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The Bloody Night

Chapter 4

It was another boring day of school, I headed to the library to start studying for my test. I've been slipping in my academics classes which is unbelievable to my understandings. After studying, I went back to the club to ask some questions to further the knowledge of who those boys were. Then, I have to find out the guy with those bright...red eyes and what the hell is he. It was so weird that he had red eyes like-I've never seen a person with red eyes,but a...vampire.

I couldn't believe that I had to come to that conclusion and it just stunned me. If I had told the police that their was even a vampire,they would think that I was crazy and sick. Furthermore,nobody would believe me and I can't bother to take that risk.Then, I decided to further the murder and see if their is anything more unusual.But first, I had to search about their being any vampires in any of the other crimes that had happened and where their are from.

I pulled out my laptop and began to search for anything vampire related. However,their was nothing on anything around the parts of Seoul. Then, I decided to search further like in a more rural area such as Busan which is where the school was located. To my liking's, I found some vampire cases in the areas of Busan and it was widely known. I was so surprise that their was limited crime scenes that had to do with vampires. I closed my laptop and decided to head down to Busan.

Again, I drove to all the way to Busan to check out some of the other crime scenes and again their was one thing that they all have in common--blood stains. There was a lot of blood stains and it was almost becoming more repetitive.So, I began to think that vampires or another species did live among us in this world.Yet, I couldn't let the world know about this because they wouldn't be able to handle it.

After visiting Seoul, I headed back to the club once it hit midnight sense vampires come out at midnight. The club was my packed than the last time that I had came there the first time which was unusual to me. As I entered, I headed straight to the louche area when there was a group of girls sitting with a group of good looking guys. They were giggling and laughing at one another drinking red wine.

''Excuse me, Do you know anything about these young men?'' I calmly asked the group of women and men

*Looked at me giggling and laughing*

''What are you a detective at a police station?'' One of the girls said laughing

''How old are you? You look like a student in school more like a high schooler and yet you're asking us questions. Please...'' Another girl said flipping her hair

''I'm just asking a simple question and you want to be rude.Also, it doesn't matter if I'm a student all I asked was if you had seen this young boy before.'' I said annoyed

''Girls,just answer her questions or else she will still bother you. Also, we won't have time to play together like we always do.'' One of the guys said softly

''Sure!Jaewoo'' The girl said in a cutesy voice

''Yes, actually we have seen him before because he works here.However, we haven't seen him in a while because he haven't showed up here lately.'' she said

''Oh!Well, that is a disappointment. Thank you for your service.'' I said softly as I left

I had a gut feeling that Jaewoo had something to do with it because he hardly said anything. Furthermore, he was too relax with the current situation and he let the girls talk more than anything. So, I wanted to talk to him after he hanged out with some of his fangirls before I decided to move up on him. Two hours later, he finally finished talking with his fangirls at the club and headed outside.

''Hey you! Jaewoo!'' I shouted running up to him

''This annoying girl. What is it that you want now?'' He asked annoyed

''I wanted to know if you knew more about this boy.'' I said softly

''How many times are you going to keep asking questions about him? If you want my input than I will give you it.'' he said as he walked slowly towards me

''Um...I think that maybe--'' I said shuttering

''Maybe what? That you should back off a bit on the questions.'' he said as he pinned me up against the wall

''Please...don't kill me!'' I said nervously

''If I wanted to kill you I would've done it long ago,when I first met you and let you die.'' he said annoyed *Disappears in thin air*

*Falls to the ground in shock*



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

Hana Hana

i missed u thanks for updating xoxo

I sure will!

Hana Hana

thank u sooo much for these updates , Living ! also pls give mark another cameo, love him lol xP

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great updates, queen. always looking forward to your work. xx. thank u.

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