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Chapter 1

The hat on my head announces, its voice echoing in the headmaster’s office. “Excellent. Now that you have been sorted, get acquainted with the school and then you may return home to pack up your things for school next week. I am sure you already know of the rules within a wizarding school, so I will not say them again.” Headmaster McGonagall says, smiling at me. “I quite understand your reason for being sorted early. It would look quite silly for a sixteen year old to be sorted with all the eleven year old first years. The report from Mahoutokoro says that you achieved your Golden Robe at the end of last year and that you were the seeker of the Toyohashi Tengu. Are both of those statements correct?”
“Yes.” I answer quietly. “Then I expect that you are not behind the curriculum we are currently teaching. Your mother can tell you about what she learned in each year when she attended this school to further your knowledge. I also expect that you try out for seeker in your house. As for the school, Professor Longbottom, your house head, will be up in a moment to show you around the school before you travel back home. Do you have any questions?” “Will you introduce me to the school at the welcoming feast?”
Headmaster McGonagall’s eyes crinkle up as she smiles. “Of course not. I will not subject you to the gazes of a thousand students. No, I will let you be at your table and I hope you are able to make some friends quickly.” There’s a sharp knock on the oak door of the office and Headmaster McGonagall calls “Do come in, Professor Longbottom.”
The door slowly opens to reveal a very handsome man in very, very dirty robes. “I assume you were in the middle of preparing for your Herbology class next week and forgot that your new student was coming in. Am I correct?” She asks, her voice stern. “Yes Prof- I mean, Headmaster. Quite a few of the Vampire Daisies refused to be put into their pots and-“He stops as McGonagall holds up her hand. “Yes, I understand, but do remember that we have a new student that is not a first year.” Professor Longbottom quickly nods and smiles at me. “Hello, I’m Professor Neville Longbottom, how do you do, miss,” He introduces himself and waits for me to answer. “Yuki Park.” “Miss Park. Just give me a moment to clean my robes and we shall be off to tour the castle.” It indeed takes him just a moment to point his wand at his robes and they are instantly clean. “Now, if you’ll come with me, I will show you around the grounds and feel free to ask any question that comes to mind. I love questions.” Professor Longbottom grins as I cast a glance at McGonagall and she gives me another smile before I’m walking out of the office.


It was a couple hours before mom said I had to be at King’s Cross, so I was sitting at a table outside of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. From what mum said, it had been reopened a few years ago by the owner’s daughter because the business did fairly well. I’d say that was an understatement. When I’d arrived, there had been a line almost out the door and the ice cream was the best I’d ever had. So I’d gone to get seconds and settled down at the table outside. If mom knew, she’d scold me. It wasn’t even nine o’clock yet and I was having ice cream after my breakfast.
People watching, I notice a few teenagers that I could only guess were students from Hogwarts, give me a curious look. I was a teenager they’d never seen before in Diagon Alley. Their parents urged them along before they could stop to chat, talking about last minute purchases under their breath. After a few minutes, I’d finished my ice cream again and decide to explore.
The moment we’d gotten to Britain had been hectic. Mum and dad had immediately started working and I had been left to study my notes from the year before at Mahoutokoro. They hadn’t allowed me to go out until after the visit and sorting at Hogwarts. Wandering down the cobblestone road, I stuff my hands into my jacket pockets, my eyes wandering up and down the store fronts. I’d already been to most of the stores, earlier in the week with mum to get my supplies, but I hadn’t gone to all of them. Especially not the bright joke store at the end of the street. I hadn’t been able to stay in Flourish and Blott’s long enough either. Turning into the book store, I head straight to the second floor and to the back where shelves and shelves were filled with fiction. Some of it was muggle fiction, which I recognized easily. But what I wanted was wizarding fiction. The kind that I wasn’t able to get in Japan. Pulling a few off of the shelves, I pay for them and have them sent home before stepping out of the store and going straight to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.
A smile is immediately on my face as I take in the vibrant colors that surrounded me. Wandering around, I steer clear of the corner that was decorated only in hot pink, seeing the dazed looks some of the girls had. In the end, I just end up paying for a tube of bruise removal paste and a few bottles of sunny spells. Coming down from the top floor where I’d payed for my items, I’m nearly knocked over the stair railing as someone rushes past me.
