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B.A.P One Shots

Jongup- I Only Care about You

Ever since I’ve been a kid I’ve wanted to dance, to be a prima ballerina.
Next door, that was a boy that used to watch day after day but the two of us never talked until middle school. Around this time he had found a love for dancing that drew him closer to me and my friends. He helped me fall in love with street dancing but my parents wanted me to stick to classic not to even think of touching the tainted dance, but I fell in love with the style anyways. We started to talk to each other and slowly we became friends.

Today is a bit difficult for my dance team and me because we have a performance today and Jongup has yet to miss a single one even when he was training for BAP. I want to see Jongup when they come back later today but when I asked my teammates they told me not to throw away a chance like this for some guy that hasn’t shown any interest in me.
I’m finished dressing for the performance when my phone starts playing Jongup’s ringtone of Secret Love and yes if you guessed BAP's song then you were right.
I answer the phone, “Yobeseyo.”
“Hey, I heard you have a performance today.”
“Yup but its more of a showcase for art dance colleges than anything,” I tell him letting my excitement leak into my voice.
“Cool good luck not that you’ll need it anyways,” there is complete silence until he asks me, “Do you want to go on a date with me tomorrow?”
I hear someone slap him and Himchan complain about the way he had asked me out and how unromantic it was.
I laugh at him and ask Jongup, “Can you put me on speaker phone?”
“Yeah,” I hear the click that tells me that the speakerphone is turned on and I hear BAP fighting over childish things.
“Ya,” I shout into my phone causing people to look my way and BAP to go silent on the other line.
“Ahh noona… Sorry we can’t make it to your performance you should have told Jongup or something and we would have tried more to be there for you,” Zelo whines as he takes the phone from Jongup.
I laugh at him, “Zelo I didn’t know the date yet it was just decided last week after you guys left.”
“You could have sent a text,” Youngjae states and I hate this guy and his simple logic at times.
“Truthfully I’ve just been so nervous about it that it kind of slipped my mind and you guys have been busy so much lately that I didn’t want to bother you.”
“Noona,” I can picture Zelo pouting since he loves to do that to try to make me feel guilty.
“Zelo-ah I can’t see you through the phone but you need to stop pouting like your five years old.”
I hear everyone laugh and I smile feeling better about the performance.
"___ you are no bother to us and maybe if we're lucky we'll get to see your performance," Yongguk says to me.
"Yup I'll make a wish on a star before the performance. Arrasso."
Everyone wishes me good luck and tells Jongup to turn speakerphone off and ask me again.
“So… would you like to go out on a date with me tomorrow, you know if you have time?” he asks me again quieter trying to make sure the boys didn’t hear him.
I laugh at his sudden shyness, “I should be the one saying if you have time, but for your information I’d love to go one a date with you tomorrow since I'm open.”
I hear him shout in joy that I said yes and Yongguk to tell him to be quiet.
“Sorry hyung it kind of slipped my mind. I’ll see you after the show I guess.”
“Yeah see you later, Moon Jongup.”
When I go to the stage, I smile and talk with a few of the girls but I have a feeling that there’s a few people glaring holes in the back of my head.
Still when I run through my head, “I’m going on a date with Jongup tomorrow.”
I decide that I don’t’ care what they are doing.
I float throughout the performance as if I’m on clouds and nothing is missing.
Still everything turns to the worse when at the end of the performance when my partner tosses me up in the air and is supposed to catch me he drops me instead making me land weird on my right leg.
I scream out in pain and everyone moves fast to my side to make sure I’m alright.
I simply tell them to leave me alone that I’m fine we need to finish the performance I fall down again and wince in pain.
I keep trying to get up until I feel a familiar hand on my shoulder, “You need to stop this, you’re hurting yourself.”
I turn around to see Moon standing there with a worried face. I see tears in briming in his eyes with the worry.
Still I shake my head, “No, I can’t we just have a little bit more to go until it ends. I can finish it. Just let me finish this. Please."
He shakes me, “Listen to yourself you can’t do this to yourself. You probably broke your leg and you’re saying that you can still dance. No, you are going to let them take you to the hospital this very second.”
I know he’s right so I look down defeated, “Fine. I’ll go to the hospital now.”
I hear him shout for Yongguk and the two of them carefully carry me off stage and to their van. I go into a trance like state where I forget what’s happening and everything speeds by.

