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EXO Short Stories


An assorted amount of stories for EXO members and you

None of these stories are connected unless It says so in the beginning or Chapter Name

Even if it says Complete I will always be coming up with new stories it's just a matter if it's EXO or not or a short one or 2/3 chapter story


  1. Kris- Paintball Kisses

    You get mad at Kris so your friends take you to play paintball, but you're in for a suprise

  2. Chanyeol- Accidental Confession

    It's hard to be secretly in love with someone fro two years and then one day without noticing it he accidently confess to you without noticing it.

  3. Xuimin- Hated Flowers

    You hate flowers, but you always have made an exception. Still one day Xuinmin comes in to buy some for his mother that does not have a passion for them anymore. His words touch your heart. He seems to change somethign inside you.

  4. Sehun- Should Confess to My Best Friend

    Both Chapter 1& 2 I'm going to confess to him someday its just Luhan is in my way

  5. Tao- Selcas with Tao- Selca Confession

    You are in love with your best friend but it seems he's on the way to confess to a girl. He's leaving hint on his twitter account as he walks to her house. All you can think of is, "I should have told him that i love him."

  6. DO- Not So One Sided

    He had said that he lhas a crush on the radio but you had no idea that it was you. After hearing him say that you end up confessing to him on accident by a sleeping habit of yours

  7. Chanyeol- Be My Lady

    The two of you met at the opening of your club dancing through most of the night, but you never expected it to turn out the way it has.

  8. Lay- Venice City of Love Connected Us

    All 4 chapters that are about how you had met a boy named Yixing in Venice. It was a chance meeting where he gave you a day to remember not anything perverted, but he gave you a day filled love. He asked for your name and of course you gave it to him and gave him your home town not even knowing if y

  9. Kris- 1 Regret

    You were in love with him in high school, bu tthen he left to train for Sm Entertainment and you went off to college becoming a basketball player and top seller for a book, "1 Regret," that you wrote based off your life, no one knew that until the last interview in your hometown a year after your b

  10. Xuimin- Sight Set

    You're blind, but you remember a boy that used to be your friend but he left you 3 years ago. When he comes back you are reminiscing on a few things. Though when asked who he likes he tells you that he'll show you when your bandages come off.

  11. Kris- Misunderstanding

    Kris always came to your store, but the two of you never talked to each other. when you do the two of you become close. though who exactly is Kris you don't know all you know is he's simply K.

  12. Sehun- Miracles in December... Sehun's Wish

    Miracles can happen especially in December in just a month millions upon thousands of wishes are made few actually come true. Though most of the wishes come true at the stroke of midnight when Christmas Eve transitions into Christmas morning. Not many believe wishes come true and when they do they a


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