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Layers, Upon Layers

For A While

Neil watched her from across the room, she was chatting with a few friends and it was unlike him to feel this way for someone he'd never even had the courage to speak to before. Passing in the hallways seemed rarer now than they had in the past, and he was sure it was because his stares made her nervous. She made his heart skip, jump and leap whenever he saw her. She also awakened something inside of him that he'd never known to exist in him before. Neil found himself lying awake at night, thinking of her. He found most nights he'd had his hand wrapped around himself as he thought of her, a mess he'd willingly make just at the thought of her smiling at him or her soft lips wrapped around him. There was nothing innocent about how he thought of her, he made himself have control or else he might scare her off. Neil didn't know how much longer her could wait though, to hear her call to him and finally make her his.

Neil was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the bell ring, signaling the end of the day. He had decided this morning that he wouldn't be going to study after school, he'd be walking her home today. Of course he had a plan, to see if she was even at all interested and what to do if she wasn't. His heart pounded as he walked over to her smiling, “Can I walk you home? We live in the same direction,” he offered to her, he wore a confident smile on his lips. Neil felt a sense of success when her friends giggle, and a blush tainted her perfect fair skin.

“Sure,” she whispered almost breathlessly.

Could she like him too? Was it possible that she laid awake at night touching herself to the though of him, he ran his tongue over his plump lips then smiled offering to hold her books. Reluctantly she gave them to him, this was the main way guys asked a girl out without making it publicly known by screaming it at the top of their lungs.

“I'm Neil,” he said to her, introducing himself again, she blushed.

“I'm Kaya,” she said to him as she brushed some of her brown hair out of her face. He'd learned a while ago that she'd been adopted by a Korean couple when she was a baby. So her Korean was fluent, but she was also fluent in English. She didn't have the burden of a hard to understand accent either, which he found intriguing of her.

“It suits you, your name,” he said to her as they walked out of the school.

“Thank you,” she spoke as she walked, her steps small. “Your name is a bit odd for a Korean boy,” she laughed, and it was like music to his ears. He grinned at her then looked forward, Neil knew his name was odd.

“Yeah, my name is Ahn Daniel, so I shortened it,” Neil told her nodding a little as he looked ahead, they were just making their way to the court yard. At the pace they were going it'd take about two hours before they got her home. He loved the idea of spending more time with her. The fact that she was going just as slow told him she too wanted to be alone with him and it stirred something deep inside of him he'd only ever felt when he thought of her.

“Makes sense,” she said to him nodding a little as she glanced at him then turned her head when she noticed he was looking at her. Neil liked this, he liked the idea that she was a little nervous around him.

“So, when is your birthday?” he asked her curiously as he looked at her smiling.

“November, second,” she told him smiling, “I'm 18,” she told him as she chewed on the inside of her lip.

He smiled a little,”I'm older then you then,” he told her as he looked at her,”I just turned 19,” he explained to her as he led her out of the schools gates and down the road. He enjoyed walking home, it gave him time to think before he had to start studying which was a lot of work since he had so many classes. Neil liked the time he had with her as well, given this was their first time talking one on one – he found she was much more personable than he thought.

“Oh,” she laughed a little and nodded,”It would seem so, so what prompted you to talk to me today?” she asked him curiously as she looked at him. Kaya seemed more bold as she asked this question and he almost stumbled over his words – probably would have had he not had practiced this in the mirror a thousand times.

“Why wouldn't I want to talk to you? You're beautiful, very obviously smart,” he said to her with a smile as he glanced down at the shorter girl. Neil stood at 177cm (5'9”) and here she was at five foot, which was so much shorter than he was. However her height had been one of the things to attract him to her, he had a thing for shorter girls. He felt more masculine around them, he did get teased a lot for being extremely feminine looking. Which he didn't mind to be honest, he had gotten most of his looks from his mother but he knew once he had a girl on his arm no one would be able to say anything.

Kaya's cheeks heated up and she laughed nervously, “You're too kind,” she told him as she licked her lips lightly. Just as they were passing a ice cream shop he slowed down and touched her arm lightly.

“Want to get some ice cream?” he asked her smiling a little as he looked at her, a excited grin spread across his face. He was hoping she'd agree, because he had a bit of an addiction to sweets.

“Alright,” she smiled a little and followed him into the shop.


... Isn't "Neil" supposed to be "Niel"?
skyelynx skyelynx
Sweet Neil. He seems kind of shy, but got up the courage to speak with her.
Nice beginning. I like this.