“Soonyoung, watch what you’re doing!” Someone shouts, a hand grasping my arm and pulling me away from the railing. “Thanks.” I say, looking at the person. He looked younger than me and had soft looking honey brown hair. “No problem. Sorry for my friend, he gets pretty excited in here. He didn’t mean to nearly kill you.” He smiles and I glance up at the bleached head that was gazing at the shelves of items. “As long as I’m not dead.” I smile back and he quickly lets go of my arm, pink tinting his cheeks. “Vernon, let’s go. We need to stop Soonyoung before he brings the whole store to school.” I notice a person behind him and he smiles at me too. His smile was probably energized by the sun given how bright it was. Vernon starts up the stairs again, flashing me a smile and the happy boy smiles at me for a few seconds more before following his friend.
I’m almost to the ground floor when another person knocks into me. I stumble and bump into a little girl that was hurrying up the stairs too. She nearly wails as the box she had in her hands goes flying. Instincts kicking in, I immediately lunge forward and grab it before it can get too far from the stairs. I glance at the person that had knocked into me first, and give the giant a glare before handing the box to the little girl. “Thank you!” She exclaims, smiling with her teeth before continuing up the stairs. Huffing as I leave the shop, I go to the entrance of the Alley and step into a fireplace of lime green flames, reciting my address clearly. The world spins until I’m standing in the fireplace at home, mom coming out of the kitchen with her phone in her hand to see what the noise was. She eyes the bag of Wizard Wheezes in my hand before motioning for me to go upstairs and finish packing. I hurry up the stairs and do as she says. I finger the fabric of my Gold Robe before I hear mom call me down to start for King’s Cross. Dropping the fabric, I haul my trunk down the stairs and out to the car, refusing to let mom help me. She was the one seeing me off because dad couldn’t get the morning off from work. “Now remember, try not to lose any house points or get in trouble. I’d hate to get a letter from McGonagall telling me you got beat up. Or you beat someone else up.” She gives me a pointed look, knowing that I could hold my own, having made me take both Taekwondo and Karate at Mahoutokoro.
“Yes mum.” I sigh and she continues to talk even when she’s leading me down the platform to find the wall that led to our magical one. “Always make sure you’re safe too.” She gives me a knowing look and I can’t help my lips as they twitch upward. She understood that I’d be living in a castle with hormone crazed teenagers for a year. “Any tips?” I prod and earn a playful nudge. “Now pretend that you’re running late and run straight with me.” Mom points at the bricks in front of us and I nod.
Seconds later, we’re on a completely different platform that was bustling with activity. Rolling the luggage trolley towards a man handling trunks, I help him grab it and look around to find the trolley gone and mom smiling at me with tears in her eyes. “Mom, you were crying earlier, why are you crying again?” I smile a little, reaching up and wiping the tears away. “I never thought I’d see you go to the same school I went to. I didn’t know it’d be this emotional.” Mom sniffles and my smile widens. “You can always send me mail, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll write back whenever you do.” She nods before squeezing the air out of my lungs.
“The first years usually take the front carriages, and sixth years are back here.” Mom says, taking a deep breath and leads me down the platform to a door. “Now go before I won’t let you leave.” She sniffs again and lightly pushes me up on to the train. “Send me a letter if you miss me.” I grin and she frowns momentarily before laughing and waving at me to go.
Stepping onto the train, I turn right and start down the corridor, looking in each of the compartments for an empty spot. A compartment door opens up ahead of me and someone steps out, stretching. Laughing and loud talking was coming from behind him as he looked around. I recognized him. It was the happy boy. He recognizes me at the same moment I do and he grins again, pointing. “Oh! It’s you! I didn’t know you went to this school!” It takes me a moment to realize he’s speaking in Korean. I’d forgotten that Hogwarts had started accepting students from around the world. “Are you looking for somewhere to sit? Here, come in and sit with us, we have room. I’m Seokmin by the way!” He speaks in rapid fire and I slowly nod, going over to where he was standing.
“Guys, we have another person to greet!” Seokmin announces and four heads swivel to look at the door. “Go ahead.” Seokmin says from next to me, gently nudging me to walk into the compartment. “Uh, hi. I’m Yuki.” I say and sit down closest to the door. Seokmin steps in and closes the door and immediately they’re all talking. “Oh, didn’t I run into you at the joke shop?”
