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The Curse


"May I help you?" Zelo looked from one man to the other. This was just strange. The taller one sighed deeply. "Hello. Are there any adults here? We need to speak with them, please."

Zelo cocked his head to the side. "My parents left a while ago. They should be back at any time."

The men exchanged a look. "Well…we really need to speak with an adult.”

Zelo stared at the men, trying not to let on that he was very worried. “There are not any adults here…and you can tell me whatever it is you need to say.” He was still feeling sick, and this did not help matters.

“This has to do with your parents...May we come in?"

Zelo looked even more wary now, but opened the door wider so they could enter. "What happened?"

The officer who had spoken before offered a tight smile. "Thank you."

Zelo ignored the gesture and looked at the men. "What happened?" He repeated.

The first man sighed. "I regret to tell you that your parents…”

Zelo started shaking his head, already knowing what they were going to say. He motioned for the man to continue, even though he knew what he was going to say.

The man gave him a pitying look, which made Zelo want to punch him. “…were found dead outside one of the supermarkets....the cause was unknown." The officer speaking tried to touch Zelo’s hand, but he jerked it back.

He was still feeling sick, and wanted them to leave. It would be great if he could just wake up and this was all a bad dream. Nodding, Zelo finally lowered his gaze, licking his lips, which had suddenly become very dry. He had hoped he had been wrong. His headache was coming back. "So...” He didn’t know what to say, as his mind went blank. He touched his head, wincing.
Junhong, I’m sorry…I wish I wasn’t telling you this. Now, since you are a teenager, we need to take you into child services until we can find a relative." the officer smiled again, trying to offer comfort.

Zelo glanced at him coldly. "Okay. I don’t really care about that.” His head was pounding now, and it was difficult to concentrate. “And…do you even care that my parents just…? Can you go away? I don’t want you here," he whispered the last part, feeling like he was about to pass out.

"Yes. I'm so..." The man jumped when Zelo interrupted him.

"Stop apologizing! Just SHUT THE HELL UP! You didn't kill them, did you?" Zelo yelled, glaring at the men. He was more alert now, with the adrenaline of anger. "Just go! I don’t care where you are taking me. Just…leave..."

The man nodded, smiling sympathetically. "Okay. We will be back later."

Zelo did not even acknowledge them as they left.

After the men had shut the door, Zelo sank down to the carpet. He was trying to block his emotions, especially the rage he felt burning through him. He was shaking, and could feel the power building inside of him, his headache disappearing. Taking deep breaths, he tried to calm himself down. It didn’t work.

Nodding, he realized that this probably had something to do with his powers. He was the cause of this. Screaming, he threw a glass at the wall, shattering it. Using the same power he had used to make the animals feel joy and also himself, he shattered a few more glasses. The destruction seemed to be helping him to feel less pain, and not feeling was good, right?
Going through the house, he began breaking things by either throwing them manually or shattering them with his mind. Breaking a tall lamp, it fell toward him. He jumped backward, and collapsed on the floor. By now, he had succeeded in erasing his feelings, and seemed like a shell. He didn’t want to ever feel again.


He woke up later in a white room. He didn’t care to ask, but was told that it was a child services building. He didn’t even care anymore. He was emotionless.

He listened to what he heard outside his room. He first heard a woman’s voice. “He’s a danger to this Home. I will not keep him here. He’s violent. For all we know, he could have been the one who…”

“No. We both know he is not the cause of their deaths,” a man’s deep voice was saying. “He is angry, and I know someone who has agreed to take him. He will be out of your Home soon.”

“Good. I would hate to see a cute thing him get hurt, but he’s a danger to others here. Are we understood?”

The man’s voice again. “Yes. I will contact his ward soon.”

“Good.” Zelo heard heels clacking and fading away. He closed his eyes, not caring anymore. None of it mattered now.


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I updated The Curse=). I hope you like it!
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