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The Last Dance

8:30 amĀ 

He arrived at work right on time, ready for another day of sitting at a desk not doing anything in particular. This is what he had been reduced to. Out of all the districts in the city he found himself assigned to the one place with the lowest crime rate. Not that it was a bad thing, but at this rate he'd never get to accomplish the one thing he had joined the academy for.
It left him questioning his choices sometimes, he was only driven by revenge and right now revenge didn't seem to be in grasp. What he didn't realize was that this would be the day my life would change, a change he would welcome with open arms.

"The famous Bang Yongguk is in the house" One of his coworkers teased as soon as he had put his things down and taken a seat.
He sighed already annoyed, no matter how many times he had to deal with this asshole it never got old. This was the most annoying part of his job. Having to deal with a rival who pretty much made his life seem like a high school drama. He always wondered why someone like him would even become a police officer, nothing about his personality made him fit to be a one.
Woo JiHo or as everyone called him "Zico" was the single most annoying person he's ever encountered in his life.

"What has your faggot ass been up to?" Zico smirked grabbing his seat.

And if things could get any worse his desk was the one right across from his, a punishment he could never get over. The guy had had it out for him since the first day they met, Yongguk wasn't even sure what he did to him but he always hated his guts. And ever since he learned of his sexuality his life has gotten that much worse.
He had to work beside a homophobic asshole who hates him, all day. Completely unpleasant.

"Shut up, will ya?" He glared at him and the only thing the other could was laugh
Luckily another coworker showed up at their desks with two files in hand.

"The chief will be calling a meeting any time now, read this over as fast as you can" She handed the both of them a folder and neither of them lost time.

"What's this about?" Yongguk asked.

"Jeon Chin" She said and his ears instantly perked up "There was an anonymous tip today about his next move. I think the chief wants to discuss it, I'm not entirely sure"

"Jeon Chin? but why? We're not handling his case" Zico said.

"I don't know. Just read" The woman left.
Finally, the day had come. The fact that they were handed those files only meant one thing but he had to confirm. He quickly stood up and headed for the chief's office.
As soon as he arrived on the second floor the commotion around told me that something was definitely happening, something big. He had never seen the district in such a chaotic state before.

"The chief just called an emergency meeting. Fast!" another coworker informed as she zoomed past him with a pad. He had to see him though, talk to him first.
"Chief" He knocked lightly on the door when he arrived.
The round man was standing by his desk speaking on the phone.
He ushered him in and motioned to close the door behind him and he did so. He bowed politely before grabbing a seat and waiting for him to finish, which didn't take long. He seemed to be in a rush.
"Hey kid" he said as soon as he put the phone down "Look I have no time to talk now, can this wait?"
"I wont be long, it's just we just received those files about Jeon Chin" yongguk explained "I got curious"
He sighed before rubbing his eyes. Yongguk could sense the frustration in him.
"What's going on?" he asked
"That's what I'm calling this meeting for. Come downstairs and find out just like everyone else" He grabbed his coffee and tried to leave but Yongguk grabbed his arm holding him back.
"Uncle. Please" he begged.
"Please, I just need to know. Are we the ones working on his case now? I heard there was an anonymous tip, do we know who it is? Will we finally catch him?"

Yongguk knew that he'd try to use that I'm your boss look on him but they both knew that wouldn't work. He was his uncle first and foremost before he was my boss.
"The city called, our district is taking over the case" The man finally gave in "Since we have a lot of free time over here they thought it'd be a good idea. This morning we got a call from somebody claiming to be close to Chin. The person gave us an address of where he'll supposedly be meeting clients and exchanging illegal weapons. We're planning a stake out"
This was great news to Yongguk! Not only did they get to work on the case he had been waiting for but they'd get to go to a stake out meaning there could be a chance to catch Chin.
It seemed the chief could read the expression on his face because he gave him a slap on the head "Don't even think about it"
"There's no buts kiddo. I am not sending you out there tonight"
"And why not?"
"You're young, inexperienced. This is not a job for someone like you"
"That's not fair, you're not even giving me a chance chief!"
"Because I care. it's dangerous, I don't want you to get hurt"
"Isn't that special treatment? That's not allowed"
"You just used it on me didn't you?"
"Uncle, please!" Yongguk took his hand again pleading with the most sincere eyes " Please, let me on this case. Please let me go tonight"
"I promise I'll be careful" he said again "I know you want the best for me but you can't protect me forever, especially in this field. I passed the academy with the highest rank, I want to be great like you someday. How can I when you won't let me?"
"Because I know you're only doing this out of revenge" He replied "And a lot of times revenge is the worst reason to take on this profession. You might do something you'll regret"
"and I'm promising you that won't happen"
He was hoping he really got through him. The blank expression the chief wore didn't tell much but he knew Yongguk would never beg if it wasn't important to him.
The man took a deep breath and patted my shoulder "I'm late, everybody is waiting"
With that he walked out the door leaving him in the office alone and defeated. To be honest he had seen that coming, it's rare they allow rookies on those type of missions anyway... it was all wishful thinking for him.