A familiar bleached haired person asks over the others and I nod. “I’m sorry, I got yelled at by Vernon after that and didn’t get a chance to apologize. I’m Soonyoung, by the way.” His introduction quiets the others and I smile, taking his outstretched hand. Looking at the others, I take their hands as they introduce themselves. “Xu Minghao.” “Wen Junhui, or you can just call me Jun, sweetheart. Everyone does.” I didn’t even blink, replying “I’m not sweet. Not even for you.” Minghao chuckles and the last boy looks at me without smiling. “Jeon Wonwoo.” “Ya, stop the act. We all know you’re just a softie on the inside.” Seokmin drops down next to Wonwoo and the boy sighs before smiling, his nose crinkling a little. “Sorry, I’m used to intimidating people.” I grin back. “I’ve seen worse.”
“So, Yuki.” Jun draws my attention. “I’ve never seen you at Hogwarts before. Not in the six years we’ve been going. I’d have noticed someone as gorgeous as you.” He winks and I roll my eyes at his blatant flirting. “I came to Hogwarts this year.” They’re silent for a moment and before they can start talking over each other I continue. “I moved from Japan to Britain earlier this month, so I had to transfer schools.” “What was the other school like?” Soonyoung asks before the others. “I can’t say, sorry. I’ve got a jinx placed on me that shuts me up permanently if I talk about it.” They all look disappointed but nod. “What house are you in then? Are you going to be sorted with the first years?” Minghao asks and I shake my head. “I got sorted last week. I’m in Hufflepuff. Although I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that information.” “Us too!” Seokmin immediately exclaims, pointing at himself and Minghao. “We can show you where to sit and about anything you want. Other than things only the girls know. How old are you? Which year are you in? Did you want me to find a Hufflepuff girl that you can talk to? I know a girl called Maria.” He was talking a machine gun speed again but I nod, replying “I’m a sixth year now.” “Then you’re the same age as Jun and Wonwoo hyung! I’ll be right back!” He jumps up and leaves the compartment. “Can you tell us about Japan then?” Wonwoo asks to break the silence and I smile. “Of course. Just not about school. What did you guys want to know?”
Getting to the castle, I follow Seokmin and Minghao, listening to them rant about their classes the year before, occasionally going off topic and talking about a horrible classmate or two. They lead me into the Great Hall and my mouth falls open at the size of the room. Although I’d seen it on my tour before, it looked absolutely ethereal at night and filled with magic.
The ceiling was the sky and there were thousands, maybe millions of candles floating in the air. There was a long table at the opposite end of the room where I could see all the professors sitting. Four long tables took up the rest of the room. They were vertical, two on each side of the path in the middle of the hall. The boys lead me to the table closest to the middle on our right. “This is our table. We only really have to sit here during special occasions, any other day we can sit where we want. I like to sit with Soonyoung hyung at the Gryffindor table and Hao likes to sit with Jun over at the Slytherin table a lot. Sometimes the others join us at our table. It really depends on how each of us feels.” Seokmin explains as we sit down.
Jun sits directly across from us at the Slytherin table and winks again. “Ignore him. He gets too much attention from girls, that when one doesn’t show him interest, he tries ten times harder.” Minghao advises and I nod before Headmaster McGonagall draws the attention of the hall. The boys start to get restless as we sit through the sorting, song and speech. Getting bored throughout the speech, my gaze also wanders around the hall, looking at the students. I notice a girl a few seats down from Jun at the Slytherin table and blink as I recognize her.
As if she felt my gaze, her eyes go from Headmaster McGonagall to slide to me. Her face is blank in shock before a grin spreads across her face. “Yuki!” She mouths in excitement and I wave a little at her. I give her a look that says that I’ll find her later to explain and she nods before we both turn our attention back to the speech. I’d forgotten that my cousin Eve went to Hogwarts too. Finally the feast appears and I’m amazed at the spread of food. It’s an hour later that we can’t eat anymore. The boys wait for me to finish eating my piece of cake and we get up. Hao grabs my left hand while Seokmin grabs my right and they drag me out of the hall.
“Yuki Cerys Park!”
Eve calls before we get too far. Letting go of the boys’ hands, I turn around and am nearly knocked over as Eve slams into me, squeezing me so hard that I can’t breathe. “Auntie didn’t say you were coming to Hogwarts! If I knew, you could have sat with me on the train! Why are you here anyways? Just because you moved?” She asks me thousands of questions a second just like Seokmin and I try to answer them as fast as I can. “Eve, I actually have no idea about anything right now, so Minghao and Seokmin are helping me because we’re in the same house.” “You’re in Hufflepuff? That’s great! You can come visit my dorm room sometimes too! I’ll let you go and learn about your dorm mates and stuff. See you later!” And just like that, she’s gone.
