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Dark Passion of Possession


The was normal and very boring, I had just finished my day at work at the local café, lucky for me today’s the day that ALL the fucking students in that Seoul had to study for tests and needed coffee to stay awake, in other words, it was a horribly busy day. My whole body was sore, I was tired, and I smelt like coffee, I wanted to go home and just sleep forever.
As I walked down the sidewalk to my apartment I felt as if someone was watching me. I looked back numerous times, there was nobody there. When I passed the book store I saw my shadow, which meant there was a car behind me, I paid no mind to it until it stopped in front of me and the back doors swung open and two young looking men came out. I got a bit freaked and scared as they approached me.
“Ummmm can I help you?” I said with a wavery voice. They looked at each other and smirked then grabbed me.
“H-hey! Let me go!” I yelled as I kicked and thrashed around.
“Shut up!” a man with blonde hair snapped at me as I got thrown into the van and tied up by two younger males tied my hands and legs together. The van shook as we went onto a forest floor, what it had seemed like since I looked out the window and saw nothing but tall trees and a lake. As the van came to a halt I got more and more nervous, I got kidnapped, I was upset at that, but the men were so handsome, no girl could be upset at that (unless you’re lesbian). I heard the front doors of the van open and then the guys in the back with me opened the back doors. The young silent man who was holding me the whole way so I wouldn't be sliding around carried me over his shoulder into the cabin. When he opened the door I heard even more guys talking and goofing around, but as the man walked in with me everyone went silent. He set me down on the floor, a group of 12 guys circled around me and they started talking Korean.
“Where am I? Who are you guys?” I questioned, they all looked at me and two men stepped forward.
“I’m N, leader of VIXX.” The man with bright red hair said.
“I’m YongGuk, leader of B.A.P.” The man with blonde hair said. Then N waved his hand and 5 other men stepped forward.
“I’m the youngest, Hyuk.” Said the man with slightly spiked brown hair and who had tied me up.
“I’m Ravi.” Stated the man with the blonde hair.
“Hongbin.” Stated the man with curly hair.
"Ken" Said a man with brown hair.
“……………..Leo” The man with black hair said so quietly that I barely heard him. Next YongGuk waved his hand and the other 5 men stepped forward.
“Zelo.” Said the other boy who tied me up.
“Daehyun” Said the man with brown hair.
“Himchan” Said the man with blonde hair.
“Jong up” Said another man with light brown hair.
“Youngjae” Said the last boy.
I nodded then Zelo grabbed a fist full of my hair, “Now what’s your name?” He said with lust and hostility in his voice.
“G-Gabby” I said with a shaky voice.
“She looks more like a Kitten to me.” N said laughing. All the men nodded.
Bang looked me in the eyes while grabbing my cheeks, “Your new name is Kitten got that, and if you dare try anything without our permission, I’ll make sure to personally make you suffer got that?” He snapped tightening his grip.
“Y-yes sir!” I yelped. He laughed then they all dispersed, expect Leo, he picked me back up and took me to a room at the end of the hall. He opened the door, walked in, and set me down in a corner then undid my ropes. He looked at me with fierce eyes that made me a bit scared then got up and left and locked the door from the outside. When I looked up and saw the bars on the windows and that I was in the middle of a forest I knew that I wasn't going anywhere for quite some time.


Please update! Is she going to escape? What's going to happen? Please please please update!!!!

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Cool! I will look you up=). Is your name the same there? Mine is writinglover.
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Yes I am
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