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My Heart

When the sun loses its light

Jongup stepped out of the lecture hall, sucking in a deep breath of the fresh spring air. He'd just finished his final exam of his freshman year, and he felt weirdly relieved to be done with school for the time being. He had spent so long with his group members that being apart from them for the last eight months had been unexpectedly difficult. For the first time since debut, he was actually looking forward to having a comeback. He'd miss the brown shade of his natural hair once the coordi-noonas inevitably dyed it, but it was a small price to pay since he would be back with the people he was closest to. But of course, as with everything in life, there was a double-edged sword.

"Jongup-ah!" a voice called, interrupting his thoughts.

While away from his members, Jongup had to learn how to make new friends. With his already shy nature and his increased celebrity status, it was not as easy as he'd hoped to make friends in the beginning of the semester. He'd supposed that was where Juhee had come in.

Though she'd been bitter and condescending during their first meeting in the hall, Jongup quickly learned by being in class with her that that was not her usual attitude. In fact, she was actually quite the opposite.

"Jongup-ah," Juhee called out again, this time a bit whinier as she came up and linked their arms together. "Let's go eat something, I want to celebrate your first year of college!" She pouted at him and batted her eyelashes, laughing as his mouth fell open slightly.

Though Juhee was older than him by two years, she sometimes acted like she was his age or even younger. It confused Jongup, and that's when she would strike, usually asking him to take her out to a meal or go shopping. Once, she'd even gone so far as to trick him into being her date to her brother's wedding. But no matter how many times she did it, he never could manage to figure out what was happening until after he'd already been suckered into whatever thing Juhee wanted him to do.

"Hello, dongsaeng?" she said, waving her hand in front of his face with a laugh. "Did you turn your brain in along with the exam paper?"

"What?" Jongup asked, his face flushing slightly.

Juhee laughed and reached up to pinch his cheek affectionately. It still hurt as much as the first time she'd ever done it, but Jongup still had too much pride to say so. "You silly boy, I was asking if you wanted to go eat some food. I'll even pay for it."

"O-oh, sure, noona," he stuttered out, rubbing the back of his neck. He always felt like a little boy around Juhee, no matter how much he struggled not to. There was just something about her that never failed to disarm him.


I love your story its too innocent
CLara CLara