“I always feel like I just got hit by a tornado when she shows up.” I sigh and Hao nods. “I feel you.” “So the Hufflepuff dorm rules are that boys are allowed into the girl dorm hallway, but we can’t get into your rooms. But Maria told you about the rules, right?” “Yep.” “Now this is the entrance to our common room.” They show me how to open it, tapping on the correct barrel and Seokmin lets go of my hand to go into the earthy smelling passage that led down. Hao interlocks our fingers and pulls me after him. Getting to the end of the passage, I’m met with a completely beautiful room.
It felt like I’d stepped into a badger’s den that had been decorated by Mother Nature herself. Plants hung from the ceiling and shelves were filled with different pots of dirt and greens. Since it was dark outside, I couldn’t see what was beyond the circular windows of the common room but I was already too busy admiring the colors and plants that surrounded us. This room was beautiful on its own but I wanted to see what it looked like with sunlight streaming in from the windows and a fresh breeze swaying the hanging plants. “Your reactions remind me of what we looked like when we were first years.” Hao says and lets my hand go as I drift to a hanging plant, reaching up to brush my fingers down its leaves. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Of course I’d be amazed. You better not be making fun of me.” I cast him a glare but a smile melts it as I turn my attention back to the plants.
“Who’s this?” A new voice asks and we turn to look at a boy standing in the common room doorway. He waves at a couple of girls as they walk past him but I can only stare at him. The only way to describe him, would be that he was a manly sort of beautiful. “Ten hyung, this is Yuki. She transferred to Hogwarts this year.” Seokmin starts talking again and I giggle, listening to him explaining my story.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Ten. My real name is pretty long and hard to say, so I stick with Ten.” He steps forward and holds out his hand as soon as Seokmin takes a break from talking. “Yuki Park.” I say my name again and he gives me an absolutely adorable smile. “Have you met all the boys yet?” He asks and I shake my head. “I only know Seokmin, Minghao, Jun, Wonwoo and Soonyoung. And you now. How many more are there?” Hao grins. “A lot. We have a big friend group.” I slowly nod and Ten watches me as I yawn.
“You should probably go to your room and get your stuff put away. You haven’t met your dorm mates either, right? Tonight’s going to be a wild night, you might need support from them. We’re having a party in one of the common rooms in a couple of hours so you probably want to be awake for that too. ” He grins and it seems to snap Seokmin and Minghao out of their daze. “Right. So your room is through here. Ours is through there.” Seokmin points at a door that had a carving of a beautiful tree in it and then the other one that had vines carved into it. He opens the first one to reveal a long hallway with a doorway at the end of it. They see the uncertainty on my face and this time Ten grabs my hand, pulling me down the corridor, searching for something. “What year are you?” He asks and I tell him before he’s pulling me to the end of the hall, turning left and down another hall. He stops at a door that had my name plaque on it along with three others. “Your room, milady.” He smiles and I grin, thanking them. “We’ll come get you for the party in a couple of hours. Don’t forget!” Seokmin waves as I open the door to my room. “Bye.” I motion for them to leave and step into the room.
Turning to look around the room, I see three girls staring at me. They were in the middle of the circular room, the bunkbeds forming a sort of invisible X. “Uh, hi.” My words break through the tension and the one wearing a flower crown on her head smiles. “No need to be nervous. We’ll be in the same room for the next two years. I’m Nina De La Cruz, you’re Yuki Park, right?” I nod and smile back. “Well Yuki, welcome to our dorm room! The reason we were staring at you was because we were shocked to see Ten in the doorway. We’re Hufflepuffs, but that is just amazing that you became friends with that boy so soon. And Seokmin and Minghao of course.” The one wearing a white dress gasps, fanning herself at the thought. “I’m Hanna Johnson, by the way. And that grumpy person over there, is Alice Henning. I think she’s jealous.” She points at the dark haired girl that had gone back to unpacking her trunk.
