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From The Shadows

Working with Seon

That evening, Taehee found out from a friend that a band of vampires was attacking some people, so he sent Seon out to investigate it. He asked Seon to take his new team, so he can show them how it goes and what they do.

When they got there, Seon pulled out a box. Injun, who was his newly appointed member, looked at him, confused. “What are you doing, hyung?”

Seon smiled at him. “I’m getting some rock salt. It is highly effective against vampires…for a while. It won’t kill them, but I have something that WILL.” He pulled out a gun. “It’s loaded with silver bullets.”

“Like the Lone Ranger,” Injun grinned. “Nice…”

Seon glanced at the others. “Let’s go get this over with.” They walked around behind the house, and saw the vampires. There were no other humans in sight, and Seon was grateful for that.

One of the vampires turned to him, scoffing at him. “Hunters.” The creature did not have a creepy voice, like Injun had envisioned. It sounded like a normal guy. Its face was ugly and contorted, which he had expected of a vampire. It was a New World vampire.

Seon took out the rock salt. “You made your choices. I do not kill unless it is needed, and you have all already been warned.” Before the creature could respond, Seon threw the rock salt down on the ground. He was aware of the vampires moving in closer to them, and spread the salt around his new team. If the vamps wanted a show, they were going to get one. They just wouldn’t kill his team for one.

The vampire that had spoken to him leaned in closer, touching the salt and burning himself on it. Seon knew him to be cocky. He had seen this one before. Seon did not give him a chance to do anything further, bringing out the gun and shooting one of the vampires in the chest. The silver bullet caused it to twitch for a moment, then it turned to ash, disappearing as if it had never existed.

The leader took a step back, still watching Seon. Seon completely ignored him, turning to the next vampire. He handed the gun to Ailee, and she did not hesitate to kill the next one. They had begun to run, but it did not mess up her aim. The vampires were gone in a matter of, except for the one that had spoken to Seon. He had disappeared.

Seon turned to Injun. “So, that is how you kill a New World vampire. They suck,” he grinned at his own joke, and Injun laughed nervously. It had been kind of cool to be there and see his hyung in action again.

They took a different route home, so it would not draw attention to their location. Seon made sure they were not followed, and Jaejoong took up the rear so he could take out anything that may attack them. Hyunmin had forgotten that JJ had the power of fire, and it would be beneficial if they got attacked.

Once they got back, Hyunmin turned to Seon. “Hyung, Jay is feeling a lot better, and it is because of you guys. Thank you. If we hadn’t gotten him here in time, he would probably have died,” he smiled. “I owe you a lot.”

Seon smiled at him, shaking his head. “No need to thank me. Thank Red. He is our healer, and we would have done the same for any of our friends.”

Hyunmin grinned. “That was cool to see back there. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed being here. I doubt they will go back to that person’s house.”

“I’m glad you are happy being here again. You guys are the ones that are needed. I have missed you all,” Seon turned to JJ. “Will you go let Taehee know that we are back? I need to go put the supplies away.”

“Sure,” Jaejoong smiled at him. “I’ll be back.”

“Kamsa,” Seon took out his gun, unloading it.


Hyunmin approached Mika as soon as he walked into the compound. His hyung smiled at him. “Hi. How did the job go?”

Hyunmin shrugged. “It went okay. We killed most of them. It was only the leader that got away. It was…annoying.”

Mika rolled his eyes. “I’ll bet.” He glanced at Hyunmin. He could tell that his dongsaeng needed to say something. “What’s on your mind?”

Hyunmin smiled. “You know me too well. Um…” Mika looked at him expectantly. “Yes?”

“Hyung, “ he took a deep breath. “You need to patch things up with Yooseung. If we are going to be here, it will make things better for all of us.”

Mika grit his teeth, obviously pissed off. “Did you get this idea from Seongwon? It sounds like something he would say, and I don’t appreciate him using one of my friends to do his dirty work. What the hell, Hyunmin?”

Hyunmin swallowed hard. “Mika, this is not just coming from Seon. It is good for all of us…and you.”

Mika shook his head. “Mind your own business, okay? I already tried to talk to Yooseung, and it didn’t go well. Don’t do favors for other people…especially Seon. Also…why would you be talking behind my back? I wouldn’t do that to you, Hyunmin.”
Hyunmin licked his lips nervously. “I’m sorry…”

“You should be!” Mika glared at him, his icy blue eyes flashing. “I’m going to forget that you mentioned it, but don’t do it again. I am not a child that needs to be told who I need to get along with.” He shook his head. “I’m done with this conversation.” He walked off before Hyunmin could say anything else.


Jay found Mika in his bedroom, shortly after his conversation with Hyunmin. “Hi.” He smiled his friendly, bubbly smiled. “Hey…Is everything okay?”

Mika smiled back at him. “Yeah. How are you feeling?”

Jay stared at him. His smile had softened. “Good.”

Mika nodded, touching Jay on the shoulder. “I’m glad you are feeling better.” Jay nodded, then pulled Mika down and kissed him on the lips. Mika jerked back, surprised.

Jay stared at him, wide eyed. “I’m…not sorry. That was a thank you.” His eyes told a different story, as they were smoldering. Mika considered the kiss for a moment, then kissed him back gently. “Good, because I’m not sorry, either.” Jay kissed him again, this time more passionately. “Aishiteru.”

Mika smiled, caressing his cheek. “Saranghae.”


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