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B.A.P One Shots

Zelo- We Meet Again

Your POV I hear a group of girls screaming about some hot new kid or something of the sort. People that I call my friends even start tweaking about the fact well i sit there calm and composed.
I’m not saying he’s a student, but it’s not like I know or not also it’s not like I care.
“____, come on the kid’s really tall and hot,” of the girls says to me.
I ignore her and sit in my desk with my head in a book.
“What is the once Skateboard Queen to cool for us now?” says another girl.
I ignore them still but I feel my eyebrow hidden behind my eyebrows twitch at what she said and her tone of voice.
The first girls starts laughing, “I know right she seems to think she’s all high and mighty now that she has good grades.”
I look up at them annoyed, “No, it’s just I have better things to do then fawn over some boy... Like I don’t know school. I’m not saying I don’t think I’m better than you, but I do have more brains than you.”
I hear one of my best still best friends sigh, “Nice ____. Man what’s happened to you? You’ve been different for the last year are you alright?”
Should I tell her about the boy I met a year ago?
Nah it’s been a year already so why tell her now?
I hear them gasp at something and I’m silent until I see hands on my desk.
“What did I say,” I look up to see a blonde Zelo.
I jump and hug him well screaming out his name excited to see him again.
He laughs slightly surprised to see me, “Hey it’s been a while.”
I nod my head as one of my friends say my name.
I look back at them to see a few of the girls glaring at me making me sigh.
“It’s been a year silly. How have you been?”
“I’ve been good. Why haven’t you been skating? I’ve been waiting there for you there for the last year.”
I wince then smile sadly at him, “My parent’s had found out I was skating that day and how I was even hurt a bit and hurt someone else. So they have had me on lock down for the last year until yesterday.”
He looks at me shocked, “Are your parent’s insane?”
I start laughing, “I’m not sure, but more than likely.”
He smiles, “Do you wanna hang out later today?”
I nod my head slightly not wanting to look too excited, “Yeah that sounds nice... Wait my parents may not let me go anywhere.”
“What if I ask my hyung to call them and ask if we can do a study date?”
“That might just work,” I tell him not completely sure of myself.
He nods his head while he calls his hyung, which ends up being Yongguk-ssi.
“Umm... ____ which parent will be better to call?”
“My mother,” I tell him as I then give him my mother’s work number.
Soon he hangs up and I look at him as I ask, “Do you think my mother will let me?”
He shrugs, “I’m not sure let’s just be patient and wait to find out.”
Soon class is called into motion.
When it’s lunch time Zelo runs up to me and tells me that we can hang out, but it’ll be when my parent’s drop me off at a coffee shop not that far from where I live.
“Still remind me to thank Yongguk-ssi later.”
He nods his head and he asks me if he can join me for lunch.
“Sure, but I don’t really hang out with anymore anyone everyone avoids me.”
“Why is that?”
“I’m Miss. Ice Queen now. I’m no longer the Skateboarding Queen who was friends with about everyone at school.”
He shrugs, “Well who needs fakers anyways. Let’s go eat outside under some trees.”
I nod my head as we head outside and sit down for the lunch period relaxing until the warning bell goes off.
“We should probably head to class.”
We separate to go to class and when school ends he walks me home.
“You’re parents are a bit cruel,” he tells me.
“No, their not they are just protective over me because my cousin who was a skateboarder was hit by some driver a few years ago and since then they have been protective over me. So I understand where they are coming from, but I love skateboarding.”
He nods his head and when we reach my front door we say our byes for now and wait until we meet up in an hour.
When I enter the house my father is waiting at the door giving me a little glare, “Who was that?”
“That was Choi Jun Hong, a friend from school. I’m meeting with him later for a study date and he said he'd walk me home so we can talk about what I’ll help him with.”
My father nods his head and looks out the window to where Zelo had walked off.
I still feel bad since Zelo had to work the hard way for the last year to find out my name.
When my mom gets home an hour later she takes me to the coffee shop near our house.
I look outside to see Zelo leaning against the wall. Once I see him again I shout out his name causing him to look my way.
“____, it’s so good to see you again. Are you ready to study?”
I nod my head as I look his way, “Let’s going to go inside to get some coffee and to start studying.”
He nods his head.
We walk inside to celebrate tricking my parents.
Soon we’re sitting there chuckling, but after a while we do end up studying well a peaceful band plays. I think their name is Lunafly.

We keep this up for a few more weeks until it’s 3 months since I met Zelo again.
I had met Zelo’s hyung’s and today they had sent us out to a beach.
We’re sitting out at the beach when I hear soft sounding music. I look to see Zelo and his hyungs singing/rapping to me.
When Zelo walks up to me when they are done I can’t help but to ask them the name of the song.
“It’s called Crash,” Zelo whispers to me.
I smile, “So what’s with all of this?”
“It’s all because I didn’t know how to tell you that I love you.”
I look at him surprised, “You love me?”
I watch as his hyung’s walk away from us, but I end up looking him in the eyes.
“I love you only you. It’s sad that I thought it was a crush when we first met over a year ago, but now that I look at it I realize that it lasted far longer than that.”
I gasp as he pulls me to his chest surprising me.
“Do I sound so corny and stupid?”
I shake my head, “No, I love you as well.”
He looks up at me surprised, “You kept that a secret pretty well.”
I laugh as I wrap my arms securely around his neck, “Of course how would you call it a crush. I wasn’t sure how I would tell you. Through the entire year where I was under lockdown I had always thought of sneaking out of house to see you again.”
He smiles, “So will you ____ be my girlfriend?”
I tap my chin, “I’m not sure promise that I will forever trust you.”
He nods, ‘of course.”
“So no betrayal or losing your mind and being over possessive.”
He nods his head, “Yes.”
I chuckle, “Then of course I will be your girlfriend.”
He smiles, “Can I kiss you?”
I nod my head as we both meet halfway for the first and better than expected kiss in my life.
We pull away and I place my head on his chest, “Now the problem of telling my parents.”
“They already know I asked them if I could much about your parents so I asked date you.”
I pull away shocked, “What are you insane?”
He shrugged, “Maybe but I wanted to be able to date you without worrying about your parents going insane about us being together or what your doing. We lied about what we were doing all the time so i thought I could change that for the better when i finally got the courage to ask you out.”
I smile, “Well for now I guess I can say I’m glad that you did.”
I wish I could have seen him talking to my parents.
Still I’m glad that he had the guts to do so.
He must really love me if he was willing to talk to them.



Hmmm. Jong up is teaching me how to do the dance to warrior while the rest of b.a.p are talking about us ans watching us.

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Do you have anything in mind for either of them?

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Can you do Himchan or Jong up plzz :3

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