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Layers, Upon Layers


It had been several days since they'd had ice cream together, and Neil had been finding it hard to think of anything but her. His thoughts would wander during classes about her smile, and voice. Her lips and the way they'd feel when she'd kiss his cheek before she'd go into her home. He floated home on a cloud the first time she'd kissed his cheek and he felt that way every single time. He'd nearly gotten himself run over while crossing the street, he hadn't paid attention to the light nearly getting himself killed. Though with his luck, someone pulled him out of the way just in time, scolding him for such carelessness. Of course he knew he had to get a hold of himself, but to stop such day dreams were extremely hard. His thoughts had begun to wander to the things he wanted to do to her, but he'd pull himself out of it as often as he could. Neil respected Kaya, the last thing he wanted to do was pressure her into something she wasn't ready for.

She'd been teasing him a lot lately though, or he thought she had been. Neil was sure he'd seen her eying his pants the day before, though he couldn't be sure. He could hope though, because he'd caught a glimpse of her panties when she'd bent over to pick up some papers and he did his best to hide the evidence of his desire but he didn't know how well he'd done to be honest. Neil began to pack up his binder, putting everything exactly where he knew he'd find it. One thing that hadn't slacked was his organization. Of course his mother would have his head on a platter if he slacked in school if anything his grades had gotten better as far as he was concerned.

The day ended without much trouble, he'd just been thinking of being able to see her after school. Neil loved being around her, she was basically all he thought about. He was hoping to invite her over to his house today, his parents had went to visit his aunt who lived in Busan so he'd be alone at home for about two weeks. His parents trusted him probably more then they should but he felt like he could use this to his advantage. As any teenage boy would, he didn't plan on sleeping with her – unless that’s what she wanted. He'd dreamt about her a lot lately, and the things he'd do to her if she let him. He saw her waiting for him at the end of the stairs smiling a little. When he got to her, he took her books.

“So, how'd the day go?” he asked her laughing a little. He knew for her people talked a lot, because she was always with him. Which was extremely scandalous to most people.

“It went better than usual,” she told him nodding a little with a smile placed on her lips.

“Do you want to come over today? We can study, or just hang out,” he said to her as he pushed some hair out of his face. He hoped he wasn't being too bold with her, because he knew most girls would freak out, and call him a pervert.

“Uh, sure yeah. On Fridays I don't usually come home til late anyway,” she admitted to him shrugging. He liked the fact that she had told him that her parents knew she stayed out late, it kept him out of trouble anyway since she'd probably tell them she was out with friends and not cooped up in some boys room. His parents were conservative, of course not as much as most were but they had their rules. Most of which were about girls, and not dating til he was in University. He brushed them off, and did pretty much whatever he wanted. Neil knew if he truly liked someone they wouldn't tell him no, because they were just those kind of parents.

“Great, I can make something for us to eat,” he spoke with a satisfactory grin on his face. Neil enjoyed cooking, probably more then most people but almost everyone knew his heart laid with music and dance. He was in every talent show or singing competition he could get his hands on. Which was almost all of them.

“Oh, like what?” she asked him curiously.

“Oh, I don't know I'll have to see what we have,” he told her sheepishly as he laughed. She shook her head at him and nudged him playfully.

“Well at least I didn't saw ramen,” he told her laughing as he walked. Neil liked their chemistry, his eyes wandered over her frame. Kaya was definitely differently shaped then the girls from Korea. He knew she was white, mixed with Indian of some sort but he wasn't too sure. She had a round ass, and her breasts were definitely noticeable even behind the sweater she word, and her curves were what drove him wild the most. Her lips were plump and her eyes were a bright blue that made him stare at her in awe that she actually existed.

When they finally arrived to his house he opened the door, and took his shoes off leaving them by the front door then sliding on his slippers. “You can use these,” he said to her smiling a little as he pulled out the guest slippers from the closet in the hallway.

“Thanks,” she smiled a little as she looked at him for a moment then took her shoes off and sliding on the slippers. “These are nice,” she grinned. “Much better than mine at home,”

“My mom is all about comfort,” he admitted, “Now lets go in the kitchen and see what we have,”

Kaya followed him and looked around,”Where are your parents?” she asked curiously.

“They're visiting my aunt in Busan for two weeks,” he told her shrugging as he pulled out some food he could throw together into a meal. When he looked at Kaya she was smiling as she watched him. “What?” he asked her laughing as he turned to face her. He wanted to use this moment to make a move, he wanted this to work for them to be together so he could touch her even if it was just her arm.. or face.

“Nothing, you're just adorable,” she told him smiling a little a blush tainting her cheeks as she spoke to him. Neil laughed a little as he walked over to her, his eyes darkening slightly as he looked down at her. Pushing some hair out of her eyes as he leaned closer to her brushing his lips over hers.

“Call me Oppa,” he whispered to her lightly, and he felt her lean closer to him. Her eyes were closed, and he felt her nod lightly.

“Oppa,” she whispered softly, and he pressed his mouth against hers.


... Isn't "Neil" supposed to be "Niel"?
skyelynx skyelynx
Sweet Neil. He seems kind of shy, but got up the courage to speak with her.
Nice beginning. I like this.