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My Heart

When the first snow falls for the thousandth time

B.A.P's latest promotions had just ended, and Jongup flung his exhausted body onto his couch with a high pitched whine. He loved being back on stage and fulfilling his dream, but it didn't make the work any less tiring. All he wanted to do now was bask in the cool air flowing through his apartment, whisking away the sweat that had formed on his skin from being in the sun all day long.

He'd barely had five minutes of rest before his phone rang shrilly, making him let out a groan as he reached out to answer it.

"Dongsaeng!" Juhee's familiar voice cooed through the phone. "I'm so proud of you for finishing your promotions, Jongup-ah. We should celebrate!"

Jongup shook his head before realizing he needed to respond verbally. "Noona, can we celebrate later? I'm so tired right now that all I want to do is sleep for a thousand years." As if to prove his point, the brunette let out a loud yawn.

"Aw, you're no fun, Guppie!" she whined playfully. "Fine, if you're that tired, we can go out later. But I'm bringing over movies and ice cream to your apartment, it's hot and I don't want you to die on your first day of your break."

Jongup smiled softly to himself as he switched his cell phone to his other ear. "Alright, noona. What time should I expect you to get here?"

A loud knock startled him then. "Now?" Juhee teased, her voice coming through both the door and the phone. The younger boy laughed to himself and stood up to answer it. As Jongup had opened the door enough, she launched herself into his arms.

"Pabo," the younger boy teased, ruffling her hair. "You should've told me you were on your way already!"

Juhee scoffed. "Yeah, and take all the fun out of it? I think not." She stepped aside and kicked her shoes off, holding up the bag of food and movies in her hand. "I brought good stuff, I promise."

The brunette shrugged, grabbing her by the shoulders and steering her towards the couch. "Noona, I don't really care what movie we watch since I'll probably end up falling asleep anyway," he told her, chuckling softly. "As long as I can use you as a pillow, I'll watch anything."

Juhee smirked as she sat down, reaching into the plastic bag. "You might regret that statement later, Moon Jongup," she warned.

Jongup, who had already rested his head in his hand and closed his eyes, simply shook his head. "I doubt it," he yawned. "Just start the movie so I can use you as a pillow."

He heard the sound of the disc going into the DVD player, and then the couch sunk beside him before he felt Juhee's arms wrap around his waist. "Comfy," she mumbled, laying her head against his shoulder.

"Hey, you're supposed to be the pillow," the younger boy mumbled, but he was already dozing off and he didn't have the heart to push her away.

Jongup was almost completely asleep a few minutes later, but Juhee's sudden shift jarred him awake again. "Go back to sleep, Guppie," she told him, reaching up to brush some hair out of his eyes. The brunette felt his chest tighten slightly and before he knew what was happening himself, his hand had cupped her chin and brought her face up to meet his in a languid kiss.

As soon as she pulled away, he felt like an idiot. Why had he done that? She was going to make some excuse to leave and then she'd ignore all his calls and-

"Jongup?" she called softly. He turned his gaze towards her, careful to keep a blank expression on his face so he could judge her reaction.

"Noona, I'm really sor—" he began, but he was cut off when she leaned up and pecked him quickly. As he looked at her in confusion, she giggled.

"You're so cute when you're confused," she teased, pinching his cheek affectionately.

He blinked a few times in confusion. "So...you're not mad?"

Juhee scoffed. "Are you kidding? We've basically been flirting for a whole year now, I think it's about time that somebody made a move."

A shaky sigh of relief left his mouth, and she grabbed his hand comfortingly. "Well if you're not mad, then can I take you out one day? Our promotions did just end, so I'll have some time—"

Juhee interrupted him with another kiss and grinned. "Why bother? We're watching a movie and cuddling right now, so we might as well call this our first date and just skip right to being boyfriend and girlfriend." The younger boy blinked again, slightly shocked. "Unless I'm scaring you by being too forward?" she added, a little less confidently than before.

"No, no, I'd really like that! I'm just a bit upset that we won't get to have a proper first date, that's all," Jongup quickly explained. "I kinda wanted to do this properly, noona."

"Don't worry about it," she assured him, lacing her fingers together in his. "You have time to make up for it," she teased.

"Let's just watch the movie for now," he laughed, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer.


I love your story its too innocent
CLara CLara