had you. You're the reason why he is living every single day right now." I smiled.

"Thank you." He said, trying to hide his pain with a smile.

And staring at him being like this, I just wanted to give him a warm hug but my body doesn't moved an inch. All I could do is cheer him up by just sitting there by his side.

The sun set quickly and the night had eaten up the sky. He walked with me to the door of my house.

"I'm sorry that this wasn't a date you expected." He kept apologizing.

"What do you mean a date I didn't expected? Of course I didn't expected to meet your younger brother, but I did enjoy every single piece of it." I said. "Since you take me today, I'll take you somewhere next time."

After I say that, his face gotten brighter than before.

"Really?" He asked.

I nodded. "Uh-hm… but I am still curious of why you choose me as your pretend girlfriend though?" I asked, hoping that I'll get an answered from him.

He suddenly turned his head toward the left like he sees something.

"What was that?" He said.

I turned my head to check too, but all I could see was darkness.

"I don't see anything." I said.

And at that moment, I felt his warm lips pressed against my cold cheek. My heart stopped beating and I turned back to him. My hands automatically touched my left cheek in shock.

He kiss me?

He smiled, "You promise me a date, I'll remember that." He chuckled at my frozen body. "Good night."

He quickly dashed away and my mind quickly connects the dot.

He kiss me! HE KISS MEEE!!!!!

"YAH!!!!" I shouted at him furiously.

I could still hear his chuckling until he entered his car and scrolled down the passenger window.

"Sweet dream Jiyoung." He shouted sweetly.

"You—" I pointed my finger at him and he waved teasingly, then drove away. "Lu—HAN!!!!"

I stomped my feet and clinched my fist tightly. I still can't believe that he do that to me.

After drying my hair from the warm shower, I jumped into my bed and tucked myself in. I closed my eyes and think of Nicole, my maple tree, Sehun… and… Luhan's kiss?

"Arggg!!!" I held my head with both of my hands. "Why did you—!" I shouted. "Get out! Get out!"

I shut my eyes tight and shook my head back and forth, hoping that, that scene of Luhan kissing my cheek would disappear. But the more I think of it, the more the image became clearer.

"I hate you! HATE YOU!!!" I turned and lied my belly onto my bed. Ducking my head under my pillow and screamed my lung out.

"Why did you did that to me!? WHY!!?" I wriggled my legs strongly. "I'm going to get you one day! You just wait LUHAN!!!! AHHHH!!!"

I wriggled around my bed through out the night.

I stood in front of the maple tree with dark circles under my eyes. And it's because of Luhan that

I couldn't get any sleep last night.

I put my hands together and make my wish.

"I wish that Luhan will kiss me again—wait—" My eyes popped open. "What did I just wish for?—Luhan… kiss—Ahh!! No! No! NO! Erase that please!" I calmly closed my eyes back. "I wish that—"

"Are you thinking of me?"

Luhan's voice was right in front of my ear that I can feel his breath tickling down my neck. I jumped a distance away in shock, turning to him as well.

"You! You stay 5 feet away from me!" I kept stepping back until my back hit against the maple tree.

And all he did was just standing there, blinking his innocent eyes as if he haven't done anything wrong.

"If you ever come close to me ever EVER again! I'll punch you in the face! And I'm serious! Do you hear me?!!" I yelled.

He was still staring at me blankly, making me feel like I'm insane.

"I said, do you hear me?!—Luhan!" I shouted out his name.

"Huh?" He uttered out. "I don't mind getting punch." He said and then grinned at me.

I narrowed my eyes in anger and I growled at him.

"I like to see you tried." I mumbled.

He took a steps closer and I flinched, moving away quickly.

"I'll punch you… keep that in mind." I pointed my finger at him and find my way down the hill.

I didn't get to make the wish that I wanted, but it's okay. Just one day won't hurt.

*Luhan's POV*

I watched as she kept her distance and strolled down the hill, eyeing at me as if I'll jump at her and bite her. I suddenly laugh at her silliness. Just one tiny kiss and it change her into a totally different person in just one night. Does she really have to be that shock?

I shook my head. Girls, I don't understand them at all.

*Ema Elementary School*

*Jiyoung's POV*

I hanged the kids drawing, about the most important people in their life, onto the wall. I stepped down the ladder and moved it a bit to my left and stepped back up.

