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B.A.P One Shots

Daehyun- Found Out

BAP Now Knows Your POV I’ve been secretly dating Jung Daehyun since we were the age of 14. It’s hard dating a good looking guy for basically 5 years and he was still shy until a few months ago.
He’s awkward around me at times though scare of what he should do. During this entire time there have been complications to many to even try to list off most even split the two of us apart from each other.
His friends think we’re just friends hiding our feelings from each other
. Its annoying to deal with especially hearing what fangirls have to say about him or the guys trying to get him to talk about girls in degrading ways.
I want to tell people but my parents are against me dating him so they would probably try to kill him or castrate him…
They may even try both.
My parents and two older sisters are way over protective of me.
Zelo’s POV
“Hyung when do you think Daehyun will admit he loves noona?”
Yongguk-hyung shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t know hey see if she can come over again today since we’re free.”
I nod my head and dial noona’s number.
Your POV
“Yoboseyo,” I answer my phone after seeing that its Zelo.
“Noona are you coming over today?”
“Of course I am Zelo,” I answer him well giggling.
I hang up my phone and change into a simple tank top and a pair of black overalls. A bit old fashioned but then I grab a cute black arm looking jacket and slip it on over it all. I slip to the front door grabbing a pair of tennis shoes.
As I run out my door, I grab my bag on the way out.
I race to the dorms in record time and push BAP’s dorm buzzer since I can only really get into the lobby.
“Yoboseyo,” Himchan, I believe, answers it.
“Channie I’m here can you let me in,” I whine to get pity.
“I don’t know you could be a creeper what’s the password?”
“I’m not saying whatever you made the password into you creepy old man.”
“Oh I’m the creeper at least I know how to get in.”
Without thinking I yell, “If you don’t let me in Kim Him Chan I’m going to have my boyfriend kick your annoying bum!”
I hit myself on the head thinking to myself, “Babo.”
“Alright Grumpy and the password was I Love BAP.”
I do a raspberry as he hits the button to let me in to the dorm area.
Himchan’s POV
“She has a boyfriend,” I tell everyone but Daehyun.
“Does that mean she’s been using him or doesn’t even plan on telling him cause she knows he likes her?”
I shrug confused by this situation as much as they are, “I don’t know but she has a boyfriend.”
Zelo and Youngjae get teary eyes and probably would have started bawling if Daehyun didn’t walk into the room.
“Who has a boyfriend?”
Before we could stop him Zelo answers, “_____-noona.”
Daehyun doesn’t even flinch or look surprised instead his eyes fill with curiosity, “What makes you say that?”
“She told Himchan she’d have her boyfriend beat him up.”
Annoyance passes through his eyes, “Himchan I thought I told you not to tease her or anything anymore. You know how she is when she gets angry.” He sighs and looks back up, “What did he do this time?”
“Teased her by asking if she was a creeper and the usual password game that never ends well,” Yongguk tells him.
Daehyun gives me a look that almost makes me flinch.
He turns away and I whisper, “What was that about?”
Everyone shrugs and watches Daehyun walk to the door probably to open it when ___ gets here.
Yongguk says to us, “I think we should talk to him.”
We nod our heads and wait for Daehyun to get back.
Your POV
After being buzzed in I walk to the guy’s dorm. As I reach for the door it opens and I’m enveloped in my boyfriend’s arms.
“Dae,” I sigh in his arms as I lean up to give him a quick kiss on the lips.
He laughs as he pulls away and says my name plus a jariya.
I let him go and race into the game area/ living room calling everyone’s names.
Their heads pop up and I get cold stares from them.
“____ can you go to Daehyun and Youngjae’s room we need to have a little chat with him?”
I leave the room but turn back to serious looks on their faces, which worries me.
Still I try to listen to them as I sit in Daehyun’s room.
Looking around I smile and look at his photo frames. I start laughing as I find a picture of the two of us in grade school making funny faces.
I keep walking around until I come to his desk. I see sitting on it is a box that I gave him when we were kids. I smile as I open it to see photos to see he remembered my eight –year-old-self’s order. I shift through the pictures to see almost all of them are just of us together or me.
smile as I take the top picture out of the box. It’s the one where I took his camera on a free day. I made him come over to my house so that we could hang out. In truth all we really did was play video games and watch movies cuddles under blankets.
I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist.
I turn around to come face to face with Daehyun.
I smile as I wrap my arms around his neck.
“What did they want to talk about?”
“They wanted to talk to me about how I should just tell you my feelings then give up. I don’t; think they have an idea that I’m your boyfriend.”
I nod my head, “I’m sorry Dae this is all my fault.”
“No, its not and are you not the one who said it shouldn’t matter as long as we can say the words I love you.”
I nod my head and he smiles at me as he sets his hands on my waist pulling me closer to him causing me to giggle.
“I love you,” he whispers in my ear as he leans his head against mine.
I smile up at him as I say it back at him meaning every word.
I pull his head down so we can share a kiss.
“What the hell?” a deep voice booms making us jump apart from each other.
