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Dark Passion of Possession

Breaking In

I woke up a couple hours later to the sound of the door opening. When I looked up I saw Zelo and Leo standing there looking at me.
“Y-yes?” I asked nervously. When I asked that Zelo picked me up and sat me on the bed.
“Ok, we’re ready to break you in.” Zelo said smiling. I went wide eyed and took a deep breath. “Don’t fight them don’t fight them.” I kept thinking in my head. When I looked up, breaking from my deep thoughts, I saw Leo crawling on top of me. I blushed like crazy and leaned down as he crawled more onto me. As I kept leaning back I felt another warm body behind me, it was Zelo, and both of them licked up different sides of my neck causing me to moan loudly. They both ravaged my neck leaving hickies and bite marks, and then Zelo reached down in between my legs and under my dress to feel my panties.
“Damn, she’s already soaked.” Zelo said with a smirk.
“Then shall we go on the next step?” Leo asked. Zelo nodded and moved from behind me. Leo laid me down and took off my panties; I covered my face in embarrassment.
“Wait should we do both at one time so it’s less pain?” Zelo asked which made me extremely nervous. Leo nodded, then Zelo reached under the bed and grabbed a box, he opened it and took out a tube of blue lubricant.
“Yah! What is that for?!” I yelled. Zelo covered my mouth and handed the tube to Leo. Leo took it and took off his pants and underwear exposing his hard member. I blushed and looked away then Zelo forced me to look at him.
“We’re going to try to make this as painless as possible.” He reassured me as Leo spread the lubricant all over his member. Zelo looked at Leo and Leo nodded then handed the tube to Zelo. Zelo did exactly what Leo did expect a bit slower since his pants where tighter than Leo’s.
When they both were done they sat in front of each other and out me in between, I was facing Leo and my back was to Zelo. I looked Leo in the eyes and he looked back, I looked away within 10 seconds because his stare was too intense for me to handle.
I gasped as I felt two warm, wet tips, one against my virgin pussy and the other against my virgin ass hole.
“Y-you better not be doing what I think you are!” I yelled.
“Sorry.” Zelo said, and then they both forced their members into me with one hard thrust. I screamed in pain and dug my nails into Leo’s shoulders, he didn’t seem to flinch from what I could feel since my eyes where shut tight in pain with tears streaming down my face. I panted and calmed down a bit, when they noticed this they started thrusting slowly. I whined every time they moved, but as they kept going I started to moan a bit.
“F-fuck she’s tight.” Zelo moaned.
“I know right.” Leo said biting his lip and looking at my face, he smiled.
“Damn it’s so good, I-I have to admit it I’m happy I didn’t fight back.” I thought to myself as I kept moaning loudly. As the two boys were thrusting into me I felt a hand slap me across my face and Zelo grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled on it making my neck and back bend in a painful way. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes.
“You seem to really like this, are you that into being dominated?” He smirked and I shook my head no then he pulled my hair again ever harder, “Don’t lie to your new masters!” He yelled at me.
“Y-yes I love it masters!” I finally gave in and with that they started thrusting harder and faster with more lust and they’re hands gripped me everywhere they could.
“Ahhhhh I’m gonna cum!” Leo shouted as he moved faster. After four more thrusts they both came at the same time causing me to finish with them completely out of breath. As they got up and fell onto the bed and looked up at them, they were both smiling and Zelo petted me then they left. When I saw they shut the door I looked out the window and saw a white dove land on the outside of my window sill, “I wish I was you right now.” I said while looking at the bird, “At lease you’re free.” Where the last words I said before drifting into a deep sleep not ready to face the next day.


Please update! Is she going to escape? What's going to happen? Please please please update!!!!

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Cool! I will look you up=). Is your name the same there? Mine is writinglover.
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Yes I am
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