I hanged another drawing onto the wall and the next drawing caught my eyes. It was the drawing of the little boy under the tree. I picked it up to look at it, but while I lifted it up the one below it slipped off and dropped to the ground.

"Oi." I sighed. "Why did you had to fall?" I asked the drawing and then took steps down the ladder.

I almost reached the floor when I felt a hand grabbed onto my waist. I startled and missed my steps on the ladder. Slip~

I feel into someone's arm and opened my eyes. Luhan's face was in front of mine.

He smile, "Be careful. It's dangerous."

Auk! It's him! I moved away from him and tripped onto the ladder behind me. And Luhan's hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me over to him. My body smashes onto his body.

And everything seem to stop, including us. My face was right below his and the air of him breathing touches the tip of my nose.

Our heart beats with the same beats and he slowly leaned his face down toward mine. I didn't dare to looked up at him, but I was staring at his pinkish lips that were getting closer and closer to my lips. And his hand rise up toward my cheek.

I shut my eyes tight and before I knew it, I gave him a nice punch right on his jaw line.

"Ahihh.." He groaned like a little kid, holding a ice pack against his jaw that I have punched.

We were in the nursing room and I was sitting next to him on the nurse bed.

"Why did you punch me so hard?" He asked.

"Hump. Serve you right! I have told you already that I'll punch you if you come close to me and you still did!" I grumpily crossed my arms.

"I didn't mean to come close to you. I was just helping you out. If I haven't grabbed onto you then right now your head will probably crack already."

"You did too! Aren't you about to—" I paused and he stared at me blankly. "Hump!" I looked away without finishing what I'm going to say.

"Wait… are you thinking that I'm about to… kiss you?" He asked curiously.

"If not then what else could it be?!" I said coldly. "You were this close—" I lifted my hand, pretending that it's him, in front of my face.

He paused for a moment then suddenly burst out laughing. I glared furiously at him and my fist is itchy to punch him one more time.

"You were actually thinking that I'm going to kiss you?" He asked while laughing his butt off.

"Hah?" And now I'm confused. "Stop laughing Luhan!" I slapped his arm. And he fell backward onto the bed laughing, just laughing.

*Flash back*

*Luhan's POV*

She moved out of my hold and stepped back away from me. And just then she tripped onto the ladder behind her and my arm automatically wrapped around her waist, pulling her into me.
Maybe she's still in shock from her tripping that's why she's didn't make a sound. I was about to ask if she's okay, but then I noticed a white feathery thing that was caught on her hair. I leaned forward and was going to take it out of her hair, but just then I felt a strong punched on my jaw line that make me blurred out for a second.

*Flash back end*

We walked down the hall back to the class room. The laughing inside of me still hasn't stopped and she kept glancing at me with her evil glared.

"It is not that funny!" She said. "Everyone would have thought the same thing that I did if it's from my point of view!"

"Then next time I'll make it happen." I said, just to teased her.

She grabbed my arm and I flinched back when she rise her fist and was about to punch me.

"Uncle Luhan!!"

Chris's voice stopped her from punching me and we both turned to him as he ran over to us. I bended down to make eye level with him.

"Are you done playing?" I asked him.

"Yes…" He answered. "Why your cheek red?" He asked me this time.

"Your nice teacher, Miss Kang, punched me." I said honestly and both of us looked up at her.

She took a deep breath and bended down, pulling Chris over to her.

"I didn't punched him. He hit a wall because he didn't looked where he was going. So don't listen to him okay." She said. "Let's go, it's almost time for class."

Chris gave her a nod and she stood up. She hold his hand and they walked away from me. I stood up too and she turned her head back to me, giving me a glared. Probably trying to say that why did I say that to a child when I shouldn't.

I replied her back with a smile and she angrily turned away. I rubbed my jaw that she had punched and thought to myself. Boy, she have a strong fist for a lady.

My cell phone buzzed and I answered it.

"Hey Xiumin… this afternoon?... sure no problem… see you there then… bye." I ended the call and ran after the two that I left me.


Another chapter!! Hehe! I'll tried my best to update as fast as i can. You guys ROCK!!! I can not thanks you guys enough! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!

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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

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Please update!!! I miss reading this story T_T

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