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The Curse

The Truth

They started following this pattern, obeying Ellister and doing everything he said. Zelo also saw Chaejin go in for several meetings with the creature, and he knew that it was all in the plan. At least he hoped it was, and Chaejin was not screwing him over.

Six more months passed, in which time Zelo has learned from Chaejin that they cannot trust anyone else here, even the cook. He showed Zelo how to control his powers, assured him that they are not a bad thing. They are part of him…mostly. The more they trained, the stronger their bond grew.

One day, Zelo approached Chae. “Hey, babe. I have a few questions. It has to do with our powers. I know you have been showing me how to control them. Now that I have gotten to know you…” he paused, hesitating. “Chae…it feels as if you are not telling me everything. What started this whole thing?”

Chaejin sighed, taking Zelo’s hand. “Okay. It is true that I have not been entirely honest with you. Our powers…” he glanced down the hall. “Let’s go for a walk, and I will explain everything, okay?”

Zelo frowned, suspecting that this had been the case. He had been hoping he had been wrong, had not been. “Okay. Let’s go for a walk.”

They walked in silence for a while, then Chaejin turned to Zelo and they sat down on a log. “Babe, I have not told you everything because I wanted to shield you from it. However, I need to tell you now. I told you everything else, like what happened to both of our parents. We can’t trust anyone else here,” he sighed, and Zelo rubbed his hand.
“I know that you like your powers, and that is one reason I have hesitated with this conversation.”

Zelo nodded. “Okay. What about them?”

Chaejin smiled at him. “Our powers are not all natural. Some were given to us by Ellister, so he can control us. Making things obey you and turn at your command is the main one…and I know it is the one you like most. It is not natural. The others are.” He felt like he was rushing through it, nervous about Zelo’s reply.

Zelo let go of his hand, pursing his lips. “So, you have been training me to use what he gave me, more than my natural power…I see.’ He shook his head, turning away.

Chaejin cringed, knowing Zelo was angry now. This was it. “I trained you in it because you enjoyed it most. I really shouldn’t have.”

“No shit!” Zelo glared at him, shaking his head. “So, what’s going to happen if we stay here? He’s just going to use us for our powers, and you’ll go along with it. I THOUGHT I could trust you.” Chae could see tears in Zelo’s eyes. “I need some time to think about this.” He got to his feet. “Thanks for your…explanation.”

Chaejin smiled at him and was ignored as Zelo walked away.

They did not talk for the rest of the day, but when Zelo went to bed, he hugged Chaejin. “I’m sorry for getting angry earlier. I know that you were only doing what was best for me. I trust you, love.” Kissing Chae, his smiled. “Thank you.”

Chaejin smiled back at him, caressing his cheek. “Thank you. I’m sorry that you will lose some of the powers. We just need to stick together and wait until the time is right.” He looked down at the bed, then back up at Zelo. “Saranghae.” He kissed the younger boy.

Zelo’s face lit up. “I love you, too. We’ll get through this. Don’t worry.”

“Yeah,” Chae replied quietly.
On his seventeenth birthday, Zelo was given a dagger by Chaejin and is told to keep it hidden on him at all times. It is enchanted so that it will not be detected by the demons, and he will be able to use it if he needed to. He had begun training the younger boy to fight as soon as they were comfortable with each other. Now he would know what to do if the demons turned on them.

The demons also had a meeting on that day, called by Ellister. Once they were all present, he began.

"The child grows stronger with every day. We need to begin his training and tasks soon. His sole purpose here is to bring an end to this nasty planet. That is what his father so kindly gave me permission to do…unknowingly," the leader laughed. "He has befriended Chaejin, however, so it will be dangerous to get those two to stay apart. That is what Chaejin had been planning, I am certain. Despite being an idiot who is becoming too close to Junhong, Chaejin has been coming along nicely. He knows what he is supposed to do. We need to inform Junhong, so he is aware of his destiny. I don’t think Chaejin will do it. He is too…close."

One of the creatures cleared his throat, and the leader looked at him. "Your Excellency, the child does not realize that his destiny is to die. When he dies, we will have control of the planet. It has to be at the right time, though."

The leader smiled. "Exactly, though it is the fault of his parents that he will die. Now we must train him to fulfill his destiny. If the other little bastard tries to stop us, he will die with Junhong."


That night, Chaejin woke Zelo up, by lightly touching him. "Sorry. I just have a few things I need to speak with you about. I would have waited until the morning, but they will begin your training tomorrow, and I will not see you. Will you take a walk with me? It’s nothing like the training I have put you through. It’s…worse."

Zelo yawned. "Sure. Just give me a second." He stood up and changed into warm clothes quickly. He noticed that Chaejin had turned away as he was doing so, something he never did. "Okay. I'm ready."

Chaejin turned back around, smiling at the younger boy. "Shall we go?" He motioned for the younger boy to go ahead of him, taking out his dagger and placing the hilt in his palm.

They walked for a while without speaking, then Chaejin touched Zelo lightly on the back. "We will be safe to talk here."

He sat down on a nearby log, and Zelo joined him. He turned to the younger boy, taking his hand. He seemed to be troubled. "Zelo...there is something I didn't tell you, for fear of what they would do if they found out. It may change the way you look at me. Would you like me to continue?"

Zelo smiled at him. "That's okay. What is it?"

Chaejin lowered his head for a moment, the moonlight shining on his hair, turning it to silvery blond. "I have done bad things. They have made me do it, and I hate them because of it...I'm afraid they will want the same things from you, and I want to help you to resist them. If it means that we are both locked up, I will take that chance. This is all I have ever known, but you had the opportunity to experience parents and a normal life...you were lucky, believe it or not.” He sounded bitter now.

Zelo rubbed his hand, causing Chaejin to shiver. "I'm sorry they made you do those things. I had been meaning to ask you about your past, but didn't get the chance. We’ll be okay, and get out together."

Chae smiled at that comment, kissing him. "Zelo, I know of a way to defeat them, but it will take both of us being strong and knowing our powers. That is one reason I have been showing you your REAL powers. Maybe we should keep things how they are, for now, and let them train you," Chaejin looked into the other boy's eyes, which were now shining. "Then we can take them down, when the time comes. Do you understand?"
Zelo nodded. "Yes, and I agree...I will be careful when they are training me tomorrow."
Chaejin shook his head. "Good. We’ll get out of here. Don’t worry. We will also end this, but just need to play along for now.” He smiled sadly. "Come here. Do you still trust me?"

"Of course I do," Zelo smiled at him.

“Just be careful, baby. I wish I could be there, when they train you, but it won’t be allowed,” Chaejin licked his lips. “They will begin conditioning you to kill, and use you as they have used me. I will stop it as much as possible…and work on a plan to end this shit. Thank you for being with me and trusting me. It is nice to have you here. It was lonely here alone, and sometimes I used hope they would leave you out of this. Now that I know you…I want to do everything I can to protect you from them.”

Zelo pushed him back onto the grass, kissing him passionately. “I know.” He grinned. “In case this goes south tomorrow, I want you to know that I love you more than anything. I want you so badly…but we should wait until we can get out of here.” He sucked lightly on Chae’s neck, creating a hickey. “However, I don’t care if they see that. It means that you are mine.”

Chae laughed softly. “I guess we’ll see who will do the…owning.”

Zelo looked confused, and Chaejin realized that he might have more experience in sexual things than Zelo. That made him happy. Chae shook his head. “Never mind. I guess we will figure that out, once we get out of here…hopefully in a few weeks.”
“Yeah,” Zelo kissed him, and Chae groaned, rolling over on top of the taller boy. They could spend some time outside…


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