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The Bloody Night

Chapter 3

It was an another late night, so I decided to go straight to the crime scene to see if their was undiscovered evidence. But, their was nothing,but of bunch of blood...dried up blood by the victims or criminals. This was going to be a hard case to crack,but this was not the time to back out now as I thought to myself. I had to know what had happened that night and why this had happened all of a sudden. As I was looking for more evidence, their I had found a ID card of one of the criminal on the ground in blood. It looked to be a ID card of one of the biggest dance club in Korea... Busan to be exact.

I took a cab to the club that the card read and wondered if this was the place that he had worked at. Upon arriving at the club, It was of course loud and crazy in the this particular club. The people was drinking a lot and their was a lot of girls wearing skimpy clothing which was to be expected. When I was walking up the stairs to the one of the louche areas, one of the girls had spilled alcohol on me on accident. Then, another guy came passing me and knocked me on the floor as he fell from the large puddle of alcohol on the floor.

Before my eyes, another guy wasn't paying attention and was going to step on me while on the floor. In a flash, a man with brown hair, piercings on his ears looked down at me and helped me up. Its like he came out of no where, their was a feeling of cold wind that blew through and gave me goosebumps. He had helped me up and led me outside of the club without saying a single word. But, before I could leave, I noticed that he was bleeding and it may have been because of me.

''Hey! You'' I shouted loudly

*Looked back at me*

''You're bleeding, your arm is bleeding.'' I said softly running up to him

''Do you need help? I can take you to the hospital?'' I said calmly

''I don't need help from you!'' He said back softly as he walked away

''Thank you!'' I mumbled confused

I started to look so confused on why he acted so mean towards me. It wasn't like I tried to harm him or anything.It seemed like something was off about him,but I couldn't land a finger on what it was.Then, it hit me that he was on his man period usual a lot of Koreans get on their period whenever something wrong happens to them. He must be having some tough times as too why he is so upset or cranky. It was already getting so late that it was time for me to head back home.

However, this was only the beginning of the investigation and their is more to come. For some odd reason, he seemed to be too mysterious probably he has something to do with the crime scene as well. I decided to take a rest from the crime scene for a while and let loose for a while. Moreover, I didn't want to become to obsessed with this and become crazy.

The next morning, I headed to the store to pick up some more vegetable for the shop as we ran out. All of a sudden, the local news was on again at the local grocery store,so I decided to tune in.

''This just in...at 9 A.M, Their was another incident at a local school and it was in fact a tragic murder. There was another dead boy, who looked like to be a student at the school and was on the football team. If you know anything about this tragic incident please come forward with information. Here back with the weather forecast...'' The news anchor said

Another incident was caused, It shocked me again that maybe I wasn't the only one going through something crazy. It was weird that more tragic incidents were happening at different places in Korea,yet I couldn't get a understanding as too why. Also, nobody seemed to want to come forward with such crime. Their had to be witnesses to these alleged murders,yet nobody won't come forward. I wanted to talk about these murders,but I didn't know who to go to.

Then, it suddenly rung a bell that I should go and visit the murder scene of this one. To see what this scene had in common with mine crime scene and see if I could link them together. However, I would have to go another day because I couldn't leave my grandfather and go crime hunting. Arriving back home with the groceries, I had ran upstairs and began writing down some notes real quick,so I wouldn't forget what happened the next day.

I headed downstairs to my grandfather and helped him out with the business.Then after a while, started cleaning up the store and washing the dishes.Two minutes later, it was already time for me to go to bed for school the next morning and to do some more investigating.



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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I sure will!

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