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Layers, Upon Layers

The Finish

His parents would be back in a week, and Neil was feeling the pressure. Their first make out session had lasted two hours and hiding the hard on he had after wards was nearly impossible. He knew she'd felt it on her hip when he'd laid over her, and there was no way he could possibly explain the embarrassment he felt – but kept hidden. They'd pretty much came back to his house every day, just so they could be in each others presence without feeling as if they were doing something wrong. By now the school had started talking about their relationship, and he'd known this was bound to happen so he hadn't been too worried about it in the first place. He opened the door and they took their shoes off just as usual, but today – Kaya seemed more affectionate. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and stared up at him with her blue eyes that made him lose his mind.

“Oppa..” she whispered as she looked at him, her fingers ran over his chest in almost a seductive manner. Neil had never seen her like this, and he hadn't expect her to ever be like this with him. Most girls didn't show too much emotion but she was different. He couldn't place what it was, but he felt like she was asking for something.

“Yes?” he said quietly brushing hair out of her face, and placing his lips on hers softly. He heard a sigh escape her lips, and it almost sounded like a moan to him but he pushed the thought away thinking he'd been thinking of her too much for it to be real.

“I ..” she blushed as she looked away from him, causing him to smile and direct her face back to him with his index finger. He knew now he wasn't imagining things, she was thinking just like he was and it was becoming too much to bear on her own. He leaned down and pleased his lips at the base of her neck, nibbling and sucking on the exposed skin. He heard it, clear as day a moan fall from her lips in such a seductive manner he didn't know if he'd be able to contain himself. His member twitched in his pants, and he grunted a little himself.

“Oppa.. touch me please,” she whimpered quietly as she ran her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. He ran his hands over her curves and grabbed her ass in his hands pulling her closer to him, he heard her giggle a little and he brought his mouth to hers.

“Tell, oppa how?” he smirked at her as he looked down at her.

Kaya pouted at him then grabbed his hands leading him to his bedroom. Neil was smirking to himself, he couldn't wait to touch her the way she wanted him to. When they got to his room he sat on the bed, and she climbed on his lap pressing her lips against his. He ran his hands down her back, and over her backside then under her skirt touching her panty clad behind. His tongue thrusted into her mouth fighting her for dominance, there was no way he'd let her win that over him. He rolled her onto her back so he was over her, between her legs. Neil pulled her shirt from her skirt untucking it so he could pushing his hand up her shirt.

Kaya's eyes were closed as she kissed him, allowing him to do as he wished with her body. He smirked as he ran his fingers over the swell of her breast then pulled out of the kiss, and began to unbutton her top so he could get an eyeful of what he was touching. When he exposed her stomach he pressed his lips to the skin, running his tongue up to her bra where he then unbuttoned the front clasp then gazed upon her breasts before staring into her eyes and kissing her quickly. His nimble fingers ran over her nipples bringing them to pink peaks, his tongue sought them out as moan escaping both of them.

“O-oppa,” she gasped as she held onto the sheets of his bed.

His tongue ran over the hard tips of nipples before he wrapped his lips around them and sucked and nibbled on them causing her to moan a little louder as he used his free hand to pushed under her skirt. His fingers teased her through her panties, as he detached himself from her breast then watched her facial expressions, he pulled her skirt over her hips then brought her lips to his as he ran his finger over her covered clit.

“Neil,” she gasped against his mouth as her breathing starting to come out in short gasps against his lips.

A smirk curved at his lips as he watched her writhe under him, he could feel his member straining against his pants. He sat up, removing his hand from under her skirt. He began to unbutton his shirt and tossed it to the side then took off his tank, her hands ran over his bare chest as he crushed his mouth to hers. He groaned against her mouth when her leg rubbed against his aching bulge. He moved his lips to her neck sucking and biting but not enough to leave a mark, the last thing they needed was questions. He ran his tongue down between the valley of her breasts, down her stomach where he bit her hips lightly. Neil could feel how restless she was getting, and he too couldn't wait for her to touch him.

He sat up, and put her hands on his belt wanting her to see him and touch his length. He knew by now he was probably purple from the amount of blood flow going through him. She pulled his belt off, and tossed it to the floor, his eyes never left her as she unbuttoned his pants. He climbed off the bed then pushed his pants over his hips. His erection was straining against his boxer briefs and he winced a little when her fingers ran over the bulge. Kaya pulled on the elastic of his boxers and slowly pulled them over his hips. Neil let out a sigh when he was freed from the constraints, her finger slowly wrapped around his girth and he let out a moan, his eyes sliding closed and his head going back. Kaya moved her hand over his length with almost expert motions, and he felt like he would lose himself if he didn't take her right that second.

“Stop,” he whimpered putting his hand over hers, “I don't want it to be over yet,”

A giggle passed through her lips, and he knew taking her would be the best thing that he'd ever done. Neil had never thought about being with someone like this before and it made his length twitch with excitement. He walked over to his desk and grabbed a condom from the top drawer before he climbed on his bed, he placed his back against the wall. “C'mere,” he said to her softly, a seductive look in his eyes. He ripped the package open and watched her as she shimmied out of her panties then did as he'd told her. Kaya climbed over him, her hands were shaking and he placed them on his shoulders. Neil brought her mouth to his kissing her sensually, his tongue massaging hers as he slowly brought them together. He used on hand to guide himself to her entrance, gasping at the sensation that vibrated through his entire body.

Neil felt her tremble as he hit her barrier, he'd somehow know that she was virgin. He had been with one other girl but he couldn't remember much about the night except that he'd had a little too much to drink. He looked into her eyes, and thrusted up into her trying not to moan out as he entered her, and taking her innocence. Only he'd know this side of her, and that made him swell with pride as she lowered herself onto him completely. He saw the tears in her eyes, and kissed them away. Neil knew her being on top would give her more control of the situation and with this being her first time he wanted her to feel in control with no pressure.

“I.. I'm okay,” she whispered to him softly pressing her lips against his own, he could tell she was still adjusting but she had slowly started to rock her hips against his own so he began to move with her. Small moans slipping from his lips as he began to pant, he knew he wouldn't last much longer at this rate. He'd been waiting for this for so long he didn't know if he'd be able to hold off much longer. He felt her begin to roll her hips on his and he groaned his head going back, Neil wasn't sure when she learned that move but he liked it.

“W..where'd you learn that?” he laughed as he moaned again.

“It felt good, so I did it,” she said meekly as she began to pick up her pace. Neil couldn't take much more so he switch positions placing her on her back without removing himself from her. He began to thrust into her, and for the first time he heard her let out a loud moan causing him to smirk as he began to pick up his pace. He cursed under his breath as he moved inside of her feeling pleasure he couldn't even give himself.

“Kaya.. I'm close,” he warned her softly and she nodded a little.

“O- okay,” she whispered softly as she wrapped her legs around him as his thrusts became more frantic and rough. Neil felt his body tense as he came, he cried out thrusting to ride out his orgasm. He'd never had one this strong before, his body was going numb and he continued even after he was finished but with renewed energy.

“Oh,” Kaya panted and he felt her tighten around him as she cried out.

He slowed his pace looking down at her as she came undone under him, it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Neil pressed his lips against hers, stroking her hair as he stayed inside of her, living in the moment. He never wanted this moment to end.

“I think I love you,” he whispered to her softly as he stared into her baby blues.

“I think I love you too,” she said back to him.


... Isn't "Neil" supposed to be "Niel"?
skyelynx skyelynx
Sweet Neil. He seems kind of shy, but got up the courage to speak with her.
Nice beginning. I like this.