"As most of you heard already, the infamous Jeon Chin's case was handed to our district and this morning we received an anonymous tip that indicates where he might strike tonight. We will send teams there and stake out the area. This might be a big breakthrough for this case. The area is an abandoned warehouse in Myeongdong, it hasn't been used in over a decade so conditions would be ideal for them. We are proceeding with caution though because this might be a trap, we still don't know whether that tip was a fake or not"
Yongguk listened not really bothering to scribble anything down, after all why would he? This didn't concern him. Instead he focused intently on that picture on the board, the one and only picture they had of the criminal they were going after. It made him angry.
All he wanted to do was catch him, he didn't know what he'd do if that happened. He'd probably give him a good beating then throw him behind bars to never see light of day again. That's all he wanted.
16 years.
16 years and no one had been able to do that yet.
That would change with him.
The chief was going over a map now pointing out where they'd go, who would be in what area, how many cars they were sending. It was a bigger operation than any of them had expected, even the FBI was being bought in. Yongguk didn't like those guys, they always had this superiors air about them and he hated it.
Turns out very few policemen were actually going to the mission, the guys from the FBI wanted to do this entirely on their own.

Jeon Chin was just that big of the deal.

"Only few of you will be needed as we have this whole thing covered " One of the FBI guys announced "Your chief will pick those individuals. afterwards you are to meet with us to go over the final plans"
"We will use our usual team" The chief said "along with several others. Woo JiHo, Bang Yongguk, Han Johan, Im Dayeon, congratulations. You will get the opportunity to put your skills to use tonight"
Yongguk's eyes widened.
No way.
"Yes!" He exclaimed not even bothering to conceal his excitement "Yes! yes! Yes!"
His uncle gave him a warning glare before dismissing everyone.
"You better not screw this up" he said to him before leaving, it was obvious he didn't approve of this.
"Thank you. Thank you" Yongguk bowed repeatedly "I promise I'll do well"
"Well well" Someone showed up beside him "I guess I should thank you" He couldn't hide his annoyance when Zico flung his arm around his shoulder "I see you were able to pull off google eyes with the chief. Someone is getting special treatment"
"Screw off" Yongguk shrugged his arm off.
"I don't think using your relationship is ethical you know" Zico smirked "But you got us this mission. Seems like you're good for something after all" Yongguk would usually try to reply to those insults but at the moment he felt way to ecstatic to even care.
After all... he had just landed his first major case! Everything he had been working for was finally paying off.
There was no way he would screw this up.
Nighttime didn't come fast enough for him and by the time there were leaving the station he had more energy than what he knew what to do with. The leaders kept going over the plans over and over, marking maps, testing devices.
He was prepared as well, a radio, his gun, a bulletproof vest and excitement coursing through his vains.
All that excitement vanished however when he and the others were ordered to stay in the van once they got there.
"Are you kidding me?!" He burst out but the agents barely paid attention to him as they all exited the van and disappeared into the dark.
"Stay alert, we'll call you if we need back-up" One of them spoke before closing the door. In the van Yongguk could see that he wasn't the only one disappointed by this turn of events. Even the usually boisterous Zico sat in the back looking defeated.
Yongguk ran his hand through his hair letting out a loud sigh. It was already dark outside and the area looked abandoned. It was freezing in the vain since it had been snowing all day, the first snow of the season but he didn't even care. He watched as white fluffiness fell from the sky slowly settling around them and found something soothing in it.
It was beautiful.
The air was still around him, dead almost and for a second he even forgot he was with three other people in the van.
He looked around and it seemed like they had been abandoned in the middle of a huge maze of warehouses. Beside that there wasn't anything else to look at. Instead of thinking of his disappointment he decided to think about the good that might come out of this.

What if they actually did catch Chin?



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