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The Curse

Strange Meeting

The next two weeks passed quickly, with Chaejin hanging out with Zelo. They had found quite a few things to do, and Chaejin surprised himself with how much he enjoyed having Zelo around. They were beginning to get along nicely, and Chaejin had never been around anyone his age. He still did not like lying to him about his cousin…the demon. He was supposed to gain his trust, and it seemed to be working quite well.
That afternoon, Ellister called for Chaejin. He was not happy about meeting with him. It was never pleasurable. When he walked in, he smiled at Ellister. He noticed that his horns were gone. He looked normal.

“I need you to bring Junhong to me. He wants to meet me, correct?” Ellister smiled at Chaejin, still looking evil in his human form.

“Okay,” Chaejin had been dreading this day, even though he had also been ready for it for years. He liked Zelo, and didn’t want this to ruin their friendship. “I can go get him right now, if you want me to.” Chaejin did not want to hear the reply that he knew was coming.

“I would love that,” Ellister set down his glass, which was filled with a red liquid Chaejin knew to be blood. He didn’t want to know where it had come from. “You have been doing a good job with him, Chaejin. He trusts you now. That is what we need.”

What YOU need…Chaejin wanted to say what he was thinking, but knew it would not do any good. “He does trust me…and he is curious about meeting his cousin,” Chaejin felt a headache coming on. That was common when he was around Ellister. “I’ll go get him now,” he spoke quietly.

“Good. Thank you, Chaejin,” Ellister laughed. “You are a good actor. That is why you are nice to keep around here.”

“Well, that’s my purpose of being here,” Chaejin glared at him. “That is why you wanted me…and brought me here.”

“Yes,” Ellister finished his glass of blood, setting it down. “Now go. I am eager to meet him.”

Chaejin left in a hurry, finding Zelo. “You wanted to meet your cousin, right? Well, he is home now, so you can meet him.” He hated himself for telling Zelo this. It was not easy to lie to him now.

“Great,” Zelo smiled at him. “Are we going now?”

Chaejin smiled back at him, liking how the younger boy looked when he smiled. He seemed so sweet…

They walked to Ellister’s chambers, knocking on the door. When they were invited in, Zelo smiled at ‘Evan’ Ellister. He felt the headache coming on, which had not been there for the last few weeks. “Hi. I’m Choi Junhong. You must be Evan, my father’s cousin.”

Ellister smiled at him warmly, which made Chaejin want to stab him in the eye. “It’s nice to meet you, Junhong.” He glanced at Chaejin. “Will you give us a second?”

Chaejin resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Sure. I’ll be back in a second.” He knew that Ellister would not harm his friend. He was too valuable.

When he had stepped out, Ellister smiled at Zelo. “Have a seat, my young cousin.”

Zelo felt uneasy with Chaejin gone, but took a seat. “Thank you, sir.”

Ellister nodded. “You’re welcome.” He jumped straight to his point. “So…I understand you have powers. What are they? I have a few myself. Do you have telepathy and telekinesis, like I do?” He moved the glass he had set down across the room. “I know your father had powers.”

Outside the room, Chaejin shook his head. Zelo’s parents had not had any powers. His father had just made refused a deal, so Zelo had been used.

“I never saw him use any powers,” Zelo began to feel more uneasy, and was not sure why. “I have the power to make things happen at will…anything I want.” He smiled. “So yes, I can move things. I don’t know about speaking in your head, though. Does Chae have powers, also?”

“Yes, he does. They are similar to yours,” Ellister took a drink of the clear alcohol he had replaced the blood with. “He is not related to us, though. His parents were…unkind, so I took him in. I thought he told you that.”

Zelo nodded. “He did. He has been nice to be around.”

Ellister nodded. “That’s good. He has been dying to meet you…as have I. ”

Zelo cocked his head. He couldn’t place the feeling he was having now. It was so strange.

Ellister looked at the briefcase next to his chair. “Well, I have some paperwork I need to work on, so you may go. I just wanted to grab the chance I had to meet you. It has been nice, don’t you think?”

Zelo smiled. “Yes, it has.” He still felt uneasy. “I will go find Chae. It was nice meeting you.”

Ellister nodded. “Likewise.”

Zelo walked out and was met by Chaejin. “Shall we go eat something? I’m starving.”

Chaejin flashed him a smile.

Zelo noticed that his headache had disappeared, just like when he had first arrived. “Yeah. Let’s go eat.”


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