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Loving you 2


While me and Jin was at the party, Kris decided to show himself in front of my face surprisingly. He even had the nervous to asked me out for tea, which was very weird of him. On the other hand,It was good because now I can humiliate him. He probably is having second thoughts on leaving me and wants to get back with me. I don't care about him anymore as he didn't care about my feelings. He hurt me by betraying me being with my best friend, hurting my career and even my feelings. Now, he wants to come back into my arms after all this fighting.

He doesn't deserve me no matter what, he tries to pull and that is final. Nana will give him what I of course couldn't sense they are both in a nice relationship. As, she owns 50% of the shares of his company and she gets everything that is desired. It doesn't matter if she truly works hard for it or not as she has already made clear. Generally speaking, I may not be a model,but I know a lot about the job itself. There is a lot of work that goes into being a model strength, patience and ambition.

You must have a strong stomach to handle the over work and the negative criticism from both the boss and the audience. Then, comes jealousy from all the other models who don't have what you have. All in all,it is a dirty industry filled with hate and jealousy. The fashion design is somewhat the same,but more with corruption as we know Kris.

''Jin, you wouldn't guess who wanted to have tea with me.'' I told Jin

''Who?'' he asked curiously

''The one and only Kris Wu.'' I replied back

''Really! Are you going to meet up with him?'' he asked back

''Yes! of course'' I said excited

''Okay!'' he said mumbling

''Let's go home, I'm tired.'' I ordered

''Sure!'' he said softly

As we made our way home, Jin didn't look too happy again. Its like he was ignoring me when I was trying to talk to him. Furthermore, he wouldn't even look me straight in the eye. It made me sad that we're again going through problems again. This time, I don't know why he is upset. So, I decided to sit down with him and figure this out with him again.

''Babe, Why are you upset again?'' I asked curiously

''Its nothing, my love.'' he said glancing away from me

''Don't tell me you're jealous? Because I'm eager to go out and drink with Kris.'' I said excitedly

*Glances away*

''Hahaha! My love is jealous. Their is no need to be jealous of that man, I don't love him only you.'' I said as I kissed him on his sweet lips

''Oh really!'' He said with a grin

''What do think about getting married?'' he asked suddenly

''Marriage? Why?'' I asked shockingly

*Kneels on one leg* ''Because I want to marry you, Ms. Shiori Wu!'' he said happily


*Pulls out a blue sapphire ring* ''Baby, will give me your hand in marriage?'' he asked calmly

''Yes! I'll.'' I said excited as he slides the ring on my finger

*Kisses me*

I was so happy that Jin had suddenly propose to me, it was like our relationship was getting better. Perhaps, Jin was upset because he was going to propose to me all alone to only feel hesitant. I'm still going to meet up with Kris to see what all this is about, but I'll not give in to him. Furthermore, I'm not going to announce my engagement yet. I want Kris to come out first before I go as breaking the news to him or my parents as well.

On the other hand, I really hope that Jin would understand my wish and not announce anything. As he gets to excited, he would drop the news, which I don't want him to. I'm so excited for the both of us that we can start a new chapter in our life. Then, we would have kids together and grow old together. It wouldn't just be Shiori Wu, It would be Shiori and Jin happily married.



@Shiori wu
Oh I’m glad is not over

kinaa kinaa

The story hasn't ended yet as their is a question mark. It will only get better and better just keep on reading. Thank you!!

Shiori wu Shiori wu

I enjoyed reading this ❤️❤️

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