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Loving you 2

My happily ever after!

The following morning, I woke up to only look at the huge blue rock sitting on my ring finger. It was so nice to be happily engaged to the one and only person that I love. I kept tossing around in my big bed happily, I just couldn't contain my excitement anymore. It was so hard believe because I never thought I'll be engage to anyone. All in all, I thought I'll be happily single and still making big in the fashion industry.

As I was still excited, Jin came in my room and joined me in my bed to only see me enjoying the sight of the huge ring. He gazed at me with his dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. He also smirked at me, as he joked around with me, after seeing me so happy over a engagement room. We started playing with each other with the pillows on top of my bed only to glance at each other once again.

As he still laid in my bed, I got up from my bed and got ready to meet Kris at the local Coffee and tea shop. I expected Jin to not be so happy upon me still meeting up with Kris,but he seemed to not have a problem with it. Which made me happy that he finally got over it and knows that I truly love him. Also, that nothing will get between me and him as far as Kris goes. He will be my one and only love.

I didn't want to dress to sexy as I only do for Jin and Jin only. Furthermore, I know know Kris and I don't want to give him unnecessary ideas or thoughts. Not only give him ideas and thought but also to even lead him on that some day will be an item again. Which will definitely not happen as long as I'm alive and breathing. For the meeting, I made the thought of wearing a long sleeve white color shirt with a brown trench coat and jeans. Then, pairing it with my black ankle boots.

Not to mention, I even thought of not wearing my engagement ring,but it was so pretty. But, I later decided to wear it because Kris wouldn't notice it due to him being so stupid. He wouldn't notice something so small as a engagement ring. Correspondingly, he didn't even noticed at the fashion show that Nana's dress had a red stain on it. Which was embarrassing,but it didn't matter to me.

*At the Coffee and Tea shop*

''Good morning, Kris.'' I said nicely

''Good morning to you, Shiori.'' he replied back smiling

*Orders drinks*

''So, how is your fashion company coming?'' he asked

''Its fine!'' I responded

''Really! that is good. I'm glad that you're doing fine and making it in the industry.'' he said calmly

''Kris, Why are you acting so kind towards me now? Don't think I'm stupid,but you seem like you're having feelings for me. I'm really starting to not like this at all by the way.'' I said seriously

''Shiori, We're friends right and I don't think you're stupid. I just want to move pass this and become friends with you. Their is nothing for you to not like.'' he replied back

''Kris, be honest with me as a friend, you don't really like Nana. You know Nana is selfish and stubborn. She won't do anything you ask her to do and she is too have her own ideas. She doesn't care about you,she just want to bring me down and further her status. Moreover, she will destroy anyone who stands in her way.'' I told him seriously

''I don't care about her and her stupid plans. I just want to be back with you like we were and start fresh.'' he said touching my hands

*Flips his hands off my hand* ''Listen, I'm not getting back with you ever just to make thinks clear. When you used me and broke my heart that was the end of us. I only came here to warn you as a friend about Nana and put an end to your feelings for me. Someday, you will understand and you don't compete with Jin not even for a second or minute.'' I told him straight

''Why? Why him?'' he asked coldly

''Because he truly loves me and he hasn't betrayed me like you did me. Everyone knows my weakness even you and Jin. But, you don't even know you're own weakness, which is the fact that you're blinded by love. You don't know what you want,either.'' I said coldly

''You will regret this,Shiori.'' he shouted loudly

''Kris, I haven't regretted anything,so far in my life even my past. If I haven't gone through the problems that I did, I wouldn't have met Jin. Also, by the way its already to late because we both had sex together. So, their is no coming back from this,so don't think you've something on me.'' I told him as I leave the cafe

After the meeting, Jin came in his black Mercedes Benz and gave me a ride. I didn't want to tell him about the confrontation with Kris and what we were discussing. Likewise, he probably already knew what we were talking about anyway,sense he is smart. While we were driving, we suddenly came to a complete stop. To my surprise, he took me to the bridal store. I totally forgot that we were engage almost about to get married.

I began to laugh in my mind because I was thinking too much on Kris that it left my mind on our engagement. We both headed in the store to shop for a wedding dress for my upcoming wedding. Additionally, I wanted a pastel pink dress because it was Jin's favorite color and it looked more beautiful. Also, I also didn't want a white dress because everyone wore a white dress for their wedding.

It was in my mind that I should try to be different and standout from the other celebrities who got married. Also, I seen a magazine were Nana wore a white wedding dress that Kris's team had came out with that I hated. Perhaps, I also wanted it to be laced with a lot of diamonds on it. Lastly, I wanted a tiara instead of a veil because I was the princess in Jin's heart and world.

As we walked out the bridal shop, Jin gave me a kiss as we both sit in the car. He gazed at me with his dark brown eyes and long brown hair. Also, his sweet soft lips that always seem to excite me every time he kisses me. This is something I'm never going to get tired of or get use to. The way we both look at each other feels my heart in everyday. To conclude, we both will forever love each other to the universe back and bring life into this precious world.

Shiori Wu and Kim Seok-jin



@Shiori wu
Oh I’m glad is not over

kinaa kinaa

The story hasn't ended yet as their is a question mark. It will only get better and better just keep on reading. Thank you!!

Shiori wu Shiori wu

I enjoyed reading this ❤️❤️

kinaa kinaa