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The Curse


The next morning, Zelo was called into the leader's chambers. Chaejin went with him to a point, but was stopped by two of the demons. One of them touched him on the arm. "The master must speak with him alone. Go find something else to do."

Chaejin glared at them. "I will wait here. Don't touch me again." He leaned against the wall, ignoring them. He was not about to leave Zelo to these monsters without being close enough to defend him.


Inside the chamber, Zelo smiled at Ellister. He was trying to not show his nervousness, but it was difficult.

"Junhong, we will begin training you to use your powers to the best of your ability. You will be required to complete tasks within that training, and your powers will grow stronger," Ellister was smiling at him, and it was creepy.

"What kind of tasks, sir?" Zelo asked softly. He was trying not to show the malice he felt for the demon, now that he had learned so much from Chae.

"After we test your abilities, you will be required to kill two people. Don't worry. They would be dying in prison, anyway, so your will only be saving the justice system the trouble. We will appear with you, and you will shove this poison down the men's throats. That simple. They will think the prisoners killed themselves. Are we clear? This is your destiny."

Zelo thought about it for a moment. The men were not good, but they always had a chance of turning around. It also was not his place to kill them. "No. You can train me to do anything else, but not to kill. I won't do it. It’s not right, and now I see what this is all about. Why the fuck do you do it? Why not do good things, instead of terrible things?"

Ellister glared at him. "I knew it…You are just like your human father. He was weak, and could not do what would have been necessary to save his wife and himself, in the long run. I would have left them alone, if he had helped us. It could have made things different for YOU, too. I do not think it would have made much of a difference for your destiny, though."

Zelo glared at the floor, wanting to unleash all of his power into the demon-like creature. Instead, he simply shook his head again. "I will not do it. Find some other freaky person to do your dirty work."

Ellister grabbed him by the chin. "Are you denying me, child?"

Zelo glared at him. "What does it sound like? Yes, I am." He was scared out of his mind, but stuck to his decision.

Ellister dropped him. "Then you will pay for it." He spaced out for a moment, and Zelo knew he was speaking with someone…creepy. Seconds later, the door opened, and two demons entered and took Zelo by the arms. They led him out, and he caught Chaejin's eyes as he was passing. They were blank.

The demons locked him in a cell, then returned to the chambers, where Chaejin was still standing. He watched them pass through the leader's doors, then left silently. He had not been expecting them to lock Zelo up, but he was guessing his boyfriend had denied them for a task. That was more than he could say for himself, and he was proud of him. He needed to prepare his and Zelo's things. He had a plan.


The demons took Zelo into a room he had not seen before. Tying him to a bed, they blindfolded him. Zelo froze, afraid of what they would do now. He could hear one of the demons walk over to him, and his fear seemed to shoot through the roof. The demon turned on a machine, then touched Zelo on the arm, making him jump. “Are you sure you won’t change your mind? All you have to do is kill a few criminals. They aren’t good people.”

Zelo shook his head. “You’ll say that, because you’re a demon. You’re evil, and so is Evan…Ellister. I won’t do it.”

The demon did not reply, but simply turned on the machine. Zelo felt a harsh coldness shoot through his body, then it turned to hot. This happened several times, and he felt like he was going to be sick. The demon finally turned the machine off, and returned to Zelo. When the demon lifted the blindfold, Zelo spit in his face. The demon nodded, turning the machine back on.


Ellister called for Chaejin, who walked in calmly. “What?”

The demon shook his head. “Junhong isn’t as strong as you. He wouldn’t do anything we asked, so he is now in the tortour chamber. You should have worked harder to convince him. I told you to back off from his friendship. His death is what will bring our plan to full circle. Isn’t that what you want?”

Chaejin nodded. “I do want to bring our plan to full circle. Don’t worry. He’s just a weakling. I will back off.”

Ellister did not look completely convinced. “I see…Good. You may leave.”

Chaejin still did not have an expression on his face. “Okay.” He turned and left. He still had things to do, in his preparation.


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