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The Last Dance


Life... is not easy. Life is messy, tiring and unpredictable. It's a bit easy to give up and just live. Live aimlessly as the days come and go, without purpose because to be honest life is much easier that way.
You don't have any expectations, therefore no disappointments.
It's just easy.
And that is how he's been living since that fateful day, the day he watched his parents losing their lives in the hands of a man. The man with the tattoo.
He was only seven back then but the memory remains vivid and forever etched in the back of his mind, every once in a while coming back to haunt in during one of those late nights.
Ever since that day he had vowed he'd get revenge. He hadn't even cried, he simply grieved praying that it was all a cruel nightmare. Fifteen years later, he was still hoping that he was only living a nightmare, though he knew that that was far from reality.
15 years later he was still grieving, only being able to find comfort in his studies and his best friend.
He had joined the police academy as soon as he was at age. He had passed all his courses with top grades. At 22 he was a rookie with a well promising future in the field, everybody knew well.
He should have been happy with all these merits but he wasn't.
He wouldn't be until he faced him.
The man with the dragon tattoo.


Bang Yongguk

Bang Yongguk

A rookie officer in his early 20s, decided to become a policeman after watching his parents get murdered at the age of 7. His mission is to find the man who stole his parents from him, and make him pay. A man with a dragon tattoo. He unexpectedly falls in love with a young boy who was meant to be his witness, a young boy who holds the key to all the answers he's been looking for.

Jung Daehyun

Jung Daehyun

A quiet, mysterious boy who lives alone in a secluded apartment. He is very disconnected from the world and trusts no one, he's weak and emotional but puts on a tough facade. He's blind, partially deaf and is emotionally unstable. He hides a big secret..



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