Standing there are the members of BAP. Yongguk looks flabbergasted as he is trying to cover Zelo’s eyes not that its working very well since he’s taller than him, Himchan looks about the same plus more annoyed but he’s trying to cover Jongup’s eyes, and Youngjae looks like he’s about to pass out.
“Daehyun, what the hell she has a boyfriend!” Yongguk yells at him.
I step back towards Daehyun taking his hand maybe giving him more courage.
He laughs nervously still, “Ahh… that’s the thing I’m kind of am her boyfriend.”
“You like them younger, huh,” Himchan tries to joke only to have everyone near him hit him on the head.
I answer, “Actually I’m Daehyun’s age. I had to stay back a year or two since I was in a car accident when I was 12 years old. I lived in Busan not that far from where he lived and we lived there a few more years after the accident. We didn’t move into Seoul until 3 years ago.”
“Alright,” Youngjae nods his head, “Why hide it from us?”
I elbow Dae and he answers, “I was kind of afraid to tell you. Also her parents are insane.”
I nod my head until it hits me what he said.
I hit him lightly on the arm, “Ja, don’t; give them the wrong idea. My parents are not that bad.”
He gives me a look and I sigh knowing that he’s right.
Its just I didn’t want the guys to know that part of my life.
“How long has this been going on?”
I look at everyone as they stare at Daehyun and my hands entwined together.
I answer in almost in a whimper, “4 years.”
“4 years and you guys didn’t tell us.”
“I’m so sorry,” I start crying as I look away from them.
Daehyun pulls me against his chest, “Don’t be, jariya. I was the one that introduced you to them as just a friend. You just went along with it. We’ve been doing this for so long that we had no idea how to tell people that we were dating.”
Before I can say anything Yongguk interrupts us, “I don’t care about this right now. We’ll save this conversation for later. Still now we know so no funny business.”
Himchan nods, “Yup, so don’t make us worry about walking on anything?”
I walk the few steps to Himchan and pull his head down by his ear as I scream in it, “NO! SO PULL YOUR HEAD FROM THE GUTTER!”
He stumbles back holding his ear glaring over at me.
Everyone else laughs finding what had just happened funny.
My phone goes off and I look at Daehyun’s desk to see it flashing a caller ID.
I look at the screen to see that the number is my mother’s.
I look back at the guys as I whisper, “My mother.”
Dae pulls them a little bit behind me and starts whispering.
“Oh you answer thank goodness I was getting worried about you.”
“Its only been a week since your last call.”
“I know sweetheart it's just you spend so much time with that boy, alone.” She whispers alone like she’s afraid of it.
“Emmoni, he has a name and its not ‘That Boy,’ as you like to rudely call him. His name is Daehyun. You should know that I’ve been friends with him for how many years.”
“He should be lucky he’s just a friend… You could do so much better. Its hard to believe that my daughter used to like him.”
I glare at my phone as she keeps saying cruel things about my boyfriend and his family.
“Don’t speak of him like that!”
I hang up my phone and throw it across the room hitting the wall with a loud crack.
I scream in frustrating tugging at my hair, “That vile woman how dare she say that about him. That’s the last straw. She has said too many negative things about my boyfriend, my Daehyun.”
I don’t know how long I ranted but after I start to calm down a little I feel arms around my waist and a head leaning against mine I instantly calm down.
I hear a voice that I love more than anything, “She said something about me again didn’t she.”
Even though he said it as a statement, I still nod my head as a yes.
I look at his wall and my jaw drops, “Oh god… I’ll pay to fix that.”
The spot where my phone had hit the wall had a huge dent in it with paint and plaster hanging from it with cracks around it.
On the floor my phone is laying with cracks worse than a spider web could ever have. I could see inside it where the chips and that are placed inside it.
“Shit, first I bust your wall and now I need to buy a new phone. I’m such an idiot.”
I go to hit myself on the head, but instead I feel familiar hands entwine its fingers with mine stopping me from doing so.
I look back with Daehyun as he looks down at me with worried eyes.
“Jariya calm down. This,” he points to the wall and phone with our entwined fingers, “is nothing. So don’t worry about it. Now should we go get you a new phone to replace your busted one?”
I smile as he speaks to me in a calm none sealant voice. Somehow no matter what his voice makes me smile no matter what I’m feeling. I remember for a while how he wouldn’t speak and then he wouldn’t stop speaking saying whatever came to his mind letting me know what’s always on his mind.
I smile as I look at him as I pull him out of the room glad I didn’t take my coat or bag off, “You know times like this I love you right.”
He looks at me, “Oh the times I calm you down right?”
I stop when we get to the door, “Yup since no matter what you make me feel happy.”
He smiles at me and pulls me into a hug, “I’m glad.”
I give him a kiss as we run off together with him in full winter wear so fans wouldn’t recognize him not that it truly matters anymore…
At least I don’t care anymore.
Still fan girls are scary.
I laugh as I think this having my boyfriend look down at me.
I simply smile and pull his face down so I could slip his mask enough so I could give him a kiss before we leave the building.



Hmmm. Jong up is teaching me how to do the dance to warrior while the rest of b.a.p are talking about us ans watching us.

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Do you have anything in mind for either of them?

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Can you do Himchan or Jong up plzz :3

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