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The Curse

Mysterious Powers

"I will not help you with this," Mr. Choi glared at the ugly horned creature in front of him. "I will not kill for you."

The creature, Ellister, growled in frustration. "Mr. Choi, you knew this day was coming, and you know the consequences of denying me. I have already told you. I will rule, one way or another. Would you really want to put your family through a life of pain, or will you be smart and help me?"

Mr. Choi shook his head. "No. I should have said it two years ago, when you first approached me. The answer is still no. I will not put my family through a life around you."

Ellister nodded thoughtfully, playing with the ring on his middle finger. "You just got married, did you not?"

Mr. Choi glared at him, wishing the daggers he was shooting could kill the creature. "Don't you touch my wife. I will kill you, if you do…"

The creature smiled at him, ignoring his threat. "She has a child, doesn't she? That child is not normal, and will grow to be your worst nightmare. I guess it would serve you right, since you will not join us. If you were to give us the child, I would call it even. That way, all your debt will be paid."

Mr. Choi shook his head violently. "No way in hell."

"Funny words...but too true. You have no idea what you are getting into," the creature smiled coldly. "If you insist, I will leave things as they are…for now. When the time is right, the child will come to us, unless we need him earlier. In that case, something can be arranged...goodbye, Mr. Choi." Ellister shimmered out, almost like a demon, disappearing.

Twelve years later

Zelo Choi smiled as a squirrel ran up a tree, chirping back at him when it reached the top. He had always felt a strong connection to nature, and this was not an exception. He could do things that other people could not, and he found it amazing. His parents had always told him not to use the powers, because they were dangerous. They told him that he could be too easily detected, though he didn’t know why it mattered. He could not stop using them. They didn’t understand. It was like an addiction to him, and would be like telling him to stop breathing.

Touching the tree, he turned the bark to life, causing the branches to tickle the squirrel. The animal chirped at him again, and he laughed. Feeling a rush from the power, he grinned. It was amazing. He just couldn't see how this power could be bad.

Turning to go back to the house, he saw his mother frowning at him. She had seen him use his power. He cringed, knowing he would probably be grounded for it. It was still worth it.


By the time Zelo was fifteen, the powers were stronger, and he could call the climates to obey him. He could turn a snow storm into a sunny day, or make it rain in areas that needed it. His parents were still trying to discourage him from using the powers, but he would not. They had already gone through several ‘discussions’ about his power, during which he always asked them where the powers had come from. The answer was always “You don’t need to be worried about that. Just don’t use them.” He was sick of hearing it, when he was old enough to make his own decisions about whether he should use his power. He especially did not like them denying him when it was his power. They had no idea what they were doing to him, by telling him no.

One day, his mother found him. "Junhong, we have to go into town for some business, but we will be back in a while. Be good, okay, and please do not use that power of yours," she gave him a stern look, then smiled. "Goodbye, sweetie. I will see you later."

"Bye, Mom," Zelo ran his hand through his straightened black hair. Sighing, he walked back into the house to his bedroom. He would go find something else to do. Maybe his homework, which was not nearly as exciting as powers.

Walking into his room, he looked in the mirror. He wondered where these powers came from and why his mother did not have them. It made sense that his father was normal, since he not blood related. He now wondered if he was missing something, and what his parents were so clearly hiding from him. Concentrating on his features, he stared at his eyes. They were the same color as everyone else's, which was very dark brown. The difference was, they had a silver ring on the outer edge. People always gave him strange looks because of it, and he didn't like it. It made him feel different, and now he was starting to wonder if it had to do with his powers. His concentration was broken by a sharp pain in his head. When the pulsing began to feel worse, he sat down. Fumbling in his backpack, he took some pain killer and began to do his homework. Unable to concentrate on that, he lay down on his bed, closing his eyes. Maybe sleep would help.

He was interrupted by the door bell ringing about two hours later. Rolling his eyes, he walked to the door. Looking through the peep hole first, he froze when he saw two men in black suits. They looked like some kind of agents, and he could see that they had guns. Opening the door slowly, he looked at them, unable to keep the wary expression out of his eyes.


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