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My Black Pearl

Eating at Chanyeol Parent’s Restaurant

Your POV I wake up bright and early feeling refreshed for the first time in a long time. I stretch as I look around and wonder why Chanyeol wants to take me to school.
Though who am I to complain Chanyeol is a nice handsome guy that seems to hold some kind of interest in me even with my eyes.
I smile as I flip through my clothing to find something that Chanyeol will like.
I end up pulling out a blue dress with buttons going all the length up it along with a white sweater with white sandals and bow too go with it.
I pull on a pair of spandex shorts too go under my dress and then look myself in the mirror as I do my hair and makeup.
I curl my hair a little bit then place some light natural make-up on but slip some blue and white eyeshadow onto my lids.
I look myself over before I smile and nod my head.
I exit my room too see Jonghyun and Sooyeon already dressed for the day.
I realize that Sooyeon matches me again, “Sooyeon, are you matching with me on purpose?”
She gives me a look before she looks me up and down, “No. Wow, Mi Ok, you look beautiful.”
“I do?”
Sh enods her head as she plays with my hair, “It’s out of your face and people can see your real beauty… Though what made you change your mind about hiding your eyes.”
I look at her and realize for the first time since I did my hair that I did style it with the bow and such too show off my eyes.
I reach up and smile, “Someone made me realize that I need to stop fearing the worse of people… They won’t be my mother.”
Sooyeon smiles at me and hugs me tightly, “That’s the strong girl that I know is inside there.”
I blush as I play with my hair and Sooyeon looks at the time and mumbles, “I need to head out if I want too meet up with Yixing.”
I chuckle as I watch her run off Jonghyun stays behind with me and I wonder how he’d act when he sees Chanyeol picking me up.
I shrug as I open the door and walk out a little bit knowing that Jonghyun will follow but not before Chanyeol shows up in a nice sleek car.
I look at him as he smiles, “hop in.”
I nod as I hope into the car and he smiles over at me and I strap myself in.
“You look really nice today Mi Ok. Oh, are you hungry?”
I stop to think before I nod my head, “Yeah, I kind of am hungry.”
Chanyeol smiles, “Good I was going to stop at a small dinner that has some really great food.”
Chanyeol’s POV I didn’t expect to be given my sister’s car keys, but last night I said I was picking up a girl.
I guess she didn’t want me too look lame.
I smile as I pulled out some money too make sure that I can get us food a few times today.
When I had saw how beautiful Mi Ok looked today I couldn’t help but too be glad my sister gave me her car.
If she didn’t I don’t know how I’d feel about the stares she’d get from people.
I also notice that her eyes are in almost perfect view though it’d be easy for her to hide them.
I smile when I see her eyes as I watch her buckle herself into her seat.
I smile as I ask her if she’s hungry not sure where to take her when I realize that my father’s restaurant isn’t that far from where we are.
I smile as I pull up too the restaurant and she looks up at it, “This seems like a nice place.”
As we walk inside we sit in a small spot near the window away from all the other patrons.
We start asking questions about each other I noticed she danced around the questions about her parents until I finally ask, “Why don’t you live with your mother?”
Your POV When Chanyeol asked me why I don’t live with my mother I know I stiffen but I slowly let myself relax as I look up at him.
“I don’t live with my mother because she tried to kill me when she saw my eyes. So I always wore contacts, but one time they fell out and my mother tried to kill me and almost succeeded. I was in a come for a few month luckily it was during a break. This was also the first time my father found out about me. I was all bruised up and hurting deeply when they came into the hospital. Though my father would visit whenever he had the time always bringing his young daughter with him. Soon he had divorced with his wife when she found out what had happened. Still when he had wrapped his arms around me I knew I was loved for the first time in my life. Though when I turned 14 I was forced out of the house because of my father’s new wife didn’t like me. So I moved into an apartment that my father is paying for and soon my sister and her step brother moved in with me. I guess now I’m not alone like I was as a kid, but that doesn’t me as lonely. i’m surrounded by those who love me when I’m at home and even when I’m at school, but I’m still alone and have an empty feeling.”
