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My Heart

When the stars fall like rain

"That's the last of it," Daehyun confirmed with a grunt as he put the box in his hands down on the floor.

Jongup leaned against the front doorway and looked around at the living room, filled with boxes and small furniture. "I can't believe I have my own place," he found himself murmuring.

Yongguk appeared in the hallway behind him, patting the younger's shoulder and drawing him out of his daze. "Our Jonguppie is growing up," the leader teased. "By the way, what time is Juhee getting here with her stuff?"

Jongup shrugged. "She didn't give me a time. You all know how she is." His friends all nodded in agreement, knowing all too well how their member's girlfriend could be.

"Well, I think we're going to get going. Have a good night, Jongup-ah," Himchan said after a moment, reaching over to ruffle the younger boy's hair.

The other boys said their goodbyes and filed out of the apartment until Jongup was alone, looking around once again. The sun was going down finally, and it left a harsh glare bouncing off the far wall. He picked up a box from beside him and ventured towards the bedroom he'd picked for himself, noticing how empty the rest of the apartment seemed compared to the front room.

By the time Juhee arrived a few hours later, knocking on the front door, it was dark outside and the brunette had managed to put several boxes in their rightful places. When he opened the door and took the box out of his girlfriend's hands, she looked around with a surprised expression.

"Wow, you got so much done already!" She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, grinning widely.

"Yeah, I figured I should try to get as much done as I could before you got here so there wouldn't be too much work left. Is this all your stuff or is there more in the car?" he replied, raising his eyebrows.

Juhee grinned. "There's definitely a few more boxes in my car," she told him. "Here, take my keys."

Jongup took them from her outstretched hand and gave her a quick peck on the forehead. "Great. If that's your clothes or whatever, you can just take that back to the bedroom. I already set up the dresser, so you can just put your stuff right away."

"Ah, you know me too well," Juhee laughed, adjusting the box as she walked through the living room.

The younger boy grinned to himself as he leaned against the front door, twirling her car keys around his finger for a few moments before following after her. He made it to the hallway before her loud gasp echoed off the empty walls, making his smile stretch even wider.

"Guppie," she murmured, turning around to face him. The brunette motioned for her to go into the room, coming up to her and placing his hands on her shoulders. He carefully steered her through the doorway, towards the blanket he'd set up on the floor. There were two plates of pizza, two glasses of champagne, and a half a dozen candles were lighting the room. "What is all this?"

Jongup smiled, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend's waist and turning her around. "If I recall correctly, about a year and three months ago, you told me I had a long time to make up for our first date. Yet somehow, I never felt like the dates we've gone on since then have been properly adequate. I don't think it's fair that we usually have to dress in disguise when we go out somewhere and most of the time, we just end up staying in. But then I was thinking about what to do as our make-up first date, it hit me. Why not just make the first night in our apartment a really special one?" He paused and looked down at her, seeing an unreadable expression cross her face. "What? It's not too stupid of an idea, is it?"

Juhee leaned up immediately and kissed away his slight frown, shaking her head. "No, it's not stupid," she replied, grabbing his hand and lacing their fingers together. "It's perfect, just like my boyfriend."

The younger boy motioned towards the blanket. "We should eat before the pizza gets cold," he teased, watching as his girlfriend hurried over and sat down.

"To the first night in our new apartment," Juhee declared, grabbing her champagne glass and holding it up. Jongup quickly grabbed his and they toasted, hiding their smiles as they drank.


I love your story its too innocent
CLara CLara