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The story of Aaralyn Park


Jay Park stared at the tiny toddler who stared back with her big, fearful eyes. She had handed him an envelope and his picture. He watched as she jumped at every movement that someone made.
Simon sat next to him in their office. Simon had pointed out the bruises on her visable skin. With a deep breath Jay opened the envelope. Inside were two sheets of paper. One a blank birth certificate, the other a letter.

Dear Jay
The girl in front of you is your daughter. She was born on February 14 2016. I never gave her name nor did I want her. My boyfriend wanted to keep her. But after some incidents I have decided to send her to you. She doesn't talk. Never have. She is now your problem.

Simon read over Jay's shoulder. "Daughter? Your problem? Who is this woman?"
"I don't know but let's get her to a hospital and make sure she is mine." Said Jay in shock. "And make sure she gets a good check up."


Aaralyn Park

Aaralyn Park

The 3 year old daughter of Jay Park. She never talks and seems to have a rough 3 years of her life. She is extremely smart and talented.



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