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B.A.P One Shots

Jongup- Firsts

Looking at your phone you see its time to get dressed for your date with your long time boyfriend. You've been together since you were teenagers and today he asked you out on a date on the anniversary of your first date. You sigh well you finish getting dressed.
You freeze when you hear the front door open and hear Jongup call for you to see if your finished getting dressed.
Smiling you shimmy up the rest of your dress glad that you had done your hair and makeup first.
When Jongup walks into the room and sees you standing there he smiles as he walks up to you wrapping his arms around you.
"I'm thinking we should skip the restaurant."
You laugh and hit his arm, "Don't be silly you promised me a night on the town something that you've been too busy to do."
He laughs, "And I'm sorry for that."
You laugh and grab his hand, "So where are we heading to?'
"You'll know when you see."
You laugh and pull his hand, "Don't' make me wait please just tell me."
He shakes his head, "Nope."
You hit his arm slightly and fake pout making the two of you laugh.
At first you think he's just dragging you around town but when you reach the park where your favorite tree is you smile. He look back at you as he pulls you to the other side of it to see a picnic was set up. You smile at him and he smiles back at you.
You sit down smiling leaning up against him as he asks, "Do you remember what's special about this place?"
You nod and smile, "This was where you had first asked me out, our first kiss, and there was one moreā€¦"
he laughs, "This was where we first met."

You nod not really caring about that aspect you were kids. You had wanted to climb a tree and when you saw the beautiful tree with blossoms all around it you had to climb it.
As you climbed you heard someone yell, "Jongup!"
You almost lost your footing but you held on. As you start to climb higher you started to feel fear set in, but being the stubborn kid you were and still are you kept climbing up until you reached a thick branch pulling yourself up. You let out a sigh of relief.
When you look over you see a boy around your age taking a nap near the trunk.
You crawled over to him tapping his shoulder, "Excuse me."
He stayed asleep. You sighed and tried again and still he had yet to wake up.
You shrugged and pulled out your bag of candy.
It seemed the boy woke up at that moment to see you open up the bag filled with your sweets, he looked over at you and shyly smiled and you smiled back.
He almost loses his balance when a loud voice booms, "Moon Jong Up you better come here this second."
He looked down and sighed.
You smile over at him and hand him your favorite kind of lollipop, "Here, it's my favorite. I always feel happy when I eat it so I want you to feel happy."
He took the lollipop from you and smiled, "Thank you."
As he climbs down you shout your name and he shouts his back even though it was easy to know what it was.

You laugh at the memory. "You were such a shy little boy weren't you."
He nods into your shoulder as he sits there and talks with you.
You laugh at something and Jongup moves his head looking you in the face, "What?'
"Nothing I just remembered something you had first kissed me way before you had asked me out on a date."
"That doesn't count really we were eight." You laugh as you push his shoulder.

Still the memory was so vivid.
The two of you were playing tag and you were it.
He was running away but you were catching up with him.
When you get close enough he had practically tackled him to the ground with a triumphant smile on your face.
He frowned, "Not fair you're not supposed to do that."
"Says who?" you retort back.
He's silent looking at you. "Can you get off me?"
You thought for a little bit and shook your head, "Nope."
He glared at you but you wanted him to be smiling and laughing like you were
. So you reach down and start to tickle him making him laugh.
You were leaning down without noticing it as Jongup kicked and screamed telling you to stop tickling him, but you didn't give up.
Not until his head leans up and gives you a kiss on the lips, it surprised the two of you.

You laugh as Jongup glares at you. "What can't' I reminisce with my boyfriend about our past together?"
He sighs shaking his head, "I'd rather think about our future together."
You look up at him right into his eyes, "What do you mean?"
He looks away and start to stutter a little bit reminding you of when he first asked you out on a date, but how he had been so calm and perfect during the date.

When he had first asked you out he was nervous and stuttering something he never really did ever before. It was cute and funny. A
t first you were afraid that he wouldn't show up but you knew that you had no reason to be afraid of something like that happening.
He smiled at you, "May we leave our chariot awaits?"
You laughed as he takes your hand in his like Cinderella and her glass slipper your hands were a perfect fit together.
The two of you had walked to the movie theater the stereotypical first date of teenagers. He let you pick out a movie which ended up being a horror flick.
Throughout the entire thing the two of you talked about what they did wrong and what would have been more realistic and only a few times you looked away burying your head in his chest making him chuckle softly every time and each time he would place a hand on your head and stroke your hair.
When the movie was over the two of you goofed around until your stomach growled making the two of you start to laugh.
You went to a simple restaurant nothing special the two of you talked well you ate.
It didn't feel like a simple hanging out anymore.
When the date ended the two of you walked back to your place where your parents were waiting.
You said your goodbyes promising to find each other at school Monday.

"Jagiya can you stop drifting off into space."
You glare at him and stick out your tongue that he catches with his fingers making you glare at him.
He smiles widely at you as he lets go of your tongue and you slip it back into your mouth. He leans down to kiss you something you could never tire of.
"Ja, Jongup I have a question as a kid you straight out and kissed me why when we were kids it took you two months of us dating to finally get the courage to kiss me?"
He blushes something he rarely does making you smile widely at him.
You fake being innocent, "Let me think we were on a date a lot like this. Sitting under the tree except it was summer but a cool day. We were laying down on the ground looking at the sky as the blossoms were falling down slowly. You said a something that made me laugh and look at you. That's when you placed a finger under my chin as you leaned in and gave me a kiss."
"I could have sworn it was different."
You shake your head as you remember it all.

It was a nice day for once not too hot and humid so Jongup came over and the two of you had went to the park your favorite place something your parents didn't know.
He sat down on the ground as he did he pulled you down with him making you laugh.
For what seemed like forever the two of you looked up at the sky and talked about little nothings.
You reached up your hand as a blossom fell down from the tree and you caught it in your hand.
Smiling you look over at Jongup and he smiles back at you as you look back at the sky.
"You know that the blossoms that are falling down remind me of you."
You laughed and look up at him, "No way."
He nodded and placed his hand underneath your chin lifting up your face as he kissed you.
You smiled at him when he pulls away and slip your hand behind his head and pull it back to your kissing him.

He laughs as he leans down placing his finger underneath your chin, "Ok so maybe it was like that but we still have a lot of kisses left."
You smile at him, "That's so cheesy. That's why I love you."
He smiles, "Now that's something I've been hearing since we were kids and I hope that I'll keep hearing that."
You look up at him as you stand up, "What do you mean?"
He kneels so that he's on one knee, "Jagiya will you do me that honor and marry me?"
You smile as you launch yourself at him, "Yes, I'll marry you."
He slips the ring on your finger after he does so he kisses your ring finger then kisses you with renewed passion.



Hmmm. Jong up is teaching me how to do the dance to warrior while the rest of b.a.p are talking about us ans watching us.

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Do you have anything in mind for either of them?

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Can you do Himchan or Jong up plzz :3

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