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The Curse

The New Placement

After a week in the Home, Zelo found out that it was true that he was going to the house he had heard them talking about. He was not looking forward to it. It all still felt so strange…even though he was doing a good job of blocking his emotions. That had been the way he had gotten through the last week. It was all a blur.

They arrived at the man's home, and Zelo felt another headache coming on. When he was on the way to his ‘bedroom’ he saw a boy that looked to be a bit older than him sitting on the grass, watching them. He was also Korean, but his hair was dyed pale blond. Once he got up and approached them, Zelo felt the headache vanish.

The boy ignored the men and turned to Zelo. He had dark eyes that had the same strange ring around the irises, except that his were pale blue. He did not look very friendly.

"You are to stay here?” The boy offered him a forced smile, and Zelo felt a strange feeling in his stomach, and he could not focus properly. He tried to push the feeling down, but it was persistent. For some reason, he was feeling calm, which was not what he wanted.

"Uh...yes," Zelo managed quietly. "Where do I stay?"

The other boy smiled at him, then glanced at the man who had brought Zelo. "I have it from here, sir…Thank you." The last part sounded forced.

The man nodded to him. "Thank you, Chaejin. We will stay in touch."

Chaejin nodded at the men again, turning back to Zelo. "My name is Chaejin. I will show you to a room."

"Thanks," Zelo answered quietly. "I'm Zelo Choi." He felt like a programmed robot.
Chaejin smiled. "I know. Come this way. We will probably have to share a room for a while, so I hope that's okay."

"Sure," Zelo was trying block everything out, but he was finding it impossible around Chaejin.

Chaejin led him into the house, down the hall to a bedroom. "Make yourself comfortable. I’m sorry, but there is only one bed, but you may choose the side you want. It doesn't make any difference to me." Chaejin sounded a bit uncomfortable, himself.

"Thank you," Zelo whispered. He could feel a strange atmosphere in this place, but he did not know what it was. He honestly didn’t care, right now.
"Hey, I'll be back soon, okay?" Chaejin looked nervous now. "Just make yourself comfortable...enough." He left quietly, leaving Zelo to himself.


"You called for me, sir?" Chaejin did not meet the gaze of the creature in front of him.

"Yes. Have a seat," the creature motioned to a chair.

"I would rather not, sir," Chaejin answered quietly.

"SIT DOWN!" The creature glared at him. "It was not an option.” He grunted with a very unattractive sound. “Sometimes, I swear..."

Chaejin rolled his eyes, sitting down. "Fine. What do you want?" He looked very bored.

"I need you to keep an eye on Choi Junhong. He is what we have been waiting on. He will be the key to unlocking my plans. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Chaejin shifted uncomfortably in his seat. They really needed to invest in new chairs. "Is that all, sir?"

"Yes. You may leave," the creature offered an grin. "Have fun, but don’t get too close to him. He will be gone by the time he is seventeen."

Chaejin glared at him. "Have fun? You’re sick..." he replied dryly. Without another word, he left.

When he got back to the bedroom, Chaejin found Zelo already asleep. Changing quickly, he got in on the other side. Despite what he had been ordered, he had every intention of protecting Zelo from all harm. He had always known who the younger boy was, and had been waiting to meet him. Just not like this. He had to think of something to get them out of this hell. He knew that Zelo was the tool they wanted to use, and he would not let that happen. First he needed to convince the younger boy that he was a friend.


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