“I’m not jealous. I just wish I was able to get Ten to smile at me like that. Or any boy for that matter.” She grumbles and my lips quirk upwards. “Well, trust me. It’s not hard. Usually all you have to do is give them a smile.” She looks over at me, her lips curved upwards. “That’s good advice for someone who can’t keep her shit together around boys.” “So your bed is over here.” Nina pats at the bed to my left, closest to the door. “Your trunk is already there and I don’t really have anything else to tell you. Did someone tell you about the rules and such?” I nod, telling them who it was. “Maria’s pretty nice. I’ve only spoken to her a few times but it’s good you had someone to tell you about the school so soon.” I eye my bed as Nina talks.
“I’m actually going to pass out now. I just moved from Japan and I’m still getting used to the time zones.” I smile and they make understanding faces. “We’ll wake you up if anyone comes for you. Because considering you’re already friends with the popular boys, they will come get you.” Hanna grins and I smile back, opening my trunk and changing into just a large white tee shirt that I used to cover my clothes if I painted. Dropping onto my bed, I climb into the covers and am fast asleep within minutes.
“-Ki, Yuki. Seokmin told me to come get you.” Nina’s voice breaks through my dreams and I groan. Sitting up, I run my hand through my hair to untangle it a little before getting up. “They’re waiting in the common room.” Nina says and I yawn, nodding and slowly go out to the common room. Rubbing at my eyes, I blink as I stood in the doorway of the dorm corridor. There was more than six boys in the room. There’s a wolf whistle and I recognize Jun’s voice as he says “Well don’t you look appetizing.” Finally remembering that I’m not wearing pants, I reach down and tug at the hem of the shirt. A few of the boys look away to give me privacy but I can feel the stares of the others. Deciding to ignore them, I cross my arms.
“I forgot that I wasn’t wearing pants, okay? There’s no chance that you’d have seen it otherwise.” I snap, yawning again, trying to wake up. “Damn, I like her already.” One of the boys says as the others chuckle. I recognized different colored ties for the different houses and cock my head to the side. “You’re having the party in the Hufflepuff common room?” I recognize Vernon and he smiles at me. “No, we came to introduce ourselves and to come get you. You might want to go put your uniform back on.” Soonyoung says and I nod, turning to the door. I glance back to see Jun nearly drooling.
And it wasn’t just him.
“You can look but you can’t touch.” I smirk wickedly and his eyes snap to my face. Going back to the room, Nina cocks her eyebrow, jerking her chin at my exposed legs.
“Jun’s one horny motherfucker.”
She cracks up as I pull on my uniform skirt and shirt, tightening my tie. “Does it matter if I wear my stockings?” I ask, combing my hair. “Dress code. Plus, boys think it’s hot.” Nina answer my question and I sigh, pulling the tight fabric up my legs. Slipping my heels from earlier back on, I wave at Nina before leaving and going back out to the common room. “Damn, she’s dressed.” I ignore the words and smile at the boys. “I can tell Seokmin’s already told you, but I’m Yuki Park, transfer student.” A couple of them nod their heads before they start introducing themselves. I repeat their names back to them and then Ten gets up, locking his elbow with mine.
“Now, let’s go to the party!” Grinning from ear to ear, I’m dragged up the changing staircase to the portrait that guarded the entrance to the Gryffindor common room. “Password~?” The Fat Lady trills, doing a sort of twirl in the portrait. “Classes celebramis.” Mingyu says and she nods in approval before her portrait swings outwards.
Loud music blasts from the common room and I flinch. The door is already open and the boys immediately go in, eager to have fun. I’m frozen, having second thoughts. I loved people, loved making friends, sure. But I was new, when all of these people have known each other for years.
“Go in.”
I jump, turning to see Jun standing behind me patiently. “It’s just a party. If you don’t like it you can leave. Or did you want to leave with me?” His lips twist into a provocative smirk and I roll my eyes, going into the common room. I’m immediately assaulted by the loud music and the packed room. My eyes roam the room as Jun slips past me, going straight for a girl leaning against the fireplace. Hao appears before me with a bright grin and two plastic cups. “Here! It’ll help you loosen up!” He looked like he’d already had a cup of the mystery alcohol even if it hadn’t even been a few minutes since we got here. I tip it down my throat quickly and close my eyes, a smile on my lips as I feel it burn down my throat and to the tips of my fingers. Ten was right. This was going to be a wild night.


Warning, my chapters are a bit on the long side. Sorry about that.


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