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The Curse


In the next few months, Chaejin was instructed to lie to Zelo about what was going on. He told him everything he could that would not give Ellister away. Zelo also learned to trust Chaejin. They had become quite close, and it became harder and harder for Chaejin to lie to him. He wished he could just tell him the truth. It would make things so much easier, especially in their conversations about their parents. Chaejin still had not told him that Ellister had killed them. He was just glad he could be there for the younger boy to lean on.

One night, Zelo caught Chaejin as he was walking into the bedroom, pushing him against the wall. Chaejin froze, not sure what the other boy was going to do. Had he somehow found out about the plot and was ready to kill Chaejin for it?

Zelo surprised him by biting him lightly on the ear. Despite his nervousness, Chaejin suppressed a groan as he felt his cock becoming hard. He did not stop Zelo as he ran his mouth down his neck, sucking once he got to the nape. Chaejin moaned as Zelo sucked harder. Closing his eyes, he felt himself falling into a trance of pleasure.

It took him a moment to snap out of it, but Chaejin pushed Zelo back. The younger boy stopped and stared at him. He smiled at Zelo. “Really? You like me?” He had not been expecting this, and the way he was feeling was foreign to him. He had never felt this way about anyone else, and had not been expecting Zelo to return the feelings.

Zelo touched his face lightly. “I do like you. I also…” he touched Chaejin’s hand. “Want you.”

Chaejin shivered from the touch and smiled at him, squeezing his hand. “I want you, too, but this is not the right time.” He could still feel his cock painfully hard, and did not want to stop Zelo. It took a lot of self control to do so.

Zelo sighed, sitting down on the bed, looking a bit irritated that he had stopped him.

“Chae…What’s going on here? The stories you have been telling me don’t quite add up. What’s up, babe?” He searched Chaejin’s face. “You know I trust you, right?”

Chaejin sat down next to him, taking his hand. He needed to bring his mind back to the conversation, and not on the thought of throwing the younger boy on the bed and…No. Stop there. He took a deep breath. “Zelo…I have not been telling you the entire truth, as you have suspected, but I can’t tell you everything here. Can we go on a walk tomorrow? I can talk to you then…just not here.”

Zelo thought about it, then smiled and kissed him lightly. “Okay. I trust you…even with the lies. Just…please tell me the truth now. I do trust you.”

Chaejin kissed him back, again resisting the urge to take things further. He really should have taken a shower beforehand…“I’m glad you can move past the lies…and I’m sorry.” He shook his head. “I’ll tell you the truth tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Zelo frowned, slipping into the bed. Chaejin got in behind him, placing his arm around the younger boy. He would have plenty of time to explain everything, and hopefully, he wouln’t feel so damn guilty. Right now, he just wanted to forget about it all and spend time with Zelo. There was still the problem of his arousal…Which was just getting worse, being close to Zelo.

After a few moments of just trying to put up with it, Chaejin got out of the bed, going to the restroom. He could not deal with this. Zelo was too much of a temptation…damn it.


The next morning, Chaejin found the time to tell Zelo everything; that his father had refused a deal with a horned creature, and they were the only ones who could overturn the curse that was going to destroy Earth. Plainly, if they can destroy Ellister, the other creatures would also be destroyed and things would go back to normal. The minions were all tied to the curse through Ellister. It would not be an easy task, and they would have to be careful and sneaky.

The night, Chaejin smiled at Zelo, unsure of how he had taken the news of Ellister and the other creatures betraying him and his parents. The creatures were simply evil.
Zelo did not say anything, but pulled him down on the bed, staring into his eyes. Chaejin decided to not think about it, and just went with what his body was feeling. Kissing Zelo on the neck, he trailed down to his throat, where Zelo arched against him. He could feel the other boy’s erection against his own through the clothing. Thrusting against him, he set a rhythm. It felt amazing, and Chaejin found himself wishing for more. Not now…even with Zelo’s long legs wrapped around his waist.


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