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Dark Passion of Possession

The Plans Get Revealed

In the morning after the horribly sleep deprived night I woke up with someone opening the door. It was Leo; I looked up at the clock and saw how early it was.
“1 in the morning?....” I asked confused and tired. He nodded but then did something I was too asleep to notice he grabbed my hair and pulled me up pinning me against the wall. The shock of my back slamming against the wall woke me right up. He looked at me with pain, anger, and lust in his eyes.
“Wh-what are you doing Leo?” I questioned, all he did was rip my clothes off of me. I screamed but he covered my mouth. I ripped off my remaining clothes leaving me naked. Then he handed me new clothes looking away.
“……………….You’ll need these.” He stated quietly as I took the clothes, “Get dressed then come out into the living room.” After that he left. I got dressed slowly then cracked open the door and looked around to be sure no one was going to pop out of no were and do something to me. I was wearing a short, frilly, weird blue Lolita dress with white boots and a lace headband. As I walked into the living room I was all 12 guys then I heard N whistle.
“Suits you well but you forgot these.” He said handing me black cat ears and a tail, I cringed then I put them on without argument, the fluffy tail tickled my legs whenever it brushed against them. YongGuk grabbed me then hand cuffed my hands together in front of me. I started getting nervous. N and Leo approached me, they nodded at each other and Leo lifted me up bridal style then took me to his room and threw me on the bed.
“Wh-what the hell is going on?!” I yelled.
“You’re staying here until we decide to have sex with you.” N stated. I was shocked and was going to ask another question but they left. It felt like as soon as they left Leo came back in with water and one of those special K bars, he uncuffed me and handed me the items, I was hesitant but ended up taking them and drinking some water. He sat down next to me silent.
“You know why you’re here right?” He asked me, I shook my head no and bit into the bar, “Last week’s fan meet, all of VIXX and B.A.P saw you, they thought you’d be good as a slave, and you better be a damn good one for all the trouble we’re going through hiding you.” He said harshly as I chocked on the water. He looked me up and down then left the room locking the door.
“A slave?..” I thought to myself, now before the kidnapping I was into all the Master and Slave stuff, but I don’t like it when it’s forced, “I can’t do much with my hands cuffed together.” I thought looked at the padded cuffs so my wrists wouldn’t get bruised. I sighed, “I don’t know if I should play along so I don’t get hurt, or should I fight.” I thought to myself. I paced back and forth and leaned in the corner of a wall and slid down, “I guess I’ll wait and see how they treat me.” I said then after hours of silence I feel asleep still in the corner.
(Sorry for the short chapter)


Please update! Is she going to escape? What's going to happen? Please please please update!!!!

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Cool! I will look you up=). Is your name the same there? Mine is writinglover.
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Yes I am
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