The look that Chanyeol is giving me makes me feel uncomfortable. A look that says that he feel sorry for me and that he cares for me.
I smile slightly as we pull up to a restaurant that I used to stare at whenever I’d pass it never thinking that I’d be eating there.
It’s mostly cause I’ve always had a problem eating place cause I’d have to look up to order.
As we sit there we talk about nothing. I smile at how Chanyeol has brought me to now 2 restaurants in 2 days and I can’t help but to feel happy.
As a server comes too get our food I don’t listen too much as Chanyeol orders for the 2 of us.
When she leaves he simply smiles at me and I smile right back. It’s a little bit later where a middle aged couple or maybe older comes up to us and start talking too Chanyeol.
Then they look at me then smile, “Hi, it’s nice too meet you. We’re Chanyeol’s parents.”
I look at them then at Chanyeol, “It’s nice too meet you as well I’m Han Mi Ok.”
“Oh you’re the beautiful pearl that has won over my son.”
I look up at her confused, “What do you mean ‘mam?”
“Oh well my son hasn’t stopped talking about you for the last 2 days well I guess today makes it 3.”
I look at the woman confused then i look over at Chanyeol with a red face too see that he matches me in that expect.
“You’ve been talking about me that much?”
Chanyeol looks at me and I look at his father and I realize that I know him.
He smiles at me as he says, “I remember you. You’re the girl I met while I was in the hospital a long while ago.”
I give him a pleading look not too say what’s he going to say.
“Oh yeah you were the nice man that would give me candy.”
He laughs lightly as he looks at me, “Yes, I was.”
I can’t help but to ask him, “How did you remember me Mr. Park?”
“How can i forget with such beautiful eyes and interesting personalities.”
I catch the personalities part and I give him a look at he seems to notice it.
Chanyeol looks between us, “Personalities?”
I look at Chanyeol’s father as I calmly and carefully push my seat back and say, “I need to use the restroom if you’ll excuse me.”
Once I reach the restroom I close the door and put something against it since this one has more than 1 toilet
I lean up against the wall and take some deep breathes as I do so I hear someone knock on the door.
I look up at it and hear Chanyeol’s voice, “Mi Ok, my parents decided to leave us alone. I’m sorry if my dad had hurt your feelings.”
I shake my head turn on the sink splash my face with some water thanking all holy heavens that I wore waterproof make-up and dabbed my face dry as I finish calming down.
I move the chair from the door, not wondering what it’s doing there, and smile at Chanyeol, “Your father didn't’ bother me at all. Just the way he spoke so kindly to me mad me wish my father.”
It’s not that I’m completely lying to him. It’s true though that I’ve barely seen my father since my force moving out, but seeing the care in his parents’ eyes made me angry and jealous… most of all hurt.
As I exit the bathroom we go too eat and I realize that I’ll have to tell Chanyeol sometime about Sky.
As we sit there Chanyeol asks me, “So are you the DJ Sky?”
I look down at my hands as I shake my head, “No… DJ Sky has talent while I'm a little nobody with no talent.” Before he can say more I ask, “Can we head to school now I'd like to get to class?”
He looks at me with a simply hurt face like he’s sad about something, “Alright let’s go.”
Chanyeol’s POV I paid for our food even though my parents said it was on the house so I have a feeling that I’ll have the money in my mailbox tonight when I get home.
I sigh as we leave and walk too my car.
While I drive to school there’s only silence between us.
When we reach the school Mi Ok runs off away from me too whatever class is her first 1.
I smile as I look at my phone too see a pictures my parents had taken while we were eating and it was a really perfect picture.
I save it and send the copies of them too Mi Ok and hope that it’ll bring her some joy into her day.


I'm sorry it took so long, but at my new job I started to work double shifts almost day so in my spare time I sleep mostly.


When are you going to update?? T^T

Klover22 Klover22

Thank you so much for updating :D

Klover22 Klover22


Thanks I will try my best to see the brighter side of things

OMG I'm so sorry about your depression :( but I guess that's just part of life and we have to learn how to go through. Hopefully you'll get through it well :) and always look at the bright side of everything

Klover22 Klover22

sorry I went through a small depression after losing my job I'm picking my self up and hopefully I'll be able to update soon