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My Heart

When the wide ocean dries up

It was his first day of college and Jongup was late. Here he was, finally able to attend school without having to worry about promotions starting up again within a few weeks, and he had managed to sleep past the setting on his alarm. It was beyond frustrating for the young man, enough so that he was angrily huffing and puffing his way down the hall despite his obviously physically fit body.

After almost two full years of working he and his group to the bone, TS had finally relented at Jongup's plea for a few months' leave to attend school. Despite the company assuring him it was because they valued his education equally as much as his talent, Jongup knew the only reason they'd agreed is because B.A.P had secured not only domestic success, but international success as well. That had been the company's goal from the start, and now that their spot was not in any real danger of being snatched away, they had agreed to let the group take a break.

Jongup was using his time to start college. He'd been afraid back in the spring that he'd end up having to defer his enrollment, but was pleasantly surprised when he got news of their hiatus. As for the other members, the second youngest was not quite sure of their plans.

Yongguk would probably release a solo album, since he'd been penning his own songs between promotions ever since their debut. Himchan was still finishing up the last of his physical therapy, so that he would be able to return as his usual self once the group reunited in a few months. Daehyun, the most mysterious of all the members, was a wild card. Jongup honestly wasn't sure what the older boy would do with his time. He'd never seemed interested in solo activities, nor did he have much of an interest in school or dating. There was not much else that the younger boy could think of that would entertain his hyung for eight whole months, so he chose not to wonder too much about it. Youngjae was already working with Sunhwa-noona again, recording a follow up to their digital single from last year. And the maknae, as far as Jongup knew, was splitting his time between concentrating on high school and spending time with the girlfriend he was not supposed to have. Jongup supposed the only reason TS had let it slide is because he was still in school, but it also didn't make sense to the older boy because his dongsaeng's girlfriend was even older than Daehyun-hyung.

As he searched for his classroom with all of this running through his head, Jongup didn't even notice the girl he practically barreled over until it was too late. Her books that she'd been carrying in her arms (Why? Jongup thought as they fell to the ground; she clearly had a backpack slung over her shoulder) went sprawling across the floor, her skirt fanning out around her legs as the two of them landed together in a heap.

"Don't you watch where you're going?" she snapped bitterly, looking towards him. He was surprised that there were still people in Seoul who didn't recognize his face, though the voice in the back of his mind reminded him not to be so full of himself.

"S-sorry," he apologized, offering to help the girl up. Instead, she ignored his hand and pushed herself off the floor, angrily collecting her things in a mismatched pile. Jongup started to bend down to get the book nearest to his feet, but stopped when she shot him a sharp glare. "Yah, aren't you rude, not using the proper honorific?"

He looked bewildered as she stood up, her sharp gaze piercing through him like knives. "How do you even know you're older than me?" he asked weakly.

She scoffed. "You still have baby fat on your face, little dongsaeng," she said, reaching out to roughly pinch one of his cheeks. It hurt, but Jongup wasn't about to give this strange girl the satisfaction of hearing him yelp like a kicked puppy.

"I'm late for class," is what came out of his mouth instead, and he immediately wanted to kick himself as soon as he saw the smirk on her face.

"Well, don't let me keep you," she said sarcastically, gliding past him with her books now secured tightly against her chest. Jongup watched her go, moderately fascinated by the slight swing of her skirt as she disappeared down the hall.

"By the way," her loud voice called without turning around, making him bring his gaze up sharply. "My name is Juhee. I hope I don't run into you the next time you're late."

She disappeared around a corner before he could even form a question, leaving Jongup standing in the middle of the hall completely bewildered.

He arrived at his class twenty minutes later, a strange feeling washing over him when he spotted Juhee sitting in the teaching assistant's desk.


I love your story its too innocent
CLara CLara