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From The Shadows

Bonding and Crushing

Two weeks passed, and they still had not heard anything from the man who killed Mr. Lee. Taehee honestly did not think they would find the man who murdered his father, and he was beginning to not care about it. That fact that someone had taken his father’s life and wanted to kill them also didn’t matter anymore. It wouldn’t change anything. He had found his brother, and he couldn’t help but remember how much his father had spoken about Minho. He would have been so excited. The fact that his father would not get the chance was hitting him hard now, but he still could not find a way to show his brother that he really cared.

They had been sending one of the teams out every day, but no one had explained anything to Minho. He had decided to move to the compound, so he would be close to his brother. He had also become closer to Karam, as they had been around one another almost every day.

Karam approached Minho. “Hey, would you like to go spar? It would be fun, and you can learn how…”

Minho laughed softly. “You can teach me, huh? I can’t wait.”

Karam smiled. “Yeah…I can teach you. Let’s go.” They walked over to one of the trucks, where Karam slipped into the passenger seat. He smiled at Minho again. “You can drive.”

Minho stared at the ground for a moment. He wasn’t sure if Karam realized how sexy he sounded. “Sure. I’ll drive…chingu.”

Karam was quiet for a moment then turned on the radio. He needed some music. He smiled at Minho. “When we get to the road, turn left, okay?”

Minho grinned at him. “Okay.” They started out, driving for about five miles. Karam tried to make small talk, but they ended up mostly listening to music.

When they got to a fenced off sandlot, Karam smiled. Minho, on the other hand, looked confused. “Where are we?”

Karam laughed. “Your sandy hell, where I will teach you a lesson.” He left Minho staring at him, confused, and grabbed some boxing gloves. “Come on!” Minho shook his head. Karam’s energy seemed to be endless.

He got out of the truck, and Karam showed him how the stance he needed to take. “Just follow my lead, okay?” Karam meant to insinuate with the comment.

They began sparring, and Minho caught on very quickly. Karam showed him all the moves they usually used for training, blocking most of the fake punches and kicks. Minho was doing a good job of holding his own, but Karam thought he was still better.

About halfway through their sparring session, Minho stuck his leg behind Karam’s left leg. Karam could not catch himself as he lost his balance. Minho made sure he did not fall all the way to the ground, catching him on his way down. He followed Karam down to the sand, landing on top of him. With an evil grin, he pinned Karam to the ground. “So, can you get out of this one, tough guy?”

Karam smirked at him. “I honestly don’t mind being here under you…but I think I can still get out of it. He struggled against the other man, unable to get away naturally. He used his plan b, pushing Minho back with his telekinesis. Minho was surprised, but could not stop Karam from moving him away. He landed on the on the sand ten feet away, and Karam jumped to his feet with a smug smile. “Are you done yet?”

Minho stared at the beautiful man, mystified. “What are you? That was really cool.”

Karam smiled. “I have telekinesis…obviously. My brothers also have powers. Intimidated yet?”

Minho grinned. “Hell, no. Want to go again.”

Karam shrugged. “Sure.” They began sparring again, until it began to rain. Running to the truck, Minho turned the key.

Nothing happened. The truck was dead.

Karam swore under his breath, the first time Minho had heard him curse. “Well, we need to get out of the rain until someone can come get us, so let’s make a break for that shed over there.”
He pointed to a shed that Minho had never noticed before. They hurried to it, closing the door. Karam pulled out his cell phone, but it was dead. He had forgotten to bring a charger, so they did not have any way to get someone to come pick them up. Minho cringed, realizing that he had forgotten his own phone on his bed.

“Well…I guess we wait it out, then try to make it home. I DO have a flashlight,” Karam was irritated that he had managed to forget a charger. “There are a few blankets in the truck. I can move them in here quickly, using my power. Please hold the door for me.”

“Sure,” Minho watched as Karam ran out and used his power to move the blankets into the shed. They situated them on the floor, pulling the blankets around themselves. It was becoming cold.

“Karam, may I ask you a question?” Minho looked at him, suddenly serious.
“Of course,” Karam smiled at him. “What’s up?”

“What do you guys do here? I know it’s not normal, but can’t quite figure it out,” Minho said. “I mean…” He was trying to find the right words. “Jay’s injury was not normal, was it? Also, I noticed weapons in one of the closets. They were used, not collectibles.”

Karam knew this was the moment he had been waiting for, but wasn’t ready for feeling so nervous about it. “Minho, your father was what they call a hunter. He began hunting and killing vampires, werewolves, demons…and so much more. They do it because the authorities won’t do anything about them. If they find out, though, it could be bad. That is why we are so secretive about it all.” He paused, looking at the other man.

Minho was still thinking about it. He nodded slowly. “I see. Taehee has carried on his work. Is that what all of you do?”

Karam nodded. “Yes, it is NOW. We came back when Jay got injured. There was not other alternative. We left a year ago, when Mika could not heal one of our friends,” Minho could see the tears that were shining in Karam’s eyes. “It was a tough time. Mika…” he took a deep breath, and felt Minho’s hand on his back.

“It’s okay,” Minho pulled him close. “I understand, though I don’t get why Taehee didn’t tell me this a couple weeks ago.” He smiled. “It’s okay, though. I know he is going through a very tough time, right now.”

Karam nodded, resting his head against Minho’s chest. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Minho smiled at him. “Thank YOU.”

They made themselves comfortable, and fell asleep quickly. The next morning, Karam found himself covered by Minho’s jacket, along with most of the thickest blanket. The younger man was only covered by the thin blanket and a small piece of the thick blanket. Karam frowned, realizing that Minho had done it on purpose, making certain that Karam stayed warm.

He woke Minho up, and they made their way back to the compound. They did not have a lot to talk about, but they were both deep in thought. About halfway there, Karam got the feeling that they were being followed, so they took another path home.


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