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B.A.P One Shots

Zelo- Skateboard

You decided to go skateboarding today. You grab your board and your backpack heading out the door. You look around to make sure your parents aren’t home or else you’ll have to wear a helmet until you are out of their sight. Running down your drive, you get to the road, and jump on your skateboard so you can get to the closest skating area faster.
When you reach the park, you see a tall looking kid with pink hair skating around doing tricks. You thought that you showed up early enough that no one would be here. You sigh, slip your beats on, and turn on your favorite song. You start going up the slopes and going down railings going around in circles forgetting that the kid is there at all. You do a trick down a railing but don’t see the kid running into him as you went down sending the two of you flying.
“Oww,” you rub your head and look up to come face to face with the kid with pink hair.
In truth he looks to be your age or a year so younger. You realize also that your face is merely inches away from his.
"I’m sorry,” you pull yourself up and off of him keeping your head down.
You hear laughing you look up to see pinkie laughing at you.
“What’s so funny?” you growl at him ready to hit him.
He shakes his head, “It’s nothing just the look on your face was priceless.”
You glare at him, “Listen here kid you should do what’s best for you and shut up.”
You stand up and look behind you and grab a board which you believe is yours. You make it home to look at the board’s design to see its not yours.
“Damn it all to…”
“Honey are you home?”
You run to your room and slip the board under your bed you’ll see if the kid is there tomorrow.
You make it to the same place where you ran into the kid yesterday with his board and spot him looking right at you.
You walk over to him, “Excuse me but I took your board on accident yesterday so can you give me back mine.”
“Why should I?”
You grab his jacket and pull him up so his face is right in front of yours, “Listen here you little brat if you don’t’ give me my board my parents will find out what I’ve been doing and take whatever money I earn away somehow.”
He looks at you annoyed but surprised at the same time as you ask, “So are you going to give me my board?”
“Maybe at a price?”
You groan, “What do you mean what could a brat like you want?”
“One I believe we’re the same age and secondly let me think for a second.”
You can tell he was faking not knowing what he wanted.
He leans forward and picks up your board, “Oh I know how about a kiss.”
“A kiss. You want me to kiss you.”
He nods and you blush looking away from him, “Like hell I’m going to kiss you.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Cause I said so you little brat.”
You knock him on the head and reach around him to grab your board but he moves it so you lean in a bit more to grab it. Finally, you feel your fingers graze it so you grab a hold of it but when you go to pull it from him, the two of you lose balance. He breaks your fall and your head hits his chest.
You pull yourself up and look over at him, “Are you alright?”
“Why would you ask that I’m just a lil brat?” He says stubbornly.
You sigh and pull yourself up and pull him up shortly after.
“You may be taller than me and the same age but that doesn’t mean that you can act all high and mighty.” You hit him on the shoulder and he scowls, “See you’re hurt let me take a look.”
He looks away and you sigh, “Stop being stubborn or else I’m going to make you hurt a heck lot worst.”
His phone starts ringing he takes it out of his pocket and checks his caller Id sighing he goes to answer it, “Hyung.”
You grab the phone real quick and go, “Oppa will you tell the brat that he should let me look at his shoulder. I think he hurt it.”
I put the phone on speaker phone and make sure the kid can't’ grab it.
“Zelo why is a girl talking on your phone and saying you're hurt?”
He doesn’t seem to be listening to him but just trying to get back the phone, “Give that back.”
“Not until you let me take a look at your shoulder. It’s my fault that you got hurt but you deserved it you wouldn’t give me back my skateboard.”
“Zelo you deserve whatever she gives you,” he stops trying to take back the phone and stares wide eyed at his phone as the guy on the other line keeps talking, “Let her look at your shoulder and I expect you at practice.”
Before he hangs up he goes, “Oh and tell the girl you like her already since you saw her at the park last week.”
He hangs up and you start laughing a little bit at his face leaning down you take a peek at his shoulder and just see that its scratched up a little bit.
You lean down and give him a kiss on the cheek, “You look so cute.”
You grab your board this time as he calls out, “Hey I’ll see you soon.”
You keep walking with a slight smile on your face, “Yeah you bet.”



Hmmm. Jong up is teaching me how to do the dance to warrior while the rest of b.a.p are talking about us ans watching us.

Coup d'etatop Coup d'etatop

@Coup d'etatop
Do you have anything in mind for either of them?

alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming

Can you do Himchan or Jong up plzz :3

Coup d'etatop Coup d'etatop