I wake up in the morning thinking it all was just a bad dream until I try to get out of the bed. I look around to see a plain white hospital room and with six blonde giants sleeping in various areas. I look to see a particular one sleeping with his face buried in my bed holding my hand under the blanket so no one sees.
I look up when a nurse walks into my room and she smiles, “Oh your awake.”
I nod my head, “Yeah, why are they sleeping in here?”
“Oh they were really worried since your weren’t responding to the doctor so they were afraid to leave your side.”
“Oh,” I’m quiet and she smiles, “ahh so you have an idea that they were up late huh.”
I nod and the nurse smiles kindly to me, “You’re lucky to have such great friends.”
I smile and look around me, “You’re right and I’m so proud of them as well.”
She nods and keeps smiling pointing to the sleepy head of Moon Jongup who’s pulling himself together as he wakes up.
“I’ll come back later, arraso?”
I nod and wave to the nurse then I look over at my best friend.
“Jongup,” I call his name and he looks over and sees me awake.
“____ you’re awake,” he leans over and hugs me.
I feel his shoulders move as he starts to cry and I start to feel guilt set in.
“Jongup please don’t cry,” I try shaking him, “Jongup.”
The others must have woken up because when they see Jongup in my arms they leave the room but not before closing the blinds, so no one knew what was going on. I hear them say something about getting breakfast and Jongup was still out cold.
“Jongup can you stop squeezing me?" I ask him.
Right away, he lets me go and turns away from me.
I look down and play with my fingers, “I guess you’ll no longer have a reason to talk to me anymore.”
“That’s not true ____ I would want to talk to you even without dance. You are more to just a friend who dances to me.”
“What do you mean?”
Jongup turns around real fast, kisses me right on my lips, and looks me in the eyes, “I mean I love you more than dance. I didn’t start dance because I found it fun. Secretly I tried ballet on my own a few times, but it didn’t work out very well. Then I found street dance and realized I was good at it. When you started street dance I was so excited to talk to you about it. I had something that I knew I could talk to you about without sounding to creepy. So there I love you far more than I could ever love dance.”
I look him in the eyes shocked, “You love me?”
“Yes, I love you.”
I smile brightly at him and hug him with all my strength.
He shouts shocked by my actions, “Ya, what are you doing?”
“I love you, too,” I whisper this into his ear as I hold him close to me.
I hear people awing at us and look up to see BAP.
Zelo runs up to me and wraps his arms around my waist, “Noona what about me don’t you love me?”
I laugh and pat his head, “Of course I love you but I love Jongup more than I love you.”
Himchan laughs at Zelo causing a loud fight. Jongup looks over at me and I scoot over and pat the bed. He hops up and sits by me.
"Weren't you just said about your leg being broken?'
I nod my head not looking him in the face, but to sound strong I tell him, “I was but I’ll face that in the future since I have you by my side now.”
He puts an envelope in my face that says my name on it.
"What's this?"
"Oh I don't' know how about you look and see."
I nod my head and slowly open the envelope to see that it's from Juilliard.
Slowly I open it more and all I see is, "You've been accepted!"
I scream and jump up and down, "Oh my god. I made it into Juilliard even with a broken leg."
"They said there's going to be no major problems with it as long as you go through with your physical therapy and everything then it'll be fine, also to keep yourself nice and healthy."
I smile and lie back into bed before a nurse comes into the room. I lay my head on his shoulder and slowly drift back to sleep with the goofiest smile on my face.
I forget that in at least a year I'll be in Juilliard and away from Jongup.
All I care about is the now where I'm in the arms of the man that I love.
Yes, to me Jongup is a man and a wonderful one at that.



Hmmm. Jong up is teaching me how to do the dance to warrior while the rest of b.a.p are talking about us ans watching us.

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Do you have anything in mind for either of them?

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Can you do Himchan or Jong